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Remember the war on drugs and how that worked out?  We lost that campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid a long time ago but no one is willing to sign an armistice in the U.S. The Sexual Futurist Community asks what about proactive thinking and proactive police work, education, social work?  What about preventing these sorts of sex crimes that we already know are going to occur at an ever increasing rate?  If we say we really care about victims shouldn’t we be doing something (with the prefrontal cortex) about prevention rather than just reacting for the millionth time.  What about helping our young boys and men before they become criminals? When WikiLeaks is embarrassing the government, suddenly they are shut down and there is charges against to operator of the site. What we don’t see in the news daily or in the courts is the Government or Prosecutors going after the content makers or operators of the sites.

If we looked into why these guys were so pathetic, could we help them before they found themselves doing something so disgusting and damaging? I think it is about time to hold these agencies equally responsible for the “smart on crime” and urge them to do something proactive for a change. I find it is sad, because we hear these stories of catching the people watching these videos.
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But it does not take a scholar to figure out that secret files are also just plain embarrassing. Unete a nuestras discusiones dejando comentarios, y mantente actualizado suscribiendote a nuestro RSS feed.

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