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Good Preparation and Conscious planning is what will make the difference in Surviving and Emergency vs. Being accountable for yourself and your loved ones in advance of an emergency situation provides comfort and peace of mind.
Knowing you have your essential needs covered in a stressful situation fosters clear thinking and right action. Whether you are just beginning to think about preparedness, or are well on your way; we are pleased to support you and your family with our comprehensive line. Designed for traveling, or hunkering down at home; our easy to use essentials will help you be prepared to THRIVE in the unexpected.
Our website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance and unable to accept online orders at this time.
After a major disaster, the usual services we take for granted such as running water, refrigeration, and telephones, may be unavailable.
Having your bag packed well in advance of an emergency will help you use your limited time in case of an evacuation in the most valuable way.
Protecting your Important Documents: A practical guide to keeping your records safe from disaster When a natural disaster strikes, your first priority is to keep your family safe from harm. If you're a business, organization or government agency, you may qualify for wholesale pricing?
November 20, 2009 by rickety 9 Comments One area of preparedness we have neglected over the years is our 72 hour kits.
Every APack Ready Meal includes an entree with self-heating unit, side dishes, beverage mix (bottled water not included), condiment, utensil and towelette.

When you visit we are planning on another tasting session with you and your family and Steven and his family. A seventy-two hour kit should have food and water that will last without refrigeration and doesn’t require cooking.
I emigrated from England in my late twenties, bringing with me one small suitcase and a few dollars.
I blog about my family as well as politics, religion, finance, technology, and other topics.
Here are 7 suggestions on lightening your bug-out-bag’s load, so that you can continue to hike it out for a longer duration and distance, furthering your chances at survival. The first step you should take is to take out a scale and weigh each individual item you will be carrying and add them up.
Serious hikers go to extremes when lightening their loads, from removing patches from their gear to drilling holes in equipment, they realize that every ounce adds up towards unneeded pounds.
There are some pretty impressive survival bags out there, some that have an incredible amount of spare straps and pockets.
Most preppers pack only what’s really needed in their go-bags, like food and important gear, but there are always those who add to it a little more than they really need. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Red Cross recommend that your emergency kit should include enough supplies to get you through at least three days. But that doesn’t mean you can afford to overlook your most important documents and records. Later I googled online for the distributor of the MREs and found the corporate website at Ameriqual Foods.

In an evacuation you will no doubt be stressed so foods that you are familiar with and like will help to ensure you stay nourished.
Included: granola bars, cheese and peanut butter crackers, trail mix, can of soup, and capri suns. This may include granola type bars, dry cereal, dried fruit or trail mix and canned meats such as tuna, Vienna sausages, canned juice, gum and hardy candy, and one gallon of water per person. I appreciate the opportunities America has given me and the friendliness of the people to new citizens. As I want to be able to take the kit with me in an emergency I decided long ago that it needed to be based on MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). I didn’t see the meals that we tried in their A Pack Ready Meal self-heating emergency meals at the Ready Meal website. It looks like the ones I ordered are much better and we are planning on inviting your family to try them out with us.
Alternatively a half case can be ordered from The Epicenter containing one each of the six menus.

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