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A great tool for assessment in the 21st Century is the app Explain Everything (iOS, Android, Windows, & ChromeOS). K-8 Technology Educator Karen Bosch also has used Explain Everything to redefine assessment in the language arts and science classrooms. Bosch also has used Explain Everything in the 3rd grade science classroom for project- based assessment. We look forward to using the QFAT framework to increase self-determination within our own learning setting. To learn more about how Kyle Pearce uses Explain Everything in his math class, or to hear more from Dr. Over the years I've written about many different ways that Google tools can be used in the classroom.
Read Kathy Schrock's blog post in which she explains why she created this helpful interactive graphic. The next you're designing a lesson and you're wondering if Google has a resource to help you accomplish your lesson goals, check out Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. With the rise of the Common Core and the PARCC tests, there is no question that we are living in an era of accountability.
Explain Everything is a unique, interactive screencasting whiteboard app that can be used as a tool for ongoing assessment. He found that the app was a great tool to drive inquiry based lessons with secondary students. As teachers, when presented with a traditional math test or math worksheet, we can mark answers right or wrong, but it is often hard to determine WHY a student arrived at their answer.
Her language arts students use Explain Everything to demonstrate what they know about concepts such as run-on sentences, action verbs, and chronological order. Harry Moore School of New Jersey City University enjoy a summer visit from Explain Everything Co-Creator Dr.

Harry Moore School of NJCU I am constantly looking for learning tools that will help faculty members gather assessment data about our students, ranging from ages 3 to 21, with low incidence disabilities.
Reshan Richards, creator of Explain Everything, visited our school recently and showed our students and faculty members how this app can be used to tell digital stories that document student success and foster self-determination. Because all students in the 21st century are digital natives and can benefit from the QFAT (Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit) which is the brainchild of Dr.
In fact, there are so many Google tools that can be used in the classroom that it can be hard to keep track of them all.
It is an effective application with both general education students and special education students and can be used in a variety of content areas. As an example, Kyle placed an image of an isosceles triangle in an Explain Everything project along with an adjustable protractor. When Kyle makes his geometry students solve math problems in Explain Everything about concepts such as complementary and supplementary angles, he has them record the solution with a voiceover justification for each step of the work. In the 20th Century, students would have to do a series of drill and skill paper and pencil worksheets to master these concepts. Instead of taking a traditional test or doing a poster or written report as an end-of-unit assessment, the students designed research and inquiry questions about their animal’s habitat in Padlet, created animal habitats in Minecraft, and then they used used Explain Everything to record their findings with supporting visuals from Minecraft.
Progress in our school might be a moment when a student who needed intensive physical therapy to learn to walk takes their first step, or a child has improved their independence in assisted daily living skills such as brushing their teeth or eating. In the upcoming year, teachers are setting up digital portfolios to share with the parents, and Explain Everything is a great way to capture data about student progress on a daily basis. Fortunately for all of us Kathy Schrock has created an excellent resource to address that problem. It creates opportunities for dynamic assessment by incorporating audio, drawing, and video functionality. Her students were able to take pictures of sentences with poor grammar and use the drawing function in the app to articulate how the sentence can be corrected as well as the correct punctuation.

As illustrated by the student example below, the students were engaged in the project as well as higher levels of critical thinking. Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy is an interactive graphic that lists and links to Google tools that can be used to accomplish the tasks associated with each level of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. He also requires that students to use the drawing tool in the app to input the three angle measures within the triangle. In addition to just sharing their knowledge of habitats, they also incorporate math lessons as well as storytelling. While this could have been accomplished on paper, the beauty of Explain Everything as an assessment tool is the recording features. Additionally, Kyle has his students create video tutorials about various geometry topics and upload them to their student YouTube channels.
Beyond measuring and drawing, Kyle then asks his students to use the audio tool to explain what new knowledge they have acquired.
As Kyle says, “Explain Everything makes it easier for a teacher to determine what a student understands rather than what they know.
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