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Six-year-old Charles Kerby hold his 11-month-old sister Mikerlina Dragon inside the Ste Therese camp, set up for people displaced by the 2010 earthquake, in Petion-Ville, Haiti, in June 2012. This Saturday marks the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010.
Jonathan Katz, working for the Associated Press (AP), was the only full-time American correspondent there when it happened. I wanted to understand how people could endure not only the catastrophe that befell Haiti on January 12, 2010, but also the hardship and absurdity that followed. I wanted to write this book to understand how a massive humanitarian effort, led by the most powerful nation in the world—my country—could cause so much harm and heartache in another that wanted its help so badly.
Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson host Here & Now, a live two-hour production of NPR and WBUR Boston. The abolitionist will replace President Andrew Jackson, a slave owner and anti-abolitionist, on the front of the $20 bill. Before staring in "Sing Street," Walsh-Peelo performed as a boy soprano in "The Magic Flute" and was in his first band at the age of 11.
The country's minister for justice and migration discusses the influx of migrants and what Europe should do about the crisis. The documentary focuses on efforts to allow animals to move from park to park, avoiding human development. The earthquake took out communications and landline telephones and the sound of devastation can be heard throughout the cities.
Debris lays in the street after an earthquake along the Delmas road in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Wednesday, Jan. Get the Haiti Earthquake and Recovery Efforts widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! I'd like to remind you religious people that an earthquake is an "Act of God," so appreciate it for god sakes.
Charisse Van HornUS Headlines ExaminerCharisse Van Horn is a stay at home mother from Tampa, Florida.
Hillary wins big, Trump cruises to victory, as New York primary comes to an endIn the days leading up to the New York primary election, the consensus was that Donald Trump would dominate on the right, and Hillary Clinton would be victorious on the left. The Haiti death toll and homeless count as a result of the earthquake on 12th January 2010 has once again been questioned.
2 months after the disaster, the death toll was quoted from the Haitian Government as 222570 dead. 12 months after the disaster, the death toll was adjusted up to 316000 dead at the 1 year anniversary. First, it was the PAHO, Red Cross and other international organisations saying that the death toll would be around 45000-50000 with estimates ranging up to 100000. Second, it was the general consensus that the death toll was rising too fast compared to the number of trucks going to bury people. Third, it was the reporter Hans-Jaap Melissen, from NR Worldwide, who was on the ground counting the death toll, and said that an upper estimate of 92000 and a lower estimate of 52000 was the death toll.
Fifth, a more detailed analysis of all data given by government and non-government sources through the work of Daniell et al.
The selection of a weak Magnitude, a 24 hour delivery on a worldwide list would result in an avalanche of emails (each earthquake will generate an E-mail). As we have decided not to use a control panel or password, the parameters of your subscription can only be changed by canceling your subscription (link in each Email we send). We will not share your E-mail with anyone else, it will be used only for earthquake alerts. Please make sure that you are white listing our emails as otherwise they may be deviated to your spam folder. Volcano news by volcanologist Janine Krippner and Armand VervaeckVolcano news from all over the world.
The very next day following the earthquake, the international community; from national governments, charitable and for profit organizations, mobilized to assess disaster relief efforts.
Aside from Haiti's close neighbors in the Americas, countries as far away and as poor as Haiti sent  either personnel or monetary help, and in some cases, both.
After the disaster, the international response was very impressive but, five years on from the earthquake, many good intentions imploded at the expense of the people they were meant to help.
Thursday January 14, 2010Red Cross estimate approximately 50,000 dead and 3,000,000 hurt or homeless from 7.0 mag earthquake that hit Tuesday 12th. One of the worst human disasters to occur took place when a magnitude 7 Earthquake struck Haiti on Tuesday January 12, 2010.
It is important to keep in mind that we have only a tiny statistical effect, so that it is always hard to distinguish signal from noise.
BACKGROUNDan international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists, engineers, artists and others.
Kerby had to drop out of school after the 2010 earthquake to help his working mother care for his two brothers and sisters. The earthquake that leveled Port-au-Prince and much of southern Haiti had defied logic, imagination, even superstition. The aid response was marked by the best intentions: an international outpouring for Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, Jacmel, Leogane, and other cities in the disaster zone.

Haitian Americans have prospered and play major roles in American life while sustaining millions on the island with money sent back (remittances make up more than a quarter of the Haitian economy).3 Many Americans, meanwhile, are fascinated by a close neighbor whose apparent poverty and dysfunction can be used to affirm our wealth and strength, where good deeds can be performed and theories tested, framed by a culture of Vodou and zombies that entices the imagination.
We are living in a time of record-setting hurricane seasons, droughts, wildfires, blizzards, earthquake clusters, and disease, many reaching places that long ago thought they had developed their way out of trouble. ET, on January 12, 2010 a 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti, leaving a wake of panic, dread, and destruction. These people did nothing to deserve loosing an unbelievable amount of family members and friends. Although, the focus, of course, should be on the living and a return to normality, it is important to get the facts straight for future earthquakes to ensure that aid is given and donated appropriately. We reported on this story back on 13th January 2011 after the Haitian government attempted to increase the death toll. After this, international organisations focussed on the living and did not give their own death tolls. A more selective Magnitude, delivery option and area of your interest will give the best result.
The pictures we are seeing on our television sets are unbearable.The research project and the current feeds can be seen on my Consciousness page. A page has been set up to monitor the effects on human consciousness via the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University.
The damage is immense, and by now there are some rough guesses being made about the loss of life, with suggestions of many 10's of thousands, possibly more than 100,000 people dead.Our formal prediction includes 8 hours of time, in keeping with the majority of previous earthquake events, but given the magnitude of the event, it seems worthwhile to look at the context. We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in 65 host sites around the world. It continued to run for about 20 hours following the major 8.8 temblor, then stopped recording data. Egg # 2069 was running during both days, and its data have a trajectory much like that of the network as a whole.
How did a magnitude 7.0 temblor—a huge release of energy, but not necessarily catastrophic—prove to be the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere?
Founded only decades apart, the first republic in the Western Hemisphere at first refused to recognize the second, then brutally occupied it, and finally spent decades meddling in its affairs. Several officials I talked to for this book spoke of a widely held “romanticism” of the black republic among their colleagues. In 2010, natural disasters cost $123 billion and affected 300 million people.5 Understanding how to deal with these crises in the future means understanding what has been done so far. A 7.0-magnitude earthquake, the largest ever recorded in the area, rocked Haiti on Tuesday. Its most devastating earthquake occured as a 8.0 in 1770 when the French occupied the land. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that there are people SO ignorant and close minded to believe that these people "Got what they deserved", you have to be a truly disgusting, miserable, STUPID person.
And I repeat to you to read your bible because in it God warns us of what can happen when your not with him but with the devil!! Greedy and incompetent outsiders have worked over the years to contribute to the current almost hopeless situation. In the long run, a real effect can be identified only by patiently accumulating replications of similar analyses.
The archive contains more than 10 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials every second.Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that may reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world.
On March 1st, it was restored to operation, and the stored data were sent to the GCP server and added to the archive. The next figure shows the two individual eggs, Santiago and Buenos Aires against the background of the whole network.
Why did an earthquake, of all calamities, strike at the heart of a nation already reeling from so many others?
Two centuries of turmoil and foreign meddling had left a Haitian state so anemic it couldn’t even count how many citizens it had.
When it came time to plan for the future, governments pledged about $10 billion more for Haiti’s recovery and reconstruction, promising to build a better, safer, more prosperous Haiti than before. Those few who were fortunate enough to leave post-quake camps—an estimated 400,000 still lived under tarps as of mid-2012—usually settled in houses no safer than the ones that collapsed in the earthquake. The extreme centralization of people and services in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, which proved so deadly in the earthquake, was in large part a legacy of U.S. Rescue workers, officials—and, yes, journalists—still approach crises unprepared to think beyond the hoary, illogical cliches that gird disaster response. Katz and reprinted with permission of Palgrave Macmillan, a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd. It could happen every where, and it will, it seems like a earthquake storm on the earth, you will see it close to you. The early part is shown in response to requests relating to unsettled feelings interpreted as possibly precognitive. Again, single events, and data from single eggs can't be interpreted reliably, but we show this picture as an interesting display of the variation in responses. And why, three years after so many countries and ordinary people sent money and help, hasn’t Haiti gotten better?
Millions were packed in and around the nation’s capital, living in poorly made buildings stacked atop a fault line.

Though by the time you read this book, the ruins of the devastated National Palace might finally have been cleared, rubble, some mixed with human remains, still chokes much of the city.
For instance, that people will panic, riot, or turn on each other after a disaster; typically, they don’t. The governments of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Israel, all sent well over 1.000 disaster relief personnel each. The billions of dollars that poured into Haiti following the earthquake, have all been wasted, mismanaged and stolen, and there is no accountability whatsoever. At this time of tragedy, I am very concerned for the people of Haiti and also for the many United Nations staff who serve there. Powerful aftershocks continued into the early hours of Wednesday morning, creating confusion on the ground and internationally as power and communication signals were knocked out across the country.Reports said thousands were feared dead but it was impossible to assess the extensive damage. The graph also shows not only the 24 hours of the formal GCP event, but the next 24 hours as well. At last count, more than half the reconstruction money that was supposed to be delivered as of 2011 remains an unfulfilled promise. Or that in fashioning solutions to disasters, doing something is always better than doing nothing, no matter how poorly thought-out it is; it’s not. Prominent studies show that it will take 10 years for Haiti to recover from this affliction. They also contributed filed hospitals, hospital ships, naval vessels, aircraft carriers, transport aircraft and emergencies facilities. This is the case also in the last part of the figure, which shows the 13th (UTC time) when the extent of the disaster was becoming more clear.
This is a powerful finding based in solid science.Subtle but real effects of consciouness are important scientifically, but their real power is more direct. While we know that the signal to noise ratio precludes strong interpretations, both the local Egg, and the 48 hour graph suggest effects on the network consonant with the unfolding picture of a devastating natural disaster.
Even the rat-infested General Hospital charged so much for basic medicine that few Haitians could afford care. For many of my Haitian friends, some of whom you’ll meet in this book, the legacy of the response has been a sense of betrayal. And, for anyone who gave money to a major aid group, that they were going to be able to spend your $20 donation. Donations made to international charities to help Haiti, got spent on the charities' normal expenses.
They encourage us to help make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world. Nearly everything—water, gas for generators, hungry relatives from the countryside—was delivered by truck. Unscrupulous businesses, cut behind the scene deals to make sure pledged money was used to buy supplies and services from their own companies at considerable profits.
Each day, big eighteen-wheelers rumbled down the narrow streets, shaking homes as they passed. Some countries even re-paid themselves debt that Haiti owed them, from the money that they have just donated. Knowing this, we can use our full capacities for creative movement toward a conscious future.The Institute of Noetic Sciences provides a logistical home for the GCP.
When the shockwave surged through Port-au-Prince, just fifteen miles from the epicenter, many of us thought at first that it was a gwo machin, a big truck, going by. The people of Haiti are left wondering if their own government was stealing all the alleged money that was promised, even though the local government had been stripped of all control of said funds. It is directed by Roger Nelson from his home office in Princeton, but is not a project of Princeton University.This website is large and complex. These examples are just a tiny representation of the immensity of the under-estimated catastrophic failure.-The American Red Cross launched a wildly successful appeal immediately after the Earthquake, raising close to $500 million in 2010 alone. As of 2013 only U$ 200 million of the funds raised has been spent in reconstructions and relief efforts. In the top frame are multi-link buttons that connect to facilities suggested by their names.
350.000 people are still living in tents in Haiti 3 years after the earthquake, while American Red Cross has nearly U$300 million left from the money received for Haiti through donations, sitting in a bank's coffer, generating interest!!! Last  year, Red Cross came under fire after a report came out about their intentions to spend $3 million in the construction of a luxurious hotel in Port-au-Prince, for their workers!
An extensive investigative report was conducted published by NPR in collaboration with Probublica, showing how the Red Cross raised U$500 million following the earthquake and only built six homes in Haiti.- World Vision raised U$194 million in the name of Haiti's earthquake.
In an interview given to The Nation, a prominent US newspaper, World Vision's spokesperson Amy Parody, admitted that only $107 have been spent in Haiti. The rest are being kept in " Low-risk investments accounts"-Instead of hiring Haitian firms which Haiti is not short of for the reconstruction of schools, and other important structures, agencies responsible for said projects hired companies from their respective countries without the consideration of capable locals. All the money went to pay the salaries of foreigners and to rent expensive apartments and cars for the foreigners while the situation of the country continues to degrade.
Kleim, Epidemiologist and professor of Parasitology at the University of the Mediterranee in France all concluded that the Cholera epidemic was introduced to Haiti by the Nepalese soldiers.

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