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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. One possible use for this SMA cable is connecting an Aaronia HyperLOG EMC test antenna to an Aaronia Spectran RF spectrum analyzer. In the fire-retardant foam on the packaging conductive fabric, with good surface conductivity can be easily fixed with an adhesive with a mask in the device to be. Different profile shapes, installation method, UI level and mask performance to choose from, as per customer requirements to develop appropriate countermeasures for EMI.
Electromagnetic wave absorption material is a microwave absorbing materials.By the electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices to dielectric loss, magnetic loss and resistance loss of a way to convert heat to reduce the role of electromagnetic radiation.

Characteristic: Various types of 3M, SONY, NITTO, TESA double sided tape, punch-type can be used to make lead to pull out different process, registration and other effects, production line in the paste to improve ease of use.
Characteristic: PVC electrostatic protective film on the surface by electrostatic adsorption, multi-screen saver for mobile phones and no residue on the surface of attachment and demanding protection, electrostatic membrane surface printable, no residue after peel off will not cause environmental pollution. Characteristic: Diameter and thickness of a variety of choices for customers, material can be divided into two kinds of PC and PT.
Characteristic: The penetrating sound good, because of their nature are to be hot-melt glue classes, so the adhesive with excellent results, the processing does not produce the phenomenon of excess glue, and the proportion of processed plastic attached to the area evenly. Characteristic: Meet the UL fire rating, is divided into PE, PET, PC and other materials according to customers demand for gum paste mechanical backlash type.

Characteristic: Conductive adhesive tape is a kind of conductive metal foil, or conductive fabrics, conductive adhesive and conductive substrate is composed of conductors with adhesive means any metal to complete the electrical power lap and the gap closed.

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