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Day 27 of the 30 Day Challenge found me running a survival session for our local Beaver group – the  2nd Bramley Beaver Scouts.
I can only publish a few pictures due to the Scout policy on this and must apologise about the quality of the pictures as I had left the focus on manual instead of auto. Once the chute was up the Beavers went out to collect wood and tinder for their fire (all strategically placed for speed as we only had an hour and a half for the whole event).
The Beavers lit the fires (we made two) using firesteels and we set up a cooking rig to boil water in a couple of kettles (a brew for the staff). I had a great time with this event and by the smiles on the Beavers faces afterwards I think they did too. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s back to school time and not only are kids headed to elementary, junior and high school, but college is right around the corner. I carry a homemade salve and a container of Burleigh Balm in my packs all the time along with sample sized bottles of all my essential oils. Exercise and endurance may be a necessary component to a survival situation as well as staying calm and keeping a clear head. We are constantly testing our abilities and improving our abilities even if we are well practiced. Exercise now, prior to a survival situation so you will have endurance, strength and be much more limber.

Exercise is a destresser and also helps detox the body naturally so you will be healthier and have a clearer mind. Our family needs to be concerned with the foods we carry and pack because the Mountain Boy is unable to have gluten or dairy and I have struggles with many of the preservatives that are added to food and I need to watch many foods due to a histamine intolerance. Not only being able to gather your edibles from the wild, you can continue to grow your own food if you are smart. If you are new to gardening, two highly recommended tools are The Gardening Notebook and this amazing Planting Calculator.
We already live a much different life than the average, but when thrown into a survival situation we would all be fending for ourselves and looking to achieve the same thing.
For those of you that are not used to cooking and baking from scratch or need to cater to specialty diets, you may find my new cookbook, The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1 useful. We are equipped to continue in a modern way, but are also well versed in living off the land and in a very traditional and even primitive way.
Learn the skills and knowledge you will need to exist without the modern conveniences of today so you are prepared for anything.
The month of September is National Preparedness Month and this year The Prepared Bloggers are once again bringing you a great 30 day series on how to be better prepared in 2015. It’s safe to say that our ultimate goal is to help you have an emergency kit, a family plan, and the knowledge to garden, preserve your harvest and use useful herbs every day – without spending a ton of money to do it. This year we have posts about food storage, 72-hour Kits & Bug Out Bags, and every aspect of preparedness, from water storage to cooking off grid.

View the amazing photos below of children born at 27 weeks gestation from the first few weeks of life in hospital to being at home with their families. If you would like to submit photos of your premature baby please fill out the following form. I took ten at a time on the firelighting while the other ten were told to conserve their energy and rest up in the hammocks. Each premature baby has a unique journey and we hope this area will give you inspiration for the road ahead.
This is where the Beavers are blindfolded and they have to walk towards the sound of the drum and touch the drummers forehead. After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list. It is a good game for teaching them the importance of using all their senses and not just their sight.

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