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The storyline follows the future battle between Earth and alien moon Pandora, a 'terrifyingly beautiful' world full of strange creatures and rich minerals.But while James Cameron is known for packing his sci-fi films with strong storylines - from the fatherhood theme of Terminator 2 to the motherhood theme of Aliens - the story which will dominate this film's release is the 3D experience. Each lens has a different filter , which removes different part of the image as it enters each eye. The film depicts a battle between Earth and the alien civilisation from Pandora - but who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
If you Google “IMAX” and “fraud” you get 3,500,000 hits, among them some very interesting and very angry postings.
I just found this out today, 48 hours after a visit to the “IMAX Experience” screen at the AMC Loews Kips Bay theater on the East Side in Manhattan.
I’ve been to other IMAX theaters — we have one in Connecticut at the Maritime Museum in Norwalk — and, frankly, I wondered how they could have added an IMAX theater to the Kips Bay multiplex without major construction.

Tickets were $6 more than the standard $13 (and $3 more than the current surchage for a regular 3D movie).
Imagine my surprise when we entered the auditorium and the screen was no bigger than the larger screens in most New York multiplexes. For IMAX to lend its name to this deception is the most egregious misuse of a movie process trade name that I’ve ever run across. I thought ‘IMAX’ meant a screen as big as the one in Norwalk or the one at the AMC Lincoln Square theater on the Upper West Side (which is one of the best places in New York to see a film). Little did I know that the Kips Bay deception is just one example of a nationwide fraud being perpetrated by IMAX. This gives the brain the illusion it is seeing the picture from two different angles, creating the 3D effect.
The movie was “Thor” and I thought it would be fun to see this comic book extravaganza on a screen three times larger than the multiplex average.

The picture was highly enjoyable, but to charge $19 for it seemed like extortion to me (I would have complained to the manager, but a very nice friend was treating me to the movie — I was bummed about his too extravagant gesture). In the old days, when you saw a picture in “Cinerama” — a long defunct process that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s — you knew you would be seeing a film on a screen three times as wide as average. If he wanted to change the viewpoint, he could click a few buttons on a mouse and a computer would redraw the virtual world from the new perspective.Of course, the film is making a buzz becuase of this technology, but Cameron is keen to stress that film, as ever, is about story, and the aim is not to bamboozle and distract viewers with special effects. George Lucas's epic dreams for Star Wars led to the formation of Industrial Light and Magic, which became the forefront of special effects for decades.That team was responsible for the next leap in CGI (computer-generated images) when they made the dinosaurs come alive in 1993's Jurassic Park.

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