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If you have between $1.5 and 3 million sitting around, why not spend it on making your life a little more comfortable for the next few years? Wouldn't it be delightful if the Deemable Tech podcast magically appeared in your mail box every time the gentlemen finished recording it? In fact, if we have dictionaries after the apocalypse, your picture will be next to the word. So spacious and luxurious, you won’t even care that the world above you is destroyed and everyone you knew is dead. Tell us, how are you preparing to survive the oncoming onerous onslaught, or how you are planning on celebrating the ceaseless stupidity? Nor are we talking about the end of the world that was supposed to come on October 21, 2011.

Por eso, pensando en ti, nos hemos tomado la molestia de buscarte propuestasA para que te salves del cataclismo. We’re not even talking about the one that was supposed to happen in September of 1994.
Check out the link to the New York Daily News at the bottom the full photo gallery slide show, and click the photos below for a larger view.
The one that everyone decided is going to happen because the Mayans ran out of room on their calendar, and the last date they were able to put on it was December 21, 2012.
Luxury Survival Condo will even take care of your transportation to the condo in the event of an emergency!
So, the question isn’t why would you buy a Luxury Survival Condo, but why wouldn’t you?

En lo alto de la Sierra de Madrid Granada y AragA?n se han construido unos refugios para protegerse de los augurios apocalA­pticos. Cuenta con todas las comodidades y en cada uno entran hasta cuatro personas con espacio suficiente para guardar las reservas de alimentos y medicinas. Por cabeza se debe pagar sus 50 mil cocazos, pero no te preocupes que los niA±os pagan la mitad y las mascotas entran gratis.

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