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More life saving tips regarding trees The more I learn about trees the more I feel I will be able to survive in any emergency I may find myself in while in the wilderness. Find food in the wilderness The subject of survival has been primary to me since I read "Patiots" a couple of years ago. Fire making techniques I highly recommend everyone learn how to make a fire without any equipment.
Lambsquarters Lambsquarters are a delicate and delicious spinach like green that grows in disturbed soil, such as ground that is tilled for a garden. Survival without food Birds will almost always lead you to food (berries, bugs, plants) water, and dry places to sit and eat your bounty. Hunting sling I know this isn't exactly related to edible food itself, but is a way to attain much needed food if you are stuck in the wilds. Fish hooks The type of fish hooks with the turned in eye are fine if you are fishing above the fish.
Wild berries Ia€™m a devoted wilderness backpacker and during the wild berry season berries are a regular part of my backpacking meals. Natural fridge Here are two survival tips, one of them is simply for luxery, the other to filter water of visable parts. Tent Poles as Bow and Arrows I camped a couple of weeks ago here in the beautiful Rocky Mts, Colorado. Making snare traps In a survival situation, making snare traps is one of the survival skills that can be useful.
Fish trap Your first step you should do if you find yourself in a survival situation is not move.
Nectar of The Gods-H2O We all know how important the stuff is, we've had it drilled into our brains for years, but don't forget to be responsible with it when you do have it.
Trees for survival I wish to add some more information on the use of trees for survival as they are good to know.
Emergency food supply In an urban or semi-urban environment one could easily procure a weeks worth of food in a day during the springtime. Cattail roots When in need of some wild edibles, cattail roots are fairly good, especially in spring when their new shoots are young and succulent. Edible plant foods of western Washington State I live in western Washington, and I have always felt fortunate to live in such a bountiful and beautiful area.
Backpacking food Rice is an easy to pack food that tastes well with just about every type of meat.
You might think survival reality shows are useful and educational.  And a lot of times they are, but they could also get you KILLED. Here are six myths about surviving in the wilderness, which could kill you if you don’t know better.
Question: How can you be 100% sure that the water puddle you are drinking from is clean when contaminated water is usually colorless, odorless and tasteless? The Lifeline Survival Straw uses breakthrough technology to provide pure, clean drinking drinking water from any water source.. Steer clear from waterborne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, guinea worm and diarrhea. This unbelievable offer will not last long at the rate these are selling so get yours today!
Click on the yellow "Add to Cart" button at the top right hand side of the page to get your very own Lifeline Survival Straw now! Identifying tracks to a certain species is much easier if you first look for certain clues. Having four legs and an ability to change its speed, identifying track patterns is somewhat complicated.
Animals that frequent this style of walking include the wide-bodied, slow-moving types such as the: beaver, muskrat, skunk, porcupine, bear, and racoon.

I strongly suggest you get down on all fours and try this type of walk for yourself a€” it will make more sense! What really signalled me to the thought a bear was that it was a loud sound, indicating a large animal and the sound of the snap was muffled a€” reminding me of the sound of snapped twigs under my soft moccasins.
Try diagonal walking yourself by getting down once more on all fours and move your front-right and your rear-left leg at the same time followed by your front-left and rear-right moving together. At the far end of a clearing I heard the distinct sound of a white tail leaping off accompanied by the warning snorts they let off. Bounders include the weasel family such as the: least weasel, ermine or short-tail weasel, long tail weasel, fisher, mink, and marten. Moreover, in cold weather and on certain types of terrain, deer tracks do not sink much and in softer snow conditions, the weasel can sink a fair amount.
As the trail entered a marshy area, the tracks exploded in the snow as it accelerated abruptly, heading somewhere with urgent speed.
This is an interesting group that includes small critters like mice, voles, and shrews, chipmunks, squirrels, and larger animals like rabbits and hares. Somewhat unique to this group is the large size of the rear feet compared to the front feet.
TIP: if the front, two feet land almost exactly side by side you are looking at a mouse, not a vole of similar size. First up will be Creek Stewarta€™s The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide.A  Creek is providing two giveaway packages that will include his book plus a Willow Haven Outdoor Logo Sling Pack, a 100% cotton Willow Haven Outdoor Survival Bandanna and a Multi-Functional Survival Tool with built in lanyard, compass, ferro rod, whistle and water-proof container for storing matches other survival kit items.
If you are not familiar with Creek Stewart, you should visit his website at Willow Haven Outdoor.A  Pay special note to his Survivalist Creedo which I am sharing with you below.
I am so looking forward to this next round of interviews and book giveaways that I just could not wait until the weekend.A  As I was reading Creek Stewarta€™s book and came across the the Survivalist Creedo.
If you have not done so already, please be sure to like Backdoor Survival on Facebook to be updated every time there is an awesome new article, news byte, or free survival, prepping or homesteading book on Amazon.A  In addition, when you sign up to receive email updates you will receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyera€™s Guide.
Bargain Bin:A  Here are a few things you will want to have with you as your trek through the wilderness. Emergency Sleeping Bag: Another low cost item designed to keep you warm in an emergency situation. Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials: The monthly specials at Emergency Essentials feature discounts of up to 35% off sometimes a bit more. Special Report: The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide is the latest article from the Survival Woman at Backdoor Survival. Before your survival food tip page is published I will review it and make sure it applies to the submission guidelines for the Wilderness Survival Skills website.
I have found that the Dandelion is one of the best and there is no poisonous look alikes to it.
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know and we will give you a full refund.
Using only these two clues, and with a little practice, youa€™ll know the difference between the mouse and vole, or even tracks that are weeks old and covered with snow.
However, in an effort to not waste energy, there are distinct patterns that the various species use a€?mosta€™ of the time. To look at it, this pattern is somewhat of a scattering of track sa€“ almost defying any pattern at all. One summer day while quietly picking edible plants along a ridge, I heard the muffled a€?snapa€™ of a dry branch. For example: deer, moose, caribou, elk, and fox, wolf, coyote, bobcat, mountain lion and dog. For the animals that use this pattern, the rear-right foot lands on top of but slightly behind where the front-right foot was a moment earlier. Now you can see and show to others, the front, rear, right and left feet of the deer tracks in your backyard.

I looked back to the other end of the clearing where I felt that something was watching me. They range in size from the least weasel that can chase mice through their own holes, to the fisher that is renowned for having porcupine as a regular part of its diet.
The tracks which usually fall only several inches apart were now falling many feet apart from each other a€” quite an accomplishment for a skinny little weasel not much bigger than a chipmunk. Be sure to test one out in advance so that you have the confidence to trust the blanket in an emergency.
I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here. By far, the two most useful clues to look for are (a) the track pattern of the animal and (b) the overall trail width that the pattern makes. Of course, there are many other clues to be found, but it is with the a€?patternsa€™ and that we will start. The vast majority of tracks you come across will fit into one of these patterns: 1) Slow Walking, 2) Diagonal, 3) Bound, and 4) Gallop. Basically, the legs on one side of the animal tend to move together, followed by the slumbering of the two legs on the other side.
Most animals in this category have large, soft, padded feet that are somewhat unique in themselves. To a€?seea€™ the diagonal pattern, you must stand back and see the imaginary centre line with foot tracks diagonally crossing over it to form the pattern. On one occasion, I was was following a long tailed weasel track through some freshly fallen snow. Their track pattern shows the front feet landing closely together and the rear feet coming around the outside and pass where the front feet landed.
Also, the squirrels front feet tend to land beside each other a€” useful for climbing trees . You will be amazed at how small and portable these are; a packet will easily fit in a back pocket.
Deer are very curious creatures and will sometimes circle around to see what was disturbing their area. When you see one moving along, they tend to look a bit like a sewing machine needle as their body hunches together and then elongates in quick successions. This is because the four feet that land together of the weasel are about the same size as one deer hove and the distance between the tracks can be similar between the two species. It will be a humbling experience to confuse the two species a€” just dona€™t tell your friends when it happens! The weasel was doing its typical routine of dodging around trees sniffing out the scent of rodents. My questions were soon answered as soon after, a pile of blue and grey feathers gently blew around in the wind.
An advanced study would further consider the patterns found as the animals speed or slow their pace. It is possible to cut them off and get another glimpse in these situations, which is what I did.
As they move, the front, two feet land first followed by the rear, two feet that land just behind the front. There are ever so many interesting, little tips with this group that make identifying each track a treat.
The tracks can be so faint in the snow that unless you have proper light conditions, you may not even see the tracks when they are pointed out.

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