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When washing your vagina, lift up the clitoral hood and softly rub your finger along the hood to wipe away dead skin cells. Use conditioning treatments weekly in the summer to prevent your hair from losing it’s colour. Before blow drying your hair use volumizing spray or gel on your roots for more definition in your hair. Avoid dry shaving your pubes, this will cause redness and spots which are easily treated with hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera. If you are to shave, use conditioner instead of shaving cream - you will get a smoother result - that goes for anywhere you shave. Waxing HURTS so if you’re dealing with the burns then place a cold towel in the sore area and leave it for about 15 minutes and then apply aloe. Clean your makeup brushes, regularly along with any other makeup appliances (beauty blenders, makeup pads) in a mix of warm water and a little bit of soap.

Use a blotting tissue and then add a small amout of cream concealer onto your eye makeup to prevent smudging.
To make your cheekbones appear higher, use bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheekbone. In summer if you want to avoid caking yourself with foundation - use tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead. Always make sure you blend your foundation so your neck isn’t a different colour to your face. When using cream products like eyeshadow or blush - use translucent powder to set it in place. Always make sure your feet are dry before putting on socks and shoes to prevent fungal infections.
Save some nice underwear for yourself and just wear your dead old pants when you’re on your period.

Apply a damp tissue to blotchy, red skin after crying, it will make you look as if you haven’t been crying at all. Cucumbers are good for dark circles and puffy eyes just place a slice over your eyes and leave for about 15 minutes. Tape is great for a perfect winged eyeliner and q-tips are great for cleaning and tidying up those hard to reach areas. Get rid of all that junk and you will thank yourself next time you’re looking for something. I’m doing a giveaway and one lucky winner will win a pair of tickets to their SLFL tour!

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