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We have an collection of Dinesh Dsouza New Movie 2016 Obamas America Looks To in various styles. The Assistant Editor of The Blaze, Billy Hallowell, reports that all may not be well within the Obama family. President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2016 budget would make permanent the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), a benefit used by Solyndra to build solar panels. Under the section “Improving Incentives for Research and Clean Energy,” the budget explains how it would spend $31.452 billion over 10 years for green energy tax credits. Before the now insolvent Solyndra received its $535 million loan guarantee from the 2009 stimulus law, the company secured a tax credit deal with the IRS to make consumers more likely to buy their solar panels. Aside from green energy tax credits, President Obama’s budget pours billions into fighting climate change and promoting green energy.
The budget also increases research and development spending for the entire government by 5.5 percent, to a total of $146 billion. The president is still asking for billions for his “preschool for all” initiative, which would cost $66.042 billion over the next decade. Community policing efforts are also included, including $97 million for local law enforcement training.
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Beyonce redeems herself by singing the national anthem live at her pre-Super Bowl news conference. Beyonce releases a sneak peek video of her performance for her concert the Super Bowl tonight. And we could say that at least Fidel stands up for his country, like Putin, which is apparently quite a nice thing in the minds of those who don’t remember that may nationalists are evil cranks. There are no more Conservatives in the true sense of the word, so make your choice for a Washington Insider, or a Washington Outsider who just may have the smarts to shake Washington up and save our country! If Reagan were running right now, wonder how far different he would be from Trump on the issues? When Reagan was running, we were not flooded with all kinds of immigrants, political correctness did not rule, we did not have 19 trillion dollars in debt, we only had four years of Carter, not eight years of Obama. Equally important is that with Trump at the head of the ticket it is likely that the Republicans would lose both Houses of Congress and the White House. Here is some inspiring pictures about Dinesh Dsouza New Movie 2016 Obamas America Looks To .
President Barack Obama may be less-than-content over reports that his half-brother, George Obama, appears in “2016: Obama’s America,” a documentary that is highly critical of the president. The proposal includes increasing the number of police officers who wear cameras and “community and law enforcement engagement” training projects at 10 pilot sites.

How many so called “Conservatives” have been put in office only to jump on the RINO train at the first opportunity?
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Show them where he’s supported Liberals, like the Clintons for one example, with more money than most Americans make in three years, and these supporters claim everyone does it. He tells the president’s brother that past news reports have exposed that Obama has done little to help his brother. He’s a man who has donated more to Hillary and Bill Clinton than most Americans make in three years.
Even more so, Rubio was elected by the Teaparty and he became the frontispiece of the gang of eight Amnesty project the minut he hit Washington. Already their commitment and loyalty to Trump trumps their commitment and loyalty to the truth and conservative values.
Everything he needed to know about becoming a conservative he learned caricatures in the press.

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