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At this point the cat is out of the bag and the show has begun to air so we are able to talk a little about it. IBC was there consulting with producers before filming to help with boat type selection and evolution planning so contestants could have a good and challenging experience similar to the military programs our troops use today. Much thought went into selecting the right boat at the right size and weight for the evolutions.
Speaking of teams, IBC added additional handles forward for John Cena’s cadre to allow everyone to team carry the Bombard Typhoon thru the terrain and obstacles laid out for the evolution.
Watch “American Grit” Thursdays on Fox and get into the game, and if you are looking for a great boat for a great price give our team a call and join the evolution! Created in France during 1937 L Angeviniere specialized in equipment and clothing manufacturing for the French Navy. The first Commando models were introduced in 1972 and were lauded for their incredible performance and handling in all water types. IBC uses Bombard Commando boats heavily in many different areas and offers ultra-affordable Bombard Typhoon models for those of us who don’t need a big Explorer RIB or Commando. Give IBC a call to get your next Bombard Inflatable Boat or RIB and make your legend start today.
This morning was bright, clear, and cold as Jay made his way up the corridor to his final destination at IBC. The Zodiac Bayrunner 500 Jay is picking up has the Zodiac Advantage of being a very stable and seaworthy boat with replaceable tubes that extend the operating life indefinitely. To get your very own Zodiac Bayrunner 500 Pro Touring simply click here or give IBC a call at (503)235-2628 and get underway today!
I get asked a lot about replaceable tubesets and the Zodiac Advantage by even the most salty of sailors so I thought I’d share some boat porn. Zodiac pioneered the replaceable tubeset to keep old boats as good as new by simply sliding the old tubes off and sliding a new set on.
Some models that make use of this system are the Zodiac Yachtline Series and the Zodiac Pro Series. We find it helpful to spray soapy water onto and into the bolt rope slots to act as lube for the installation process.
Rain, floods, and natural disasters happen, just look at IBC’s home state or Oregon this week.

Any patrol vehicle can become a rescue vehicle capable of performing swift water rescue, flood rescue, active lifesaving, etc. Using existing compressed gas technologies available to any police, fire, rescue, or military unit extends the capability and flexibility to use anywhere or anytime with any system.
Go more places and save more lives with the Zodiac MILPRO ERB and The Inflatable Boat Center. ERB Demos available by appointment to qualified agencies by calling IBC Zodiac’s Senior Dealership and MILPRO Elite Dealer.
I’m not usually here on a Sunday but I came in to receive a big MILPRO RIB 750 D-Tube for special operations and other maritime missions. Just a quick note here IBC will begin receiving BIG RIBs today for the 2016 boating season. IBC is pleased to announce receipt of the new for 2016 Cardinal line of ALUMINUM RIBS in ultra light to heavy duty sizes and models for discriminating boaters everywhere. This new line is quickly becoming the leader in aluminum hulled tenders and is out selling all other makes and models offered today. IBC is pleased to announce the arrival of our custom built to spec Extra Capacity Launching Wheels now in stock.
IBC Extra Capacity Launching Wheels fit into heavy duty aluminum channels that are installed on your boat’s transom making launching and retrieving your inflatable boat as easy as 1,2,3! Bigger Wheels than those cheap imitations found elsewhere online, 30 psi inflation pressure, 420lb capacity handle even the toughest beaches. IBC Extra Capacity  Launching Wheels Roll effortlessly over all types of terrain even pea gravel and sugar sand! If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Intex is the world leader in both designing and producing high quality, innovative products for indoor and outdoor recreation. With our 40 year boating experience and 15 years in designing and selling inflatable boats. In the end the Special Forces Zodiac FC470 was scrubbed and the Bombard Typhoon 310ALU was put forward as the best fit for the cadre in the evolutions.
IBC knows about teamwork, we are a small shop that tackles big impossible missions for operators around the world daily.

From Navy deep sea evolutions to off shore racing, leisure cruising, and sailing our guys have done it all  just for the fun of it. IBC is your source for Bombard Inflatable Boats and RIBs in North America and has been since it’s founding in 1972.
Today was the day Jay got to pick up his brand spanking new 2016 Zodiac Bayrunner Pro 500 Touring for SONAR research. Easy to plane with very little effort means that no matter what Jay is doing he is impacting the environment in the least possible way with his Zodiac.
In 3 minutes a first responder can go from response to active rescue with the take anywhere Zodiac MILPRO ERB Inflatable Boat. Over half of this first shipment are pre-sold so don’t wait too long or you might literally miss the boat.
Intex Mariner 3 Inflatable Raft River Lake Dinghy Boat & Oars Set 68373EPNEW MODEL INCLUDES SOLID FLOOR INSERT OAR SET & PUMP! Solstice Swimline Voyager 30400 Inflatable 4 Person Fishing Leisure Boat RaftFree 1-2 Day Delivery! Our very own Captain Ron has used the Bombard Commando line to compete internationally in the inflatable boat racing circut and has many tropies and titles under his belt.
She was all ready to go on her trailer for deployment to Monterey Bay where her main duties are to study the impacts of infra-sonic range acoustics on marine life.
The simple answer is marine life, whether mammals or fish, love inflatables as much as we do!
From Africa to the Peyette River in Idaho Ron has been there and done that all in a Bombard Commando. If big RIBs aren’t your thing check out the Bombard Sale going on now until Christmas Eve and get a great boat at a great price. Development of class 1 models and the class 4 models it heralded from 1964 covered the range at the time for fisherman,commercial activities and of course the pleasure models. His current Bombard Commando C3 (from 1982) still takes names when he gets it wet and stands as a testament to the quality, durability and ruggedness of the Bombard line.

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