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This Personal 72 Hour Emergency Kit with MREs provides you meals and drinking water to see you through those first three days of an emergency.
For those who have already begun a emergency preparedness plan, this personal emergency kit also makes an excellent add-on kit for additional members of a group or family.
The Two Person Safeguard Deluxe 72 hour Kit provides all of the essentials and then adds in items to increase your comfort and protection level. The Safeguard Deluxe Kit has 80% more protection than the Safeguard Basic Kit and is highly recommend for those whose budget allows. This light-weight, compact, high performance 72 hour emergency kit is designed for a quick and easy getaway. All items are packed in our compact and durable, orange cordura bag which is designed for ease and peace of mind in any grab-and-go situation. 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit - Hero Provisions Please upgrade to Internet Explorer version 9 or download Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome. The Mountain House® "Just in Case" 72 Hour Emergency Meal Kit includes lightweight, freeze-dried breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one person for three days. Mountain House, a part of Oregon Freeze Dry, pioneered freeze-dried food creating a lighter weight, better tasting meal.

Depending on stock, some items in combo may require substitutions.All substitutions will be of equal or greater value. Keep the Camp Chef 72-Hour Emergency Kit in your garage so you're prepared in the event of an emergency. This kit also comes with basic emergency gear and supplies, which makes it a great starter kit for those just getting their emergency prep together.
Other basics such as sanitation, power, tools, and other necessities should be added as acquired to supplement this kit.
While we procure our MREs fresh, there is an unlikely chance of receiving an MRE up to 18 months in age or older.
Contains two pouches of Beef Stroganoff with Noodles, two of Chicken Teriyaki with Rice, one of Pasta Primavera, one of Rice and Chicken, two of Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, and one of Granola with Milk & Blueberries.
As you obtain more gear and supplies, add them to the included large backpack until you’re set for just about anything! Compacted and efficient, this emergency kit is designed to be taken with you should you need to evacuate. Their 40-year legacy has provided high quality, fully cooked, nutritious meals for troops and citizens alike.
It comes equipped with a butane one-burner stove, a three-quart pot with a lid that doubles as a skillet, and a three-day supply of food for four people.

Due to our supplier phasing out boxed MREs, some of our MREs will now arrive only as a pouch (no box).
The stove features matchless ignition, an adjustable heat-control dial, and an easy-to-clean porcelain drip tray. With a power output of 8,000 BTU's, it heats more efficiently than many indoor ranges to quickly cook and boil water.
The stove comes with a protective hard case, and the whole kit fits in the included soft carrying case.
All you have to do is buy some fuel, water, and utensils (sold separately) and you'll be ready to dine when the power's out with minimal fuss. Each 72 Hour Emergency Entree Kit includes 4 servings per day (total of 12 servings)OUT OF STOCK More details Reduced price!

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