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With imminent disaster just around the corner, it is natural to start to ask some basic questions … in fact, it is essential that you do start to ask yourself these questions. What emergency food supplies and other essentials do I really need to store … and for how long? You don’t need to be a financial expert to know that something is critically wrong with the state of the US economy. So, when it comes to planning your emergency food supplies, you need to plan for the long haul. Learning how to become self sufficient: this means learning to adapt to a new way of life, learning new skills, learning how to come out on top no matter what your environment, learning how to keep your family safe, secure and well fed in a hostile world.
There are many websites around that will give you a checklist of what you need to have in your food survival kit. It is here where the emergency food supply checklists come in handy, with their lists of foods you need to stock up on for all the different members of the family and their needs: ageing parents, babies and young children.
If your current long term food supply list reads more like you’re planning for one big house party then think again. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables: Eat red, orange, and dark-green vegetables, such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, in main and side dishes. Switch to skim or 1% milk: These have the same amount of calcium and other essential nutrients as whole milk, but less fat and calories. Make at least half your grains whole grains: Choose 100% whole-grain cereals, breads, crackers, rice, and pasta. Whilst there are some useful elements to these recommendations, there are nutritional experts who would query the suggestion to replace dairy with soy. What may be a well balanced diet in our current day to day living may not be ideal for certain types of disaster scenarios.
In the worst possible scenario and you have to decamp to a bunker for weeks, or even a period of months, your diet should reflect the changes your body will need to adapt to. Make sure your emergency essentials include foods that are rich in Vitamin D – such as tinned sardines, salmon, milk, eggs and cheese. If you have young children who need the vitamin for growing strong teeth and bones it may be beneficial to include some children’s supplements, just in case – for example Vitamins with Omega 3 Fish Oil and Vitamin D . Being confined to a bunker for a prolonged period of time will also mean that you will be expending far less energy and as a result will need less high energy carbohydrate rich foods. A diet high in sugars and carbohydrates (that converts into sugars in the body) combined with a low expenditure of energy can lead to weight gain: as the carbohydrates change into glucose and glycogen, they are stored in the muscles and liver, but excess amounts will be stored in the body as fat.
Becoming overweight due to lack of exercise and an excess intake of sugars and carbohydrates will make you more prone to developing illness at a time when you need to be fit and well.
Bear this in mind when planning your long term food stores – especially if you aim to retreat to a shelter or bunker in an emergency.
On the other hand, in situations where you will be outdoors, walking long distances or undertaking heavy physical work – as you would do when farming for self sufficiency – then your body will be processing carbohydrates more efficiently.
Protein foods will enable you to develop greater endurance and strength – something that many of us will need in the years to come. The easy way out is to turn to one of the companies that will provide you with a complete package of meals for 3 months, 6 months … even a year.
No matter how much food you have stored and planned for, at some point it is going to run out – either because you have eaten it all or because it has become too rancid or stale to eat. We will be covering some of these skills in other articles on how to achieve self sufficiency and live off the land. Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper. A series of studies conducted by researchers at the National Center for Disaster Preparedness show that while 72% of Americans anticipate future terror attacks, fewer than 50% of us have a family emergency plan in place.  It is not likely that any of us will forget the images of the families who were affected during the Boston bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, or the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting. You’ll never think to include solar powered survival devices to your shopping cart until you absolutely need them and are left wishing you had. Your vehicle can be parked normally over the shelter, still allowing you access whenever needed. The worst-case scenario dramatization slash documentary After Armageddon aired January 5, 2010 on the History Channel as part of Armageddon Week. The dramatization was interspersed with expert opinion who presented step-by-step what could happen in the event of a worldwide apocalyptic event. It’s pretty commonly stated that disaster can strike at any time and that to better your odds of survival, you need to be prepared.
Build you and your family the Perfect underground Bunker with everything you will need in it to be Safe and Protected from a Wide Variety of Threats. Photo of United States Air Force tunnel boring machine at Little Skull Mountain, Nevada, USA, December 1982.
This is a $13 million tunnel boring machine (TBM) used for tunneling at the Nevada Test Site. This is about helping mankind evade extinction and restore civilization in case of nuclear war or other world-wide cataclysmic catastrophe. The following article was generously shared with the SHTFplan community by regular contributor ‘Be Informed’ and provides skills that will be essential for surviving any number of catastrophes that may befall us. The following steps will outline the necessary precautions and procedures to evade hostile enemy forces in unfamiliar territories during times of conflict. One of the fundamentals taught throughout the military is the certainty of failure and the unexpected consequences for miscellaneous variables. To better your chances for your survival we have highlighted crucial skills you will need to escape enemy combatants, including skills taught in Special Forces, Navy Seals, the Marine Corps and etc. The sun will always ‘appear’ to be south of the north temperate time zone and north of the south. Draw an angle in your head with the vertex(The point about which an angle is measured)centered on the watch.
When you are in the southern hemisphere you can find south by locating what is known as the ‘Southern Cross’. Drive a straight stake or stick into the ground with at least 3 feet exposed to the suns rays. Now that we have our general direction adequately plotted, we have to practice basic precautions as we navigate across hostile territory.
Determine your direction, choose a direction with forgiving terrain and less obstacles to navigate, thus avoiding exhaustion. Rivers and moving bodies of water make excellent directional indicators (Note: not all rivers flow from South to North). If you can acquire a boat for evasion, but your duration of travel calls for intermittent stops, compensate by submerging or camouflaging the boat. Before approaching your FOB (Forward Operating Base) or Camp, investigate the surrounding areas for hostile targets and eliminate.
In dense vegetation insects can be a killer, always use sufficient amount of insect repellant.

Use the environment and surroundings to your advantage, many of the basic essentials you need to survive are most likely present. The bullet points below describe the amount of water you should be drinking when traveling by foot.
Certified NRA Instructor, Certified Military Platform and Performance Orientated Instructor, Training Personnel, and Emergency Management.
Filed Under: Prepper, Survival Tagged: ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, food, Food Insecurity, food pantry, food rotation, FOOD STORAGE, freeze dried food, General, great depressions, hunger, Long Term Food Storage, pantry, short term food storage, short term pantry, SHTF, starvation, Sustenance (Food and Water) and tagged dehydrated food, TEOTWAWKIBuilding your own gun for SHTF-Bullet shortage? In prepping there are few things more important than protecting the lives of yourself and your loved ones.
As you probably know, you are required to fill out several forms when purchasing a firearm and that information is passed on to the federal government. For preppers this means that you can build and set aside a weapon that only you know about. An 80% receiver is an incomplete “paperweight” that requires the user to complete several functions in order to make it into a functioning firearm.
The completion of an 80% receiver  does require some skill and patience but with the use of a quality jig and a good drill press, this can be done in about a days time.
This is a must know for preppers who are worried about the current political atmosphere and the constant threat of losing their rights to keep and bear arms. We all dread the knock at the door telling us to turn in our guns but we should be able to sleep better at night knowing that we will always have a backup no matter what. Also, even though you can build your own firearm you may not legally manufacture “Class III” weapons such as suppressors and fully automatic firearms. For a while now, ammunition has been in short supply, and many retailers have imposed limits on how much ammo a customer can buy. Still, manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up, and Walt Schneck says many of his customers at Hot Shot Sports have started to make their own ammo. To do that, James says you need a press, dies and manuals to figure out how much powder to use.
At Hot Shot Sports, Miller would have to pay almost $250 for 500 rounds of factory-made .38 specials. But it isn’t as easy to get those components as it used to be.  “As there has been a run on guns and ammunition, there’s also been a similar run, although on a smaller scale, on reloading equipment and components,” C.
You might think you have a plentiful emergency supply of food to get you through the chaos that inevitably follows a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane or tornado.
Should I be planning to get through several days of chaos following a natural disaster on the basis that everything will get back to normal within a few weeks at worse.
History has shown that, when a country’s economy crashes to the ground, everything is in short supply. This could easily happen again … indeed there are all the signs of this happening again. That doesn’t mean rushing out and immediately emptying the shelves in your local grocery store, buying everything in sight. Your priorities should be to store healthy and nutritional basics – ie the ingredients and foodstuffs that your family really needs to survive. When food is scarce you need to know the foods that will provide your family with the most sustainable energy: the ones that will help you to resist disease and infection and the ones that will help your children to grow and remain healthy.
Soy beans are commonly found in many food products and are grown extensively as a genetically modified crop – as is corn. Many of them are high in sugar and will only provide short term energy, so you will need to eat and carry more – all adding extra weight to your bag and taking up valuable space that you will need for other essentials. This vital nutrient is produced by the body on exposure to sunlight and plays an important role in maintaining bone strength, brain function and fighting disease. Ensure that your long term survival food storage has a good balance of protein foods, tinned and freeze dried fruit and vegetables, fats and oils as well as complex carbohydrates. If by that time there are still food shortages or food prices have gone sky high, then you’ll sure need to know how to produce food for your family to survive.
When the supermarket shelves are bare and your family is going hungry, you’d better know how to fend for yourself.
If the worst ever happens, then you will need to live off the land: grow your own vegetables, rear chickens for eggs, learn to forage and develop many other skills that your great grandparents and great great grandparents knew how to do. This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster which killed 1,833 people and caused an estimated $108 billion in damage. Preparing a survival plan can seem overly cautious, but it is an important component to helping you feel safe and ready for anything.
Our underground garage shelters are unique because we install them in your garage and they don’t require extra square footage. After Armageddon presented a picture of the breakdown of society after a worldwide pandemic flu. In this case, a deadly flu virus caused death and a domino effect that led to an end-of-the-world or at least end-of-civilization world where survival is the only goal. If the end comes before that though, you can better your survival odds by packing the right gear. Odds are you, like many others (and my old self included), heard this, nodded your head, and then promptly went back to playing video games on your PS3.
Aside from the geophysical part that “seems” to be going haywire and could be nothing other than the planet’s cycles, there are plenty of manmade catastrophes that loom on the horizon. Many of the steps outlined in this primer are SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) taught to military personnel, militia units, and special operators. When disaster strikes and not everything went according to plan, evasion may be your only option. Watches can be used to get a precise northern direction, thus compensating for the eastern and western movements the sun makes. The Southern Cross is a constellation with four bright stars, making it easily identifiable, when these stars are connected they form a cross. Make the tip of the shadow it casts, wait for approximately 15 minutes and make the tip of the shadow’s location again. Simply knowing these steps is not enough to guarantee survival, however it is absolutely necessary you comply with these simple guidelines to better your chances for survival. Rivers are almost always accompanied by towns and are almost guaranteed to be patrolled by hostile forces. If your situation allows for traveling on ridges and crests, do so while elevating your scouting precautions. Using the low visibility as cover while maintaining enough visibility to target enemies and equipment.
After eliminating your targets and hiding the remains, you will need to evacuate your current compromised camp location. It’s your duty to ensure their safety by any means necessary even in the toughest of times.

In The United States, an unlicensed individual may manufacture their own firearm for their own personal use but not for sale or transfer. Once completed, you can just order the rest of the parts online and build your desired firearm….All without ever needing to visit an FFL! A polymer 80% lower receiver can be finished in a few hours with even less technical experience, a one time jig and some basic hand tools. Also, if you have a bug out location this would be a great place to store your firearm to keep it completely off the radar until it is needed. Before deciding to build your own gun you should always check your local laws because this can vary and you do not want to end up getting in trouble with the law.
However, this is not going to be enough to stop your family from starving, when you have to survive for the long haul. You need to have an emergency supply of the essentials that will keep you going for at least 72 hours.
If your emergency supply of food (and other essentials) will keep your family fed and secure for up to 14 days, then that is a really good start. You’re facing a battle for survival and like any battle, there is a need for planning. In practical terms, a 72 hour survival kit usually means stocking up on the foods that you would normally eat …. That is not to say that some little treats and luxuries can’t be included – but only when you have the essentials totally in place.
Concerns have been raised that such genetic tampering with our basic food supplies may lead to adverse reactions with our immunity systems. Together with an adequate supply of water, your bag should be packed with some high protein energy bars that will keep you well fuelled and able to cope more effectively with whatever life throws at you. Low levels of Vitamin D can also contribute to depression – not something you need to be dealing with when you are trying to keep your spirits up while camped out in an underground bunker. Such nutrients may be OK for short term energy – such as when you are on the run with your bug out bag – but protein foods (such as meat, fish, eggs and cheese – and also the 2nd class protein foods such as peas, beans and lentils) will provide you with longer term, more sustainable energy. Learning how to become more self sufficient is a skill you need to learn now and not something you’ll discover only too late in the months and years to come. That includes doing all those things the pioneers did to survive in the wilderness that was here before we built all these roads, towns and cities … all the things our great great grandparents did as a matter of course. We will be helping you to understand how and what you can do to survive in a world where disaster lies around the corner. In the decade since Hurricane Katrina we have seen natural disasters bring death and destruction across the world with the Kashmir earthquake, Pakistan (est. In the modern world, it’s hard to imagine a loss of power, but in the event that we are faced with this, finding solar powered survival tools is a must. SunFocus creates a hybrid solar oven which enables it to continue to cook efficiently even when its cloudy. Perhaps if you lived in a disaster prone area, be it Tornado Alley, Hurricane areas, or Earthquake vulnerable California you took the first basic step and assembled a few things that will keep you comfortable in the event of a power outage. Never has the planet had as many people as now and the more people there are the more competition there is for resources.
You will need to immediately vacate the area covering great distances in a relatively short amount of time.
One of the easiest to use is the sunrise, the sun rises from the east, which means north is to your left and south is to your right. Draw a line from your first marking to your second marking, this method will always point north.
If a map is available, study the slopes carefully to identify the most convenient and safe exit points.
If your situation required the use of the river during evasion, attempt to stay out of the open. Do not make noise, noise travels a couple hundred yards (if loud enough), will expose your location.
As a prepper you probably own a firearm (or several) as a means of defense for you and your family.
This means that an individual can build an AK-47 or a semi-automatic Browning m1919 completely off the books. A little known fact is that you can purchase “80% receivers” for most common firearms including an AR-15 assault rifle.
At the store, he does the math:  “So, you’re about $7 for the powder, about $50 for the bullets, and about $20 for the primers, and that’s 500,” he says. If this is true then soy products are not an ideal food ingredient to consume regularly – especially when we need to maximise our health and immunity to survive.
One of these skills was baking bread – and if necessary, how to bake it in a coal pit or a solar cooker. It is perhaps the most enigmatic and debated objects that may or may not be soaring through the cosmos, on a collision course with earth is the celestial body, Nibiru, the 12th planet, Nemesis, or simply Planet X.
More countries seek nuclear devices than ever before and with advancements in technology this is a much easier process than anytime before.
Draw another line at the end of the length going straight down and you now have your southern reference point.
Although protein does use up a certain amount of your fluids for digestion, as long as you’ve packed an adequate water supply – and ideally a water filter also – the combination of water and your protein bars should keep you energised and able to survive.
The modern design and bright yellow color has quickly made it a favorite for modern survivalists. Biological and chemical weapons are also much easier to manufacture because of leaps of technology in regards to computers. Approximations made in the heat of the moment, as long as they are within reasonable proximity to your goal, will have to suffice.
The Bionutritional Power Crunch bars are high in protein and ideal for packing into your Bug Out Bags. It can be fun to find interesting solar powered gadgets that will also give you a sense of security and peace of mind. Oil markets are much tighter because of the countries of China and India and their increasing need of energy to fuel their booming economies, and new finds of oil fields cannot keep up with the demand.
After you have put a safe amount of distance between you and your enemy, rest and regain situational awareness while applying your awareness to your escape plan. In short, bad times, really bad times could and probably be coming to a neighborhood near you. Unless you and your family take quite seriously this possibility, if and when something extremely horrible happens, you could very well end up one of the large number of statistics.

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