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I’m taking a pause from the Food Series to address what I feel is a timely and important issue in Haiti. The biggest disaster to hit Haiti is unfortunately not the earthquake, rather it’s how the Haitian people are responding to the circumstances brought on by the earthquake. I’m sure that many of you are well aware that Haiti is classified as a “third world country” or otherwise known as “a developing country.”  They have been plagued with poverty, crime, and political disarray from the beginning of their existence.
Every other year for the last 6 years, Haiti has been debilitated at the hand of a flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms, and quakes. The lack of leadership in their nation is also a disaster of epic proportions.  So much so that I’m struck with the irony that the destruction of almost every key political fortress is a most accurate symbol reflecting the present state of leadership and organization in Haiti. There are presently over 15 nations now coming to the aid of Haiti totaling over 1 billion dollars worth of necessary food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. While my heart goes out to the Haitians (and the people of the Dominican Republic right next door), I am having a hard time working up any desire to send money or other aid – either individually or as a result of theft by Government (taxes).
I am a firm believer in charity – as isolated acts of assistance to those who normally take care of themselves but have fallen on hard times for some limited period and need a hand getting back on their feet. Heaven knows that the Haitian people are struggling and hurting, and we empathize with them. I believe FDR once said nothing happens by accident (not the earthquake itself), so in reference to the political turmoil that has been ongoing in Haiti, much of it is by design both from within and without.
I have lived in a third world country, Nigeria, working poverty alleviation program and I have seen first hand how it is to live on less that $2 a day.
Much of what you say is true but I will tell you that these people are extremely religious and spiritual. As for mental preparation, I think that a people that live in extreme poverty are already mentally prepared for extreme poverty.
As for the Chaos that is happening, I sadly feel that it would be no different in the US if we were faced with no water or food and in some cases probably worse as most here are used to instant gratification and would find it hard to go without even for a day.
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. I can tell you that in a third world country if you become a widow and you live in a village you are basically doomed to poverty unless you can find a good husband again so they will be needing assistance for a long time. As for Orphans, How long do you take care of them one week one month what is your definition of limited time? As a corollary, if the quano hits the rotating blades here in the USA, I will be in a position to help others out with food, water, even temporary shelter and I will do so without hesitation. Jamie, unfortunately you are right and I have seen and heard about this happening often in third world countries. Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment. In Order To Make Family Emergency Planning More Effective (& Credible), Should It Be Done Together With Schools, Businesses, Neighbors, Responders? Earlier this month, I wrote about a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) group from New York City that went to Haiti to train earthquake survivors in emergency preparedness and response. The class portion is conducted with two instructions using a PA system to speak to all 100 students seated in bleachers. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.
Sometimes, floods develop slowly and forecasters can anticipate where a flood will happen days or weeks before it occurs. Talk to your insurance agent and make sure that you have proper coverage, particularly if you live in an area prone to flooding. Will you accept the SEND challenge?   Will your church SEND at least one more on mission this year than you did last?  It is our desire to help you discover what it looks like to SEND One More.  We welcome the opportunity to help you and your church take the next steps toward obediently joining God in His mission. The decision to leave their homeland is not a easy decision, nor something that most of them sought voluntarily.
The physical damage from disasters can be catastrophic to communities, families, and individuals. Rebuild ministry is a way to help families and vulnerable populations restore their lives and recover from disasters.
Rebuild efforts are underway in the Detroit metro area of Michigan, where floods damaged 129,000 homes in the fall of 2014. Teams will have housing and meals provided at Schofield Elementary school in Warren, Michigan.
Give me a double blessing with pleasure, money, recognition, a little adventure, and hold the danger. We cannot see what tomorrow will bring: transitions, career shifts, moves, health adjustments, family changes, and cultural revolutions.

Training prepares us in our understanding of disasters and the needs that arise in times of disaster.
Training enables us to sharpen our abilities, in order to be an asset not a hindrance in the response. Training prepares us to understand, in a deeper way, some of the trauma that victims face, so that we might be able to offer appropriate compassion.
Training prepares the heart for ministry by increasing awareness of the need and different opportunities to minister. Through Jesus Christ, we have been set free from the power of sin, including the sin of grumbling. I have learned that if I look up and keep in step with the One who goes before me, it is amazing that I do not have time to waste my days in grumbling and in longing for what has been left behind.
While deadly shootings in churches has increased in the last decade, there are many other types of threats that are more likely and often much more preventable. Churches should conduct background checks on staff and volunteers, especially those working with children and youth. When Southern Baptists observe World Hunger Sunday on October 11, they will be called to act on the commands of Scripture. Since its inception in 1974, Southern Baptists have given more than 235 million dollars through the Global Hunger Fund to meet needs both at home and abroad.
However, hunger needs have not diminished, nor has God’s love for those who are hungry, sick, and thirsty. On October 11, will you do your part in helping Southern Baptists respond to a hungry world? God has placed the local church in a community to be a light that reflects the hope of Christ.
Communities across the Commonwealth have the potential for tornadoes, floods, ice storms, public shootings, earthquakes, severe storms, power outages, fires, industrial accidents, fatal vehicle crashes, and terrorist attacks. For proper viewing of Glogster use Macromedia Flash Plug-in.Download a new plug-in, if your system is not playing correctly.
It happened in Haiti; the main point was in the peninsula and the south western part of Haiti along the Caribbean plate and North American plate on a transform boundary or in other words a strike slip fault.
A major earthquake occurred on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at about 5 o’clock with a magnitude of 7.0. During the earthquake power lines went down, buildings were destroyed and the work on the new buildings was put down to the flooring of the ground. Over 100,000 people died. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere making it a third world country. This place is the 70th place in the world for exporting natural gas.
Haiti has a tropical climate; it is semiarid where mountains in the east cut off trade winds. Many tiles are common in Haiti, causing the United States to be missing shipments of new tiles.
Haiti is slowly getting better with new improvements like having Earthquake drills in the schools like the ones of California and to preparedness activities like mason training, public awareness programs, improved engineering curriculums in universities, geologic hazards mapping, and developing effective public policies for earthquake safety.
The Crisis Management and Assessment domain provides a set of services supporting operations before, during and after crisis events.
Below is an example of Automatic Damage Assessment, performed in Carrefour city after the Haiti 12th January 2010 earthquake.
I watch in amazement as events more deadly than the earth’s rumblings brutally strangle a country that is already on its knees economically and socially. And yet the government authority has never instituted ANY disaster preparation for their people. Another several billion dollars has already been contributed in the form of manpower, expertise, medical assistance, shipping costs, and transportation. But the resolve to put things back together must be stronger and speak more boldly than their desperation. The one piece I have found odd, and perhaps I have not watched the news closely enough, is the Roman Catholic Church's lack of comment here.
It is hard for an individual family to prepare when they don't have enough for that day alone. Most of the people go to evangelical churches and even the Catholic churches tend to be more evangelical with dancing and praise.
They are not educated and that is a mammoth problem to overcome as the government’s official steal the money that is to go helping its people. The government, if there is one left after this, will become richer and the poor will remain the same unless there is supervision by the UN or US or another "developed" and accountable country. These folks have no incentive to work for anything because as soon as they get something they become a target for either thugs or the government to take it away.

I had one young African boy ask me if neighbors in the US tried to kill me because I had more than them. The course was interrupted by an hour-and-a-half monsoon and we had to move into two large tents to finish the classroom portion.
How many we’re seating on any given Sunday was never intended to be a tool used to determine effectiveness.  But, how many the church sends out each week is an indicator of a church’s health and Biblical obedience.
Disasters create unique opportunities to share that hope and to offer the Good News of the Gospel. Most survivors that are treated are under the boiling sun and some are in tents shared with 6 to 18 others in the tent. Many mangos, sugarcane, corn, rice and sorghum grow here causing other places, such as the United States, to lose a great deal in these objects.
Therefore, only glogs which represent valuable content, a great use of media, and are clearly structured, will be accepted. For situations where a potential forthcoming crisis is identified, imminent action can be supported by planning and preparedness products (e.g. Supervision of the appropriate utilisation of the allocated funds is of special interest to the donor community.
The  product shows the density of destroyed dwellings where red areas indicate high damaged areas and yellow ones lower. Yes, there are a few that are caught up in Vodun Voodoo but that is not the majority so I feel that they are spiritually prepared. I compare it to biblical times as it is not much different in the village or in the city for that matter. When the storm passed, we practiced putting out different types of fires: five charcoal fires, one wood fire, and one plastic fire.
Your church can be part of God’s compassionate hand to those seeking to recover from crisis. And yet we see their own desperation and misery damning these monumental efforts to save them and provide some comfort.  The escaped prisoners have merely added to the scene of melee. But we can sell away our eternal peace, dignity, worth, and our very souls if we fail to nurture our hearts and our minds more fully against a day such as this.
He said, "That is what happens in the village" He also told me they would try to destroy the person financially. These Rapid Responders had previous leadership roles in the camp and manage all administrative duties in their sections, like taking attendance, selecting volunteers, moving groups from one place to another, taking questions, etc. The plastic fire helped highlight the different health threats and firefighting techniques required by various fires. During a crisis, the timeliness and effectiveness of disaster relief operations can be facilitated by rapid geospatial reporting products, which assess the transportation networks, logistics facilities, critical assets and infrastructure, helicopter landing areas and population gathering areas.
And when it comes to preparing for future scenarios of chaos, I take full responsibility for anything and everything I possibly can. While the work is cheap, the vulnerabilities are too high of a risk for international companies to take, regardless of the short song they would pay for the manpower. The trainees felt empowered by the lesson and decided to collect all the plastic trash in the camp to reduce the threat it could add to fires.
I figure that I stand the best chance of being blessed with the miraculous assistance that I’m going to need to fill in the gaps. Ironically, money coming from family members who are working abroad accounts for TWENTY percent of their economy. This is why, nearly a week after the earthquake, their country has completely collapsed with no visible signs of recovery.  How vital is it that a plan for preparedness is backed by direction and order in saving the Haitians? As a result of their continual bombardment of natural disasters, Haiti is very likely to default on their country’s recent $700 million in loans from Inter-American Development Bank. Sufficient leadership and planning are only brought about from the hearts of the courageous and believing.
But that MUST be the end game – become self-sufficient, not just a perpetual burden on others.
Only those who have stored up spiritual and mental strength in preparation for whatever shall attempt to conquer them can lead or be lead back to safety and peace.
I have a hard time with countries that do the exact same thing year after year, living hand to mouth based on someone else’s labors and don’t do anything to move out of that rut. The healing which battered people need comes from order and a deliberate plan of contingencies.  Peace cannot be dropped from an aircraft or donated in the form of currency.

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