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A crisis communication plan requires strategies for notifying all levels of “customers,” whether internal or external, and the method of communicating to each may be as varied as the customers themselves. Looking at the communications plan from your end customers’ point of view, a good ol’ piece of paper in an envelope is still the most trusted method to receive communications.
These days, it’s often a data security breach that will trigger your need for a crisis communication plan. And what better use of your print and mail recovery plan than to utilize the production capacity at your recovery vendor for any hard-copy crisis communications needs? If you need assistance in developing a print and mail communications strategy for your company, give Mail-Gard a call.
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But what good is a plan if you can’t communicate with your recovery team members, co-workers and customers?
Informing your customers of what steps you are taking to ensure the security of their personal information is not only an essential business practice, but also will be required by your state’s data security breach laws. You not only refrain from disrupting your internal production, but it’s a great way to test your recovery plan. Having participated in and presented a few mock disasters, I can say that communication is one of the key components of a successful exercise.  Maintaining good communication between crisis management teams and company departments as the business interruption unfolds is crucial in any recovery plan. When one method is unavailable, having a backup is key to the successful continuation of your daily operations.

The method and timing of how you communicate this information varies by state, but almost all require hard copy notification to be sent to the effected customers. To make this transition even smoother, discuss this possible scenario with your vendor, confirm what materials may be needed, have pre-planned templates ready and verify the method of transmitting the data is in place. It makes even more business sense to notify not just those effected, but to let all your customers know what you are doing to mitigate future risks to their personal information. This phase involves linking a prioritized and costed DRM action plans with national fiscal and budgetary processes?Identify risk reduction and increased resilience as a strategic national priority?

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