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Directed by James Gunn and starring Nathan Fillion of FIREFLY fame and Elizabeth Banks this is an absolutely fantastic horror-scifi-comedy with fantastic writing a great cast and some over the top gore.
Christian Bale at one time was one of my favourite actors and two films that were the reason for that are The Machinist and American Psycho. Neil Marshall became a legend of the genre with Dog soldiers and he brought things up another notch and proved why he is a true master of horror with THE DESCENT.
Much like SPLINTER Trick R Treat got a very limited release which is a shame since it is one of the best anthology films ever made. The SAW Franchise has come a long way and we are now at SAW 7 which is slated for release this Halloween in 3D.
Get over it, when talking culturally about decades and centuries, people refer to 2000 as the beginning of the 21st century. The absence of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS from this otherwise impeccable list of yours is criminal!
Following on from the news that Irish film Calvary will open this year's Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, the festival's organising committee has today announced a jam-packed line-up of films and a stellar list of Irish and international guests for the 2014 festival, taking place in Dublin from 13th – 23rd February. Irish comedy The Stag, directed by John Butler and starring Peter McDonald, Andrew Scott, Hugh O’Conor and Amy Huberman has been announced as the Closing Gala on Sunday 23rd February.  The cast and crew will be in attendance to mark a memorable end to what will be a feast of films and events over the 11 days of the festival. Over 100 international guests will attend the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2014, including Hollywood legend Richard Dreyfuss and filmmaker Terry Gilliam, who will attend screenings of their films and public interviews during the festival.  Other high-profile guests this year include John Hurt, Jason Priestley, Brenda Fricker, James Fox, Jean-Marc Barr, Pollyanna McIntosh, filmmaker Richard Ayoade, directors David Mackenzie and Jonathan Glazer, alongside award-winning screenwriter Peter Morgan, who will give a screenwriting masterclass at the festival. The Out of the Past strand will screen 16 titles and will include Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last! 19 workshops and events will take place to provide opportunities for established and emerging filmmakers to network and discuss ideas and for audiences to explore the world of film both on and off screen. A photographic exhibition featuring iconic film images from renowned photographer Susan Wood will be on display at City Assembly House, South William Street, from February 7th – 22nd as part of the festival, which will include stills from Easy Rider, Modesty Blaise and a host of other films. Swagger Magazine is a modern day magazine catering to the young men and women of the 21st century. Read previous post:Bad Boys 3We recently caught wind of a convo between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Its the tale of a meteorite that brings down an ALIEN life force that takes over a small town.
Unfortunately Terminator Salvation tainted my love for him a bit because of his outburst and his poor performance as John Conner.
It tells the story of a group of young and attractive women who go caving and encounter a new species living deep underground.

Somewhat like CREEPSHOW its the tale of a town that is set upon by some Halloween evil and is told through the eyes of very distinct stories with different characters that are all interconnected.
Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on its a safe bet you probably loved this movie as much as I did. This Swedish tale of teen love incorporates a vampire angle and is easily one of the greatest vampire films ever made. Along the way the franchise has had alot of hiccups and frankly most of the sequels have been sad cash grabs for horror fans money. If you troll or post spam or act like a child we will send you to your room without dinner and take away your posting priviledges.
Haute Tension is slick and stylish and scary (id say its modern giallo in some of its stylish cinematography and inventive kills) and INSIDE is just fucking brutal, when people ask what is horror-that movie is pure horror.
Talking of horror comedies, I’ve found CABIN much more compelling and wise than both ZOMBIELAND and SHAUN. Previous recipients have included Al Pacino, Danny DeVito, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gabriel Byrne, Kristin Scott Thomas and Patricia Clarkson. These include a casting workshop with Lucinda Syson and Margery Simkin; a production workshop with producer Paulo Branco and a screenwriting workshop and writers in conversation. Covering Fashion, Clothing, Style, Technology, Automotive, Health, Fitness, Sports, Comedy, Movies, and Entertainment for the 21st century male who desires nothing but the best.
Nathan Fillion plays the local sherrif who must fight this evil force as the entire town turns against him.
American Psycho tells the story of a rich broker who is also an absolute psycho who preys on women in a secret life. They find themselves trapped and must fight to survive as this new species attempts to make them lunch. It tells the story of a bunch of eco-terrorists who inadvertently release the RAGE virus which turns the inhabitants of ENGLAND into zombie like screaming and killing machines.
The two main characters are a young and lonely boy and a young and equally lonely vampire girl. Another notable inclusion being Michael Cimino’s breathtaking cinematic achievement The Deer Hunter.  A 50th anniversary presentation of the classic The Umbrellas of Cherbourg will be screened.
Do a search here on the site or a search on the Bionic Disco YouTube channel and you can find some. Featuring nail guns, a naked chainsaw assault and violent and disturbing sexual content American Psycho is well written and disturbing and is another film that every single horror fan should own.

Well written in a very claustrophobic environment its elements of isolation, brutal violence and sheer terror make The Descent a joy ride of horrifying moments. If you liked Creepshow you will absolutely love Trick R Treat with its interesting stories and characters and the way they all tie together for one big horrific Halloween story. Fast moving and very creepy the rage infected inhabitants of England are something you don’t want to encounter. Two men wake up chained to the wall in a cellar and must figure out where they are, why they are there and how they can escape. The sequel which was recently released is also worth checking out as it nearly lives up to the orginal.
Directed by Danny Boyles it stars Cillian Murphy who plays a man coming out of a coma 28 days after the outbreak and must try to figure out what is going on and more importantly how to survive in this horrific new world. They solve puzzles from the mysterious JIGSAW along the way which all have a gruesome outcome. How can 2000 be part of the 20th century lol get your facts straight before constructing an argument. Let the Right One In is a beautiful story that is filled with great characters, intrigueing writing and a violent and heart warming conclusion. SAW is one of the few films that threw me a curveball in the end which is why its one of the top horror films of the 21st century if not all time! This film is being remade under the title Let Me In and Matt Reeves who directed Cloverfield is directing. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. Patrol Leonard Kinsey -- 1986 69% The Goonies Michael 'Mikey' Walsh -- 1985 Please Don't Hit Me, Mom Brian Reynolds -- 1982 TV RATING TITLE CREDIT YEAR 83% The Strain 2014 Jim Kent 2014 - Face Off 2011 Guest 2012 Franklin & Bash 2011-2014 Actor 2012 Hollywood Treasure 2010-2012 Guest 2012 NCIS 2003 Tyler Elliott 2012 Jimmy Kimmel Live 2003 Guest 2011 88% 24 2014 Lynn McGill 2010,2006 Real Time With Bill Maher 2003 Panelist 2004 Sean Astin Trivia No trivia approved yet.
View All Quotes from Sean Astin's Characters Hank: I'm asking you to stand up, to make a decision, to change, to forgive, and to be forgiven, From Woodlawn.
Submitted by rob g (6 months ago) Hank: I'd like to have a meeting with the football team.

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