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If you’re thinking about become a Marist College Red Fox, here are a few helpful tips to get you prepared for your college experience. We aren’t located that far upstate in New York, but trust me, living on a river gets pretty cold. Since we’re only a little over an hour from New York City, Student Activities offers about 3-5 Broadway trips each semester. When it gets nice out, our main campus green kinda transforms into an on-campus beach (or party).
Unlike most colleges, Marist College goes by something called Priority Points for housing instead of a lotto system. Getting involved in organizations and clubs was one of the best choices I’ve made here at Marist. About 50% of all Marist College students either study abroad for a semester or do a short term 2 week program. Everyone always says that “it goes by too quickly” or “these are the best years of your life” and I didn’t realize how true it was until I got here.
Training as an Avionic Mechanic will ensure that you are always able to get moving when stuck between a rock and a pack of brain nibblers.
Not only are Geospatial Engineers trained to map out terrain, but they can find some great naturally occurring hideouts that could be useful to know when running from that horde.

Take a page out of the Army Medicine’s book and learn to make quick and effective medical decisions so your friends don’t have to endure endless paper-cut pain. You can learn a thing or two from Human Intelligence Collectors in order to become the hero of a world full of slowly decomposing cannibals.
Tools learned as a Power Generation Equipment Repairer will help you keep the lights on and the undead out. Horizontal Construction training will be a surprisingly important set of skills for everything from rebuilding civilization to mowing down the undead horde that is blocking your way to the old burrito factory.
Organization is going to be key during the zombie apocalypse, so having the skills of an Ammunition Specialist is what will separate the chainsaw-wielders from the broomstick-grunts. Having a comprehensive range of skills as an Engineer is going to garner you some pretty sweet real estate once the pandemic takes root.
We always have tips to help you survive so we thought we’d give you tips to help you die.
We like to call the path in front of the library the “wind tunnel” since sometimes it feels the wind could blow you away. The huge hill in front of the library also can turn into a slip-n-slide… until security takes it down. Priority points are based on GPA, Activities, Room Condition (not based on if your room is clean or not but if punched a hole in the wall or not), and Behavior.
I can promise you, you will make your best friends from some of the programs Marist College offers.

There are so many places to go hiking, cute little towns like Beacon or Rhinebeck, cafes like Lola’s or delis like Rossi’s (heaven on earth). This means the professors most likely know who you are and you’re not just a face or a number to them. Army can give you all the skills you need to deal with some brain-sucking zombies (doesn’t hurt to have a few Army buds around either).
Use subtle questions to find out where villainous factions are hoarding food from the people. She is currently the Vice President of the Marist College Dance Ensemble and part of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. Once it gets nice out, make sure you’re getting your homework done early so you don’t feel guilty about enjoying the sun and getting a nice tan. So based on your points, and your group of friend’s that you’re living with points determine how early you get to pick your housing. I’m not saying to not spend money, but keep something of a budget or get a small, on-campus job that’s a few hours a week.
The majority of the professors and advisors here have had so much experience in their field that they are a HUGE help to anything from networking to building resumes so take advantage of getting know them.

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