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Advanced Armament Corporation complete MPW rifles are available in 16a€?, 12.5a€? and 9a€? barrels chambered for 300 AAC BLACKOUT. A whirlwind of interest has been ignited by this compact .30 caliber cartridge among AR owners.
While no one would say the .300 BLK is a “new” design, the concept is much older than most might realize. The cartridge was the .351 Winchester Self-Loading, which was then in French service, necked to accept a standard French 8mm Balle D projectile. The gun itself fed from 25-round detachable box magazines, and with its short 17-inch barrel it was well-suited to trench clearing.
While few have ever heard of the 8x35SR Ribeyrolle, pretty much everyone has heard of the .221 Fireball. Perhaps the most famous of this line is his .300 Whisper, which he felt would be useful when used to launch heavy 200- to 250-grain bullets at subsonic velocities in conjunction with a sound suppressor. Jones trademarked the name “.300 Whisper” decades ago and went on to offer the cartridge in a variety of platforms, including the AR-15. But when the ban expired, the AR-15 exploded in popularity, and a variety of new cartridges for this platform were introduced. I have known Silvers for a decade, have trained with him and have long been impressed by his talent. In the end, he said, they needed a fresh name so they could design the chamber exactly the way they wanted it. The .300 BLK’s performance is a bit different than conventional rifle cartridges in that it offers two distinct levels of performance.
While they travel slowly, because these bullets have high ballistic coefficients they don’t lose speed and energy as quickly downrange.
It was fitted with an AAC Blackout flash suppressor, M1913 gas block and Mk10 Plus handguard. Switching from the supersonic to the subsonic loads revealed a bit of drop, which needs to be taken into account. Shooting from field positions from 10 to 200 yards revealed Alexander Arms’ Blackout to be a delightful carbine.
Currently there is a great deal of interest in the .300 BLK cartridge, which is a good thing for those interested in it because that will bring more loads, firearms, dies, components, data and accessories. The most important thing, though, is simply to understand what this cartridge is and what it is not.

On the flip side, you have an efficient cartridge that will do what the vast majority of shooters need done inside 200 to 300 yards. I love the AR-15 and its ability to be easily tailored to my individual tastes and desires.
If you blow the dust off long-forgotten designs and search hard enough, you will eventually uncover a conceptually similar French military design: the 8x35SR.
Jones of SSK Industries, who has over the years developed a host of cartridges—including an entire line of what he calls Whisper cartridges based on the .221 Fireball case. By driving a heavy bullet at subsonic velocity, the loud sonic “crack” would be eliminated, reducing the noise signature.
Trademarking the name prevented anyone else from marketing a firearm in .300 Whisper unless they signed a licensing agreement.
The AR-15 was viewed differently years ago, and the lack of inexpensive factory ammunition and the assault weapons ban didn’t help matters. While subsonic may not be its primary role, the Blackout does provide a subsonic option: 200- to 240-grain bullets running at speeds slower than 1,126 fps.
Despite rather gusty wind conditions, the gun performed well for such a lightweight carbine. It is not a magnum, and it’s not something I would pick for use at distances of 500 yards and beyond. Teamed with a high quality bullet such as Barnes 110-grain TAC-TX Blacktip, it will slay whitetails and pigs. The entire project can be accomplished quickly, and at modest cost, when compared with buying new rifles.Selling points are significantly increased range and penetration.
While you could argue this point, you can’t dispute the success of the basically identical .300 AAC Blackout (BLK). Dating back to 1917 and World War I, it was intended for use in the selective-fire Carabine Mitrailleuse 1918 Ribeyrolle (Machine Carbine 1918). The end result was a more efficient cartridge with a base diameter of .380 inch and a 35mm case length.
To get around this, some companies simply referred to the cartridge by a different name—a situation that resulted in various names and different chamber dimensions for the same basic wildcat cartridge.
To find out, I contacted Alexander Arms, which has just introduced complete rifles and upper receivers in this caliber. The lower receiver sports a collapsible stock, making for a handy package weighing just 6.4 pounds. Best accuracy was obtained using Hornady’s 110-grain V-Max load, but accuracy was consistent across the board.
But if you’d like a lightweight, quick handling and accurate .30 caliber semi-auto carbine for use inside 300 yards, I’d seriously consider it.

The 1:7 twist barrel is nitrided to provide extreme corrosion resistance and high hardness for a long life - outperforming chrome-lined barrels for longevity without the potential impediments to accuracy. AA sent me a 16-inch carbine fitted with a stainless steel fluted barrel with a 1:8 twist and a carbine-length gas system. The .300 Blackout cartridge is very pleasant to shoot, especially with a sound suppressor mounted. Army Marksmanship Unit used a .300 AAC Blackout to win his fourth USPSA Multi-Gun national championship.
A Knighta€™s Armament free-floating URX III helps maintain accuracy while providing for the mounting of accessories. The bolt carrier groupa€™s nickel boron (Ni-B) UCT EXO coating has a very high hardness and lower friction than either chrome or nickel teflon. There is also a base layer of high-phosphorous electroless nickel that ensures the extreme corrosion protection that is absent from other Nickel Boron carriers that use a single, thinner layer.
The bolt itself is Carpenter 158® phosphated shot-peened steel to ensure precise dimensions with no concerns for hydrogen embrittlement in the critical lug area. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. The extractor spring is made from premium ultra-strong wire and is a low fatigue design to ensure the longest possible life. The extractor pin made from 300 ksi S2 tool steel - not the much lower strength S7 more commonly used. Finally, a properly-staked carrier-key with Permatex® gasket-seal compound ensures no gas leakage. The round has a lot of potential and can be cost effective using already available components with minor modification to produce loads. The trigger is a Geissele for great feel and reliability, and the stock and pistol grip by MagPul Industries. The 5.56 is waaay more effective at one shot instant kills with 55gr on deer than the ho-hum ak round will ever be. It has more frontal area, and therefore more presumed stopping power, but it offers less muzzle energy than the 5.56. Send it to AmmoLand.Email* EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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