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The silence from western and gulf media has been deafening, only RT and Press TV immediately broke news of the attack on Kurdish sectors of the terrorist occupied Aleppo that is being retaken piece by piece by the Syrian Arab Army and allies. The new news though that I started reading since yesterday, that the terrorists started using chemical weapons against civilians over there. The ceasefire is over in Aleppo, after the great violations took place few days ago on southern Aleppo province areas, when several terrorist groups [whom signed on and approved the ceasefire] broke their words andA the transitional phase after Assad. A week ago, Deir ez-Zowr city wasA attacked by Da’esh, using chemical weapons as well. But now, days and weeks have passed and I hardly ever could find any mention of such news, especially at the UN. 21st Century Wire is an alternative news agency designed to enlighten, inform and educate readers about world events which are not always covered in the mainstream media. But while Murdocha€™s company said it was no longer in talks with Time Warner, US reports suggested an offer closer to $100 a share might yet seal the deal.Shares in Time Warner climbed more than 16 per cent as traders gambled that the 83-year-old Murdoch (pictured) is determined to push through a deal that would rank among his most buccaneering. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Henry VIII has been magically transported to the 21st Century via a unique art project commissioned by TV channel Yesterday to celebrate its new historical series Secret Life OfE. A team of digital artists from the channel spent three months updating a series of classic portraits – working closely with award-winning historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb to ensure the new artworks accurately reflect how the historical figures might look in 2013. OSecret Life OfE takes a completely new perspective on the lives on some of historyOs most fascinating and notorious figures. A blog on issues affecting Australia's newsagents, media and small business generally. Yesterday some newsagents received 21st Century Australia from magazine distributor Gordon & Gotch. The leader of the 21st Century Australia Party is Jamie McIntyre. He calls himself an educator, author and mentor.
Check out the report by Mark Hawthorne in The Age about an allegation that Jamie McIntyre is faking Twitter follower numbers.

Our glorious magazine distribution model is such that we have to pay to send this junk back. This is another example of what’s wrong with the newsagent magazine distribution model.
Gordon & Gotch has ethical social responsibilities to newsagents, responsibilities they have failed to fulfil with the distribution of 21st Century Australia. What magazines do you receive that are produced by a union and don’t identify themselves as such? A good example of this subversion is the Refugee Advertising the Gov gas been running all week that if you come by Boat then off to PNG with you. Its advertised extensively in Australia yet the Target Market is not here, it is elsewhere in the world. The ads here do good in that all the relies here tell the rest of their extended family back home the current lie of the land.=, well, that’s the hope I think ! That magazine is clearly labeled as a product of the AWU (it even has their name and logo on the cover) and doesn’t masquerade as anythign else. No not landfill generators rather work generators for Network and Gotch ands then us at the end of the chain. Why does Tatts ‘fine’ a small business newsagent for using counter space for other products while allowing On The Run to get away with it?
Aleppo battle seems to be starting soon, as Russians, SAA, Hezbollah and others are continuing what they were doing before the ceasefire. Storing Household Batteries For The Long Term Depressing Survey Results Show How Extremely Stupid America Has Become Why Arena€™t Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Talking About Encryption? His 21st Century Fox is understood to have proposed selling off the CNN news network to satisfy competition concerns, given that it already owns the competing Fox News channel.
Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette and Nelson are among the iconic personalities whose lifestyles and habits are dissected through the eyes of the contemporary, celebrity-obsessed world. Would you be prepared to distribute flyers for the LNP, Labor, The Greens and every other party out there in your store?

I believe none do they all see it electoral and party law as a beast to be subverted to best suit their needs.
The Target Market is people considering hopping on a boat from Sri Lanka or Indonesia for Aust. What this advertising does do is it allows the Government to say look aren’t we good a good job and we are doing something about it while claiming the Advertising is ostensibly for another major purpose. It is a regular magazine, not a publication designed to use newsagents as one-off election billboards. Video proof: Trump wanted to kill Gaddafi and take Libya’s oil Oxnard Police Chief Jeri Williams to leave for Phoenix? But Time Warner laid out a series of reasons why it rebuffed the offer, including that the share portion was comprised of non-voting stock.The Murdoch empire owns 39 per cent of voting shares but the majority of the stock carries no right to cast a vote on company affairs at annual meetings. So even if newsagents early return this title they have to pay freight as well as the labour handling costs.
I suspect their model sees our shops as billboards more than as revenue generators for them. As to disclosure I can only refer to John Laws and Allan Jones to see how they totaly subvert law to suit themselves usually with the rider we are saving Australia. All they are concerned and obsessedA about is toppling Assad and the transitional phase after Assad.
From what I can see, his businesses don’t appear to create real value or engagement for those connected with them. It’s this stuff that is driving more newsagents to shrink engagement with magazines and some to exit the category altogether.

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