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Sure you can survive wave after wave of zombies in Left 4 Dead, but how would you fare with a hoard of undead on your heels and three miles of distance ahead of you? The 5K run event will be taking place at the Reach 11 Sports Complex in Phoenix and will consist of runners doing their best to avoid the clutches of the walking (or sprinting) dead for prizes. Runners will be equipped with "health" flags and trotted into the "infected zone" to begin the run. Tickets are available for both "survivors" and "zombies" in running and walking variations. To sign up for a slot in the run, visit the official Zombie Buffet 5K website; registration closes on October 18th. Christen BejarScottsdale Geek Culture ExaminerChristen Bejar is a graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and self-proclaimed nerd-of-all-trades.
See how celebrities are honoring Prince after his deathStill reeling over the death of David Bowie just over three months ago, the music world was hit equally hard yesterday with the equally unexpected news of the death of another giant, Prince, at 57.
Meghan Trainor set to embark on summer tourPop singer Meghan Trainor has just announced a 26-date summer tour set to begin on July 24.
Bring your friends and see who survives, and who gets devoured… If you survive, we have some thrilling zombie training action waiting for you at the after-party! Zombie Virus Infects Massachusetts, Thousands Flock To Participate In 5K ?Run For Your Lives? Toronto Zombie Run 2013 is a 5km obstacle course in Downtown Toronto avoiding live Zombies. Looking to change up your average 5K race?  Test your survival skills through 3.1 miles of obstacles at the Buchanan County Fairgrounds in Independence, IA.  Not enough of a challenge? Waiting at the end of the 5K Zombie Run, whether infected or not, is an after party of epic proportions.

Zombie Charge is the most authentic zombie-infested 5k run and its coming for the first time to Spooky World in Litchfield, NH. Alternatively, if you don’t want to be a runner, you can participate as one of our zombies. In my search for zombie events across the world I’ve found a series of Zombie Run events across the US. You wear the belt through the race, and the zombies are tasked with removing those health… Lose all 3 and you’re dead! Just like in the movies, you’ll need your brains if you wish to make it to the finish line as a survivor… Want to boost the fun even more?
Now zombie survivalists can test their skills in real life with the Zombie Buffet 5K run on October 20 in Phoenix. At that point if participants don't do their best to avoid "zombies" from taking their flags before the finish line, they will quickly join the ranks of the undead to infect the remaining runners (also for prizes!). Registration for runners and sprinters costs approximately $39 and walkers can get in for $25. From anime to video games, Christen has dedicated her skills to creating honest reviews and critical looks at pop-culture pieces that don't harp on "the good ol' days" of yesteryear. Your 1 and only goal is to somehow make it through the zombies (And the obstacles) and to the finish line with at least 1 health in tact. We are letting loose some of the hungriest and wildest zombies this side of the Mississippi.
Celebrate your survival or imminent zombie transformation with Iowa bred food, music, and of course, beer. You will be on a real life movie set where zombies are real and you will be trying to survive among the living. If the Zombie 5k wasn’t enough for you, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to put your zombie apocalypse survival skills to the test!

This could mean the difference between survival, or becoming zombie food!) – Warning: Tickets available for just 1 more day!
There will be awesome challenges, terrain and mud to crawl, run, walk and tremble through the Spooky World and Nightmare New England park. Our professional makeup artists will morph you into one of the cannibal corpses that roam the course and plague the perimeters of the safe zone. Reach the finish line (As a survivor we hope!) and kick things into party mode with your all day access to the after-party! All participants will receive T-shirts, commemorative dogtags, various free swag, and invaluable experience for when the real zombie apocalypse occurs. Like the Toronto Tough Mudder 2013, Spartan Race 2013, and Toronto Mud Run 2013 only you have to out run, out smart, and out LIVE the competition! All we know is that if you’ve ever wanted to experience that heart pounding thrill of a zombie apocalypse come to life, then this is your 1 chance to do so now! After the race join your friends and family in the safe zone for plenty of live music, contests, food, beer, and all kinds of fun activities. Like our other races, this Zombie Charge is infested with zombies, however this venue does not include the typical obstacles but don't let that fool you there are plenty of surprises!
Your mission is to navigate the terrifying course and make it to the safe zone with at least one flag remaining.
A response team is standing by armed with a zombie antidote known as "NECTAR" if you become infected.

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