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Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Kit Weekly Checklist- add something to your pack each week until it's complete!
Emergency Preparedness 72 Hour Kit Weekly Checklist- add something to your pack each week until its complete!
72 Hour survival kit items that should be in your house, this list comes directly from FEMA. Note 1: Due to recent world events - This kit is very popular - it comes with all the checklist items.
Note 2: Due to vendor changes, and shortages, some of the items may differ from the photos. This Bail Out kit (often called a bug out bag) is insurance that you will have food, shelter and the tools you need.
Each kit ships for a flat fee of $15 to the 48 contiguous states via ground (due to fuel tab contents).
Anti Bacterial Bar Soap & Concentrated Antibacterial Liquid Soap - Anti Bacterial properties are important to reduce risk of infections. Safety Goggles to keep eyes sheltered from contaminated particulate matter, chemicals and dust. This will ensure that you have everything you need on the day of your delivery for your little one.
The most successful video games are about zombies (like DayZ, or the award winning The Walking Dead), we have tons of zombie movies (from the great classic Night of the Living Dead, to the not so great World War Z), we have books about zombies, we have big hit television shows about zombies, even board games about zombies.

If you do get bitten, then you have two choices (well… at least if you don’t want to end up as a brain eating, mindless undead): you can take care of yourself if you have the balls (a bullet to your head will do the job), or you can ask your friends to do it for you.
Not all zombie apocalypse survival guide mentions this, but this can be the difference between life and death. This is all good, it’s all just fun and games, you may think, but when somebody starts to eat another guys face, or people are throwing their insides at one another, maybe it is time to start preparing yourself for a real life zombie apocalypse.So we thought it would be nice to gather all the info to one ultimate zombie apocalypse survival guide, to help you out. Most of the zombies are slow, and you can outrun them pretty easy, but you will get tired, and the more tired you are, the easier you make a mistake. If you don’t eat on a regular basis, you will lose all your energy, and you will be (un) dead soon.
You might want to think about getting a boat and find a deserted island if you want to survive.
Any decent zombie apocalypse survival guide will tell you, that only use bunker or bomb shelters if you really don’t have any other place to go, because it easily can turn into your tomb. The hospital gives you some items but it's always nice to have everything you need and be extra prepared! And when you need to use a zombie apocalypse survival guide, all you need is one mistake to make a zombie’s day.
Stock up on all the food you can during the first few days of the apocalypse, because it will be much harder to get it later. An aluminum baseball bat is a good choice for example, but any hammer, hatchet or crowbar will do, if you can smash some heads with it.

With some luck you may find a decent place to live, and since the zombies can’t swim, this could be a good idea. Back up water source, food, ammo, first aid kit, emergency exit, generator, batteries and so on… Always check everything twice and never do it out of habit. You also need water, so gather as much as you can, or find a way to collect rain in a barrel if you don’t want to die of thirst. The point is that it doesn’t require any ammunition, don’t make a lot of noise, and can be very effective when you need to clean a path through hordes of zombies. Use a bandana, to protect your face from splashing blood, don’t shoot the gun every time you see a zombie, find a defensible building, never let your guard down and maybe you will live long enough to see all your friends and loved ones die, or turn into a living dead. It’s small, lightweight, and perfect for the job, since you can kill any zombie with one headshot. Although use the pistol only as a last resort if you don’t want to alert all the zombies in the area.

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