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Don’t forget these last few items that are easy to forget about, but have just as much importance!
With winter approaching {gasp!}, it’s time to start thinking about being prepared for crazy weather fluctuations. Having a 72 hour kit that is more or less centered around your climate is a pretty smart practice, I think.
Bottled waters are a good choice because they are clean and immediately accessible {plan on 1 gallon per person}. I would add photos, social security numbers, birthdates and hair samples for DNA for each member of the family in case of separation during a major natural or man-made disaster that could result in death. Here in California earthquake country, we remind folks that can openers in emergency kits need to be hand operated. A grim but good reminder that I’ve never seen elsewhere about hair samples in the earlier comments!
If you are making a 72 hour kit you will need 3 gallons of water per person…it is 1 gallon per person per day! Here in Alabama as we approach tornado season, there is a Tax Free Weekend, February 21 -23, for all emergency supplies purchases. I found some britta water filtration bottles (that have a built in filter) at kmart, maybe place candy, protein bars or something inside when packing (for space saving) since you won’t need them until you finish your bottles of water, but if you finish those and still don’t have access to purified water this might be useful! I might add pillows, sleep masks, ear plugs and sleep meds, in case you’re housed in a large shelter and are a light sleeper. Also as a few people have mentioned, the most important, is to make your plan for an emergency, know it and even practice it.
Side note: Another great DIY fire starting accelerant is to take your dryer lint and mix with a little bit of petroleum jelly. Free ScripturesThe Mormon Church distributes free copies of the King James Version of the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

This is the second installment of the Survival: Soup to Nuts Series, part I is a video, click here if you missed it. Understanding a 72 hour disaster properly requires that you have the answers to two basic questions, what type of emergency am I likely to face and how am can I prepare for this type of disaster? Nearly everyone makes the mistake of trying to find a list of things to buy to survive a generic emergency.  Almost no one sets out preparing for the emergency most likely to befall them nor do they understand the mechanics of their human existence in surviving that emergency.  What are the answers to the question “what emergency am I most likely to face?  Are earthquakes common to your area?  Hurricanes?  Tornadoes?  Forest fires? It is your job to identify the most probable scenarios that you face, dissect the mechanics of the event and devise the best courses of action. For disasters with little or no warning, like earthquakes and tornadoes, it is imperative that you and your family have a plan and practice it regularly.  If the time ever comes you and the people you are responsible for must know what to do and react instantly. In addition you need to focus on keeping blood inside your body and tools that will help you in maintaining, storing, obtaining, purifying and preparing essentials.
While some scenarios might involve you bugging off to somewhere in remote woods, in reality a disaster that forces you to leave your home is best handled with a plan.  What do I mean?
Of all the injuries that can happen in an emergency, having a medical kit that focuses on keeping blood inside the body should be of primary concern. I carry a small Streamlight Microstream on my person or within arm’s reach 24 hours a day.  As far as lights go it is decent light, but the important thing is I have a source of light the moment the power goes out. Preparing for a 72 hour emergency is the first action step you should take in your journey towards self-reliance. If you would like to embed this infographic to your site, there is an embed code right underneath the image. The bandanna is up there in the lists with plastic garbage bags and duct tape when discussing versatility for emergency uses. This is great for of course sanitizing but it can also be used as an accelerant when trying to start a fire.
All of the supplies in the world would not be able to help you if you can not get your family to a safe place and then know how to use the supplies that you do have once you get there.

Works like a charm when you can’t find dry tinder while you are out camping and beats buying fire starting sticks or similar products.
I didn’t need storm supplies, but I only have the car once a week and I needed to do my regular shopping. They quote scriptures that say to trust God and suggest that if we do anything to prepare for hard times, we’re not trusting God or are even violating commandments. All Rights Reserved.This website is not owned by or affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the Mormon or LDS Church). The bandanna can be used as a signal, a band-aid or gauze, a pre-water filter, a sling, a tourniquet and so many more.
Most of you probably have the likelihood of dealing with multiple types of emergencies, hence keeping your 72 hour lifeline mobile. If a natural disaster strikes, you and your family may need to leave at a moment’s notice. Don’t use milk jugs because the plastic is porous and may absorb contaminants over time.
The views expressed by individual users are the responsibility of those users and do not necessarily represent the position of the Church. They have tons of uses such as ponchos, bedding, rain catchers, shelters or for sanitation.

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