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If you are looking for a company that knows how to handle emergency disaster response, then 3R is the company for you. Our team has been working with transportation companies in all facets of their operations since 1990. Developing countries which are experiencing rapid economic growth and urbanization face not only climate change but also other various environmental issues, including air and water pollution.
Furthermore, Japan extends assistance to developing countries to help them manage and conserve the environment and the biodiversity, taking into consideration the living environments of local residents. In conserving biodiversity, in particular, the conservation of forestry ecosystems is extremely important.
Japan will continue to actively cooperate in the areas of the environment and climate change.
The scale of the disaster will vary, as a disaster could be a turned over semi or a burst oil pipeline, but they happen every single day.
Disaster Response teams have responded to numerous man made catastrophic and natural disaster events throughout the United States. Click here for a longer list of some of our experience with disaster response, detailing how we were able to remediate these situations.We are able to quickly mobilize for disasters of scale as many of these disasters, with regard to our involvement, required a multitude of laborers and a great deal of equipment to get the job done.
With 3R, our personnel can provide a quick emergency response to our customers throughout the Eastern region.

We start with site sampling and analysis and continue the cleanup process all the way through to the disposal of hazardous material.
It is remotely controlled and supervised by an addressable, wireless system controller, allowing for both wireless and hardwired devices to be seamlessly located on the same fire system. Japan is providing assistances for the conservation and maintenance of natural reserves by helping them to establish a system modeled after that of the national park system of Japan, sustainable forest management, and measures against desertification.
The global target for after 2010 (the Post 2010 Target) is scheduled to be established at COP10, and Japan, as the host country, shall lead the conference to success by making concrete proposals, as well as further promote cooperation on biodiversity. Japan has strongly supported the promotion of sustainable forest management, the suppression of deforestation and degradation, and measures against illegal logging and other issues faced by developing countries through its bilateral ODA projects, and contributions to international organizations and funds. Every time we turn on TV or read the newspaper we are treated to the latest environmental disaster. We have a proven track record of success with a wide range of transportation incidents from overturned tractor trailers, to derailed train cars and fuel spills from vehicle accidents.
With safety as our primary concern, 3R will manage all aspects of your incident from start to finish.
As such, Japan has worked to draw on its experience with pollution issues and utilize its advanced environmental technology to improve pollution alleviation measures implemented in urban areas and to improve the living environments of residents. For example, in Mexico, Japan is carrying out a cooperation project in which both the local government and people work together for the conservation of the mangrove ecosystem in the natural reserve of Yucatan, as well as for the promotion of the use of natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Issues like water pollution, the Greenhouse Effect, ozone depletion and acid rain are discussed in every corner of the globe. We have or are prepared to handle emergencies including: ice storms, chemical fires or explosions, chemical spills, tire or landfill fires, pipeline ruptures, crisis management, debris removal and collection, preparedness planning and damage assessment. We own and maintain an extensive inventory of up to date equipment that enables us to get the work done efficiently and without delay. Minuteman also provides full site restoration services to return your site to its pre-incident condition. For example, Japan has extended technical assistance to Viet Nam on water quality monitoring and the enhancement of regulations for factories which are the source of pollution, with the objective of improving the water ecosystems of the country.
Such a situation calls for a company with the experience to quickly assess and understand what needs to be done and the capacity to respond in a decisive, complete manner. Furthermore, Japan has also provided assistance in the form of yen loans for the development of sewage treatment facilities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and other cities.
In addition, Japan is also extending technical assistance to China, Viet Nam, Fiji, Mexico and other countries in order to promote the 3Rs (Note 11) among local residents, companies and other organizations.

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