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9.10Opening Ministerial Address We open the conference by reflecting on the nation’s recent experiences in emergency management and observe how the government perceives its role in future events. 2.00Improving psychosocial support in New Zealand The majority of individuals affected by emergencies will recover with minimal psychosocial support, but there will always be a small proportion who need an extra helping hand.
4.30Capitalising on new technologies in emergency response Bryan will present on how learnings from Pike River, Canterbury earthquakes, Rena and flooding events has helped to shape NZFS ICT focus on national, regional and mobile incident management capability, and initiatives to explore opportunities to support multiagency communications and sharing of data and capabilities. 6.30Emergency Management Professionals' Dinner New for 2013, Delegates are invited to take part in the Emergency Management Professionals’ Inaugural Dinner. 9.05Social media in emergency management Social media is becoming an increasingly popular tool for EM professionals. 11.25Supporting critical communications during emergencies As technology evolves and organisations take advantages of multiple options for delivering vital communication both faster and more efficiently, both the credibility and vulnerability of communications systems increases. 1.05Coordinating & resurrecting a supply chain during disaster relief The teams involved in the supply chain during disaster relief operations are required to operate in environments of extreme uncertainty – of resources, of supply and demand as well as changes within the disaster situation.

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In a tremendous display of “Aussie spirit”, over 55,000 volunteers aided in the clean up of Brisbane, one of the hardest hit areas.
Take advantage of this chance to relax and enjoy the company of your peers at this separately bookable event. This session examines the issue of providing emergency communications to mission critical infrastructure based on our experience with the Canterbury earthquake and planning communications systems for both normal and emergency operation.
Based on a hypothetical scenario, these stories are designed to observe what our presenters do to further coordination and what they need from other players. Based on his experiences leading the delivery of the 20011 Rugby World Cup, Martin shares his thoughts on what it takes to bring together, mobilise and motivate a nation - from volunteers to the everyman. Contact the sponsorship team below to request a prospectus or discuss the options, or view more about event sponsorship.

Learn how the mobilisation of Australian volunteers was put to productive use and eased the pressure on the response team. Initially the Training and Operations Coordinator, he introduced a consistent EOC training model which has now been picked up by other CDEM Groups, Local Authorities and government agencies in New Zealand.
After holding various senior management operations positions, he was appointed GM Airline Operations and Safety in 2008. In this role, David determines the procedures by which our aircraft are operated, is accountable for the delivery of airline logistical support and defines, implements and reports on operational safety.

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