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This Saturday I’ll be giving a 35-40 minute talk , illustrated with some Power Point slides, about beach safety, based on a portion of the content of my Beach Survival Guide which is available online here for free. Kew may be home to some of Britain's most beautiful gardens and one of the world's most important plant research centres, but sometimes the most important things are the simplest. Sometimes the best way to deal with fidgety kids is to let them loose, and the rolling hills of the Bretton Estate are an ideal playground for troublesome tykes to tire themselves out.
Fallen asleep after too many sherries, and woken up to the smell of scorched sprouts and charred turkey? If your angsty adolescents need to let off some steam, take them to Greenwich's interactive museum of popular music in The O2.
Hidden away near Bond Street and Oxford Circus, the Wallace Collection is a sublime shelter from the storm of Christmas shopping in central London.
If you need a break from the in-laws, escape to the home of one of the world's greatest romantic writers. From the farm on which his mother grew up to the home in which he died, the houses help illuminate both the man behind the plays and the world in which he lived. With summer around the corner, most of us are getting antsy thinking about all the barbecue festivities on the horizon. But how will you maintain the physique that you've worked so hard for during the fall and spring with all these delicious and often unhealthy foods being served? Fortunately, it's possible to survive all the summer barbecues with your 6-pack abs intact. The first spot where you can make the best barbecue decision is right at the grill when you choose the type of protein to cook.
Instead of steak, consider preparing some other lean cuts of red meat like venison or buffalo. Remember, half the battle of lean grilling is the sauce or ingredients you add to your protein. Second, if you aren't on a really low-carb diet, a baked potato can be a wise side choice.
Thirdly, corn on the cob is a decent side choice, but it does contain more carbs than most typical vegetables. And last but not least, beans are another great option provided they aren't the baked bean variety bathed in maple sugar. Salads are always a good choice to have as long as they aren't loaded with cheese, dried fruit, ramen noodles, croutons, or other ingredients high in fat and calories. Water is the healthiest option, of course, but flavor it up with slices of fresh watermelon, orange, or strawberry, and you have a refreshing and healthy drink free of added calories. Watch out, because the toughest spot is the dessert section, also known as temptation station. But one way to finish off your meal and satisfy your sweet craving is having a piece of fruit. Or, if you need something more substantial, then try sugar-free Jell-O with some light whipped cream or some healthy carrot cake.
We all like to get outside, indulge, and let loose when the weather gets nice, so use this survival guide to minimize those barbecue regrets and keep your physique comfortable to show outdoors! Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are only days away from the biggest electronic music festival in New York, and there aren’t enough fistpumps in the world that could make us more excited for it. The next order of business involves carefully scheduling the migration plan to maximize the action.
If you’re going to be dropping in on the Riverside Stage, be sure to pick up a pair of free 3D glasses for an extra triply light show to circle your head around.
To help you decide, we’ve broken it down by day, based on who you should see and who you should skip. SKIP: Steve Aoki, if you are stage diving and pouring drinks for people, you aren’t doing much DJing, aren’t you? In addition to live music, Electric Zoo is a food festival of sorts, in case you are hungry. Reproduction of material found on FREEwilliamsburg without written permission is strictly prohibited.
I can’t explain how good it feels to do some good from a bad situation which is what I feel this book will do.

As a result of my own struggles and troubled childhood, I have developed a strong desire to work with disadvantaged African-American youth from inner city communities, particularly those from single parent homes, to encourage them to make better life decisions. The book is built around the topics of sex, drugs, hustling, education, gangbanging, and violence. Premier sporting goods retailer muscles-up its “Lowest Prices, Best Quality” promise with newest private label. Every item boasting our HQ ISSUE™ label is specifically designed to bring that same sort of ‘military-tough, value-priced’ quality to brand new tactical-style gear and clothing. Shoppers of The Guide®’s popular HQ™ Military Surplus catalog were recently introduced to the new HQ ISSUE™ brand - and its cutting edge, big-value line of rigorously-tested tactical gear and clothing. Located in Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” The Sportsman’s Guide® has been outfitting the nation’s outdoorsmen and women with big name, discount-priced outdoor gear and clothing since mailing its first catalog in 1977. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Our survival guide's full of great days out to fix your festive woes, whether you've burnt the turkey or need a last-minute gift.
With two cafes and two restaurants, the Royal Botanic Gardens are a magnificent spot for afternoon tea amid beautiful surroundings. The 60 open air sculptures on display give parents something to enjoy while the children are playing hide and seek. Head to the Ashmolean, home of Manet's recently acquired portrait of Mademoiselle Claus – the museum's dining room will be serving delicious dinners throughout the Christmas period. With a range of real instruments to play and record on, the British Music Experience is a great day out for carol singers and aspiring guitar gods alike. Enjoy the world class art on display, or simply save 20% dining at the Wallace Restaurant with your National Art Pass. Fear not – the shops at the V&A are galleries in their own right, hung with perfect presents ranging from beautifully designed baubles to children's outfits, and you can save 10% on everything you buy with your National Art Pass. There's nothing like the fresh outdoors and throwing a thick steak or juicy burger on the grill. They taste just as good (better in my opinion) and go great with some lettuce leaf, purple onion slices, and a few thinly cut apple rings. Fish is easy to overlook when getting ready to grill, but it's one of the best protein sources around. Most barbecue sauces contain high amounts of sugar, so look for a low-sugar sauce, marinade, or rub instead. Barbecue side dishes can be pretty dense in calories, so always keep your portion size under control. If you see a dish with a cream-based sauce that you didn't prepare yourself in a healthy way, steer clear, Grasshopper. Like corn, beans pack a higher amount of carbs, so don't have more side dishes on top of them. Most people pay close attention to what they eat, but forget to account for the drinks they wash their food down with.
Furthermore, as soon as alcohol hits your system, important processes like fat metabolism and protein synthesis can be severely inhibited. Plus, staying hydrated with water will keep your metabolism burning up calories at all hours of the day! There are so many delicious and unique fruits in season during the summer, so there is always a tasty and healthy option available as your outdoor treat.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group.
But the Zoo can be a dangerous place, full of exotic animals, predators that lurk in the form of costumed freaks. By far the best way to go is via cab, since the RFK bridge will drop you right into the festival from Manhattan, The Bronx, or Queens.
The truth is, huge festivals like this are always hit or miss, and this is especially true when it comes to EDM.
Some of the vendors participating in this year’s festival include Crif Dog (but no Asia Dog:( ), Korillabbq, Roberta’s, Fornino’s Meatballs (it’s a SPICY meat ah ball), Pushcart Coffee, Mexicue, and a bunch others. But it’s the human beings behind these numbers that concern me and all individuals who have love and concern for their fellow human beings.

This line-up of military-inspired BDU clothing, flashlights, tents, knives and more leads the way for a much larger deployment of the brand in the Spring of ‘13. The Guide® has long been noted for discount prices, a huge selection, fast shipping, courteous hassle-free service and the strongest guarantee of satisfaction in the business. Even better, you can save a third off travelling on the Thames Clipper when you show your National Art Pass.
The sweet taste of apple combined with a juicy turkey burger is a healthy and tasty twist that is sure to be a hit at your gathering. Throw some creative spices or healthy marinades into the mix and you're ready to do some award-winning and diet-friendly grilling.
Try grilled salmon, tilapia, cod, shrimp, or even grilled lobster tails if you're really looking to treat yourself. If you have a choice cut of meat or seafood, you shouldn't need much sauce to enhance the flavor. Common picks you'll find on the table include potato salad, macaroni salad, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, beans, and various green salads. Opt for salsa, some fresh chives, or cottage cheese rather than the sour cream and bacon bits that most people pile on. As the weather warms up, it might be hard to not grab a frosty brew or soda, but unhealthy drinks could mean that you might be sporting the wrong stomach when fall hits. It can take your body hours to return to normal functioning, depending on how much you drink. Fruit provides nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, and only contains around 50-to-100 calories per serving for a guilt-free and delicious dessert alternative. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Marks, some sunscreen for sure, and a picnic blanket you should to chill out on the plentiful grassy spaces. Depending on the ticket purchased, you have two other options provided by the festival: shuttle bus or ferry.
The biggest names are not always the best, and the side stages often showcase the best true talent.
And for those who are under the age of 21, there will also be a face and body painting station and some shit called “The Garden of EZ”. Even a simple splash of lemon juice or citrus can elevate your meat or seafood from bland to grand. Sometimes alcoholic drinks are all that's available, so remember to bring your own beverage alternative just in case! A guide who knows what lies in the bush, a scout of the first order who’s seen it all and knows what to avoid.
If you’re going for the day, you might want to consider bringing a large water bottle or camelback to refill at the free water stations, which will no doubt save you a good deal of money throughout the day. The ferry is sold out, but shuttle buses are still available through Electric Zoo and there is a public MTA option through the x60 bus from 125th and Lexington.
The biggest difference between EDM and most other live music lies in the underlying skill of playing an instrument.
This is apparently a place where you can meditate and chill with a bunch of neon butterflies, if your brain needs a rest from the music. These are also the same skills necessary for the best producers when they make synthesized music in a studio.
But always remember that production skills do not beget DJ skills, and some of the best producers out there simply can’t DJ even if their exorbitant fees depended on it.
DJing is an art form that requires vast knowledge of current music, mixing skills, the ability to double drop a bassline, change it up to please a tired crowd, EQing on the spot, scratching, blending, and juggling. If you just paid $100 to a see bunch of DJs, wouldn’t you rather party with the ones who keep you on your toes, rather than those who just hit play on a CD player?

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