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ESA uses cookies to track visits to our website only, no personal information is collected. The FMZB 1512 is an active shielded handheld loop antenna with nearly constant antenna factor over the entire frequency range. Isotropic H-Field Antenna for the Rohde und Schwarz handheld spectrum analyser FSH or the TS-EMF System.
The selection of the active loop and the power supply for the antenna is provided by the included short cable that can directly be connected to the R&S FSH. AL-130 Active Loop antenna is battery powered and has a built-in amplifier with an operating frequency of 9 kHz ~ 30 MHz.
The built-in amplifier provides impedance matching, linear antenna factors and the sensitivity of the receiving loop antenna is higher.
Even regions closer to the equator contain a significant fraction of water averaging 5% to 10% by mass.

Earth's inner core is primarily solid iron surrounded by a more fluid outer core of molten iron. Scientists believe the water remaining on Mars today may represent only 10% of what existed billions of years ago.
NASA's next mission to the red planet is the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) due to launch in August 2005. Many people may not be aware that scientists produce graphical representations of the Sun's magnetic field lines everyday in all of the AIA extreme ultraviolet images as well as for the HMI magnetogram image (lower right).
The axis of the magnetic field is tilted with respect to the Earth's rotation axis by 11.5A°. It can be used for testing acording to CISPR, MIL, FCC, EN, ISO, ANSI, ETSI and many other standards.
The antenna output impedance is 50 Ohms and can be connected directly to any Spectrum Analyzer.

They indicate how these field lines emerge, reach high above the Sun and connect the two magnetic poles of active regions (which appear brighter in the extreme UV images and black and white in the magnetogram image) and with other active regions as well. The operating frequency of this magnetic loop antenna is 9 kHz ~ 30 MHz and is battery powered. These images are identified as PFSS (Potential Field Source Surface) in a range of sizes under the images presented on The Sun Now section of the SDO home page.

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