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Four players can play via LAN or system link including combo co-op with various number of local players per system.
You can drop out of a game in progress, but you can't drop into one currently in progress. Teddy bears return again to give you bonus points and there are said to be several Easter Eggs surrounding the various characters in each of the maps.
There is one Tranzit map (which encompasses the other maps), three Survival maps (Bus Depot, Town, Farm), and two Grief maps (Town, Farm).
DayZ has received a new stable patch, although, in the world of early access survival games, the term stable is somewhat relative. In terms of features, crafting has received some extra usability tweaks, with combat knives and machetes able to open canned food.
Phil has been PC gaming since the '90s, when RPGs had dice rolls and open world adventures were weird and French.

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Thanks to "a significant change to the server variable processing," the game's servers should have received a major performance boost. Elsewhere, military zombies have been made tougher, weapons have been rebalanced, animations have been tweaked, and new gestures have been added. I dread to think of how those two simple interactions will be twisted into something sinister.

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