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To make the chocolate spoons (this is fun to do with your kids!), melt a few blocks of chocolate in the microwave, and dip the tops of some chocolate spoons into it (we made four per gift basket).
For the hot chocolate jar, fill the small mason jar with hot chocolate mix and a handful of mini marshmallows. Christina is a crafty mommy to three little girls, a wife to one handsome hubby, and they all live in a home they built themselves in rural Alberta, Canada. I just landed on these adorable gift tin ideas and I am so excited now for upcoming holidays. Also… not sure if you knew or not but you have a spelling error on step # 4 of the cookie printable.

I also share fun things on Instagram and my new YouTube channel and I'd love to connect with you there.
Any chance you have a printable template for the snowflake that is on the lid of the Christmas Hot Chocolate jar? Thanks so much for stopping by!We have had far too many Snow Days here for my liking lately. Thanks so much for putting all of these ideas online with clickable links to make the project so easy. A couple of weeks ago, the temperature dropped to -44 degrees (celcius) with the windchill!

Punch a hole in the top of the instructions, and thread a piece of ribbon or twine (long enough to go around the jar) through the tag and a cookie cutter. We’ve also had several feet of snow recently, plus some freezing rain to top it all off. Needless to say, we’ve spend a lot of time inside doing crafts, Christmas baking and watching movies.

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