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Inside of a very nice Pelican 1700 Long Case, nestled in compartmentalized foam recesses, I found a Stag Arms M2 AR featuring a Diamondhead Versa-Rail handguard topped with an EOTech Holographic Red Dot optic, a field repair kit, Otis AR-15 cleaning kit, sling, two 30-round magazines, Gerber MP 600 multi-pliers, Gerber Omnivore LED flashlight, spare AA batteries, a first-aid kit, 60 rounds of Federal M193 5.56 ammo and one MRE (in this case, beef enchilada with a full array of extras). The only thing lacking is $1,000 in gold coins, which would drive up the weight—not to mention the MSRP. The weight of the entire kit, incidentally, is a shade over 28 pounds, which makes those roller wheels on the Pelican case less of a luxury than a necessity. After playing around with the assorted items in the kit (and managing to cut myself on the very sharp knife blade of the Gerber multi-pliers), I took the M2 out to the range. I decided to do my shooting with the EOTech installed, primarily because (1) it’s got a very high cool factor and (2) I’d never had the opportunity to use one before. After setting the collapsible stock to its full-length setting, I spent a couple of rounds horsing the sight into zero at 25 yards. The only issue that I have, and I would like your opinion on this, is wouldn't the foam inside the case attract moisture during long-term storage? I heard a horror story from a supposed Gun Smith who said he often received a measurable amount of work for hunting rifles being turned in to him when hunting season started. Great call Mack , storing in any case , foam or otherwise , is asking for a rusted gun ( except where Steve notes ) .
Maybe my 68 year-old eyes are failing me, but was the price of all this fun stuff mentioned anywhere? I read in the actual magazine article the price of the kit is $2,012 (funny) and the rifle alone is $950.
For my Get out of town kit, I would rather have a short barrel 870 and lots of rounds for it and my SIG. The Sportsmobile Classic is the latest iteration in line of heavy duty 4x4 Adventure Vans from Sportsmobile.
This combined with over five decades of experience designing and manufacturing van campers makes the Sportsmobile 4WD a truly unique product. The Sportsmobile system does not affect the original factory warranty on the unaltered portions of your van.
Sylvie Vandenhoucke’s practice is a platform for exploring questions of perception and examining the boundaries of the visible and the invisible.
The light­?sensitive visual language in the work originates from an intense research in glass and the exploration of new directions in pate de verre making, technically as well as visually.

As an academic, she taught at several universities in Europe and from 2009 till 2012 she was the Visual Arts Research Office Executive at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium.
As an active researcher she was granted an Arts and Humanities Research Council Grant (UK, 2006) and a Research Fellowship of the Higher Education Funding Council of England (UK, 2007) for her groundbreaking research in pate de verre. Whether it came into being in the wake of well-publicized emergencies or the run-up to the millennium, I can’t really remember. But with the undeniably upscale Stag Arms’ Executive Survivor’s Kit, we’re moving well beyond the “SKS, 100 rounds, a couple cans of tuna, water bottle and flashlight in a duffel bag” approach.
Originally, I’d intended to only use the supplied Federal ball ammo, but I chickened out and brought along some Black Hills 55-grain V-Max and Hornady Superformance 53-grain .223 loads as well. I’ve used standard red dot sights, and while they can be very effective at the 100-yard distance I’d be shooting at, it’s a bit tough to shoot tiny groups with them. If you dial it down you get an almost ghost-ring effect with the central small dot assuming the dimensions of a bright one-MOA pinprick, which is fairly easy to center on a 5?-inch bullseye target at 100 yards.
The A2-type flash suppressor and 16-inch barrel meant that regular earmuffs—rather than plugs—are pretty much mandatory. I’m almost certain a more “bullseye dedicated” sighting arrangement (not to mention a more bullseye-dedicated operator) would have yielded tighter results, and I think a more varied menu of loads would have helped in that regard as well. He said that the rifles had rust on them after being stored in the foam cases for a year without care. When I'm moved OCONUS, i have to put all my guns in storage which means a bunch of hard cases. My 1170 and 1700 cases have held up to being dropped in a lake (the 1170; it actually floats), and the flooding due to Hurricane Irene, where they were both completely submerged for almost a week. Currently in the prototype phase, the Classic takes a Ford Cutaway body and molds it with a steel reinforced fiberglass shell.
Only the best heavy-duty components are used to provide the maximum off-road performance while maintaining exceptional on-road comfort.
For future ease of service, each four-wheel-drive system is provided with a detailed list of all component parts and a maintenance schedule.
The changing degree of discernibility of the work emerges from a thorough investigation of the subtle optical changes of material and surfaces caused by the passage of natural light in a particular spatial situation.
These investigations were imbedded in this ancient technique but were dealing with contemporary practice, methods and materials in order to push the boundaries of the known and the possible.

Her work can be found in many private and public collections worldwide including Museum of Arts and Design (New York), Toledo Museum of Art (Ohio), Chrysler Museum of Art (Virginia), Royal Museum of Scotland (UK), Musee du Verre de Sars-­?Poteries (France) and Design Museum Ghent (Belgium). She was also an invited External Examiner for Doctoral Degrees at the RCA London in 2011 and 2012. More recently, she received a research grant (Belgium, 2011) for developing a collaborative drawing research project. It is, essentially, a ready-loaded emergency stash containing a firearm, ammo, food, tools, flashlight and anything else you’d want on hand in the event of a (hopefully) temporary civic meltdown—say a natural disaster, riot or whatever. No, it’s not as well suited to that purpose as a duplex-type crosshair, but it’s very fast and works well in lighting that would render a conventional scope problematic (your field of view at 100 yards, assuming four inches of eye relief, is a very generous 90 feet). Elevation and windage adjustments are easily made via two screws on the right-hand side of the optic.
The integrated penthouse top drops flush into the shell for a streamline look. Production of the Classic is targeted for late 2016. The work has gradually evolved from small objects to in-­?situ installations and interventions.
In theory, it’s something you can grab and go with—leaving wherever you are in order to get somewhere you’d rather be.
The EOTech is a lot better in that regard because the 1X unit features a red dot inside of a red circle. They’re half-minute, so if you’re used to quarter-minute adjustments, try not to go overboard. With all the accessories in the case, you’d be pretty well equipped to deal with a short-term emergency scenario. Also, Stainless Steel guns usually have blued sights, triggers, or other parts, for example a Smith & Wesson revolver. But those extra AA batteries mean you’ve got enough run time for anything short of an end-of-the-world situation. But the point of this is: clean, lightly lube and place in silicone sock prior to longterm storage and you should be good to go.

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