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Increase your visibility when you’re out and about in low light with our white LED Magnetic Active Light.
With the FAG Active Magnetic Bearing, Schaeffler has developed a standardized, cross-system complete unit comprising magnetic and back-up bearings as well as the relevant services. This modular system comprises matched magnetic bearings and rolling back-up bearings and thus makes optimized machine designs possible.
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The Center has conducted AMB studies in the areas including energy minimization and active vibration control. A well formulated performance assessment tool for evaluating controllers for AMB systems (and practically any other essentially linear system with primarily steady state performance objectives) can be efficiently constructed in the form of a μ-analysis problem. All control problems require a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the systems involved. Includes areas such as atypical bearing fatigue, dynamic fluid pressure distribution, and tribology. When a machine is damaged or breaks, it is critical to know right away so it can be serviced. Strong magnets hold the lightweight unit on your garment or backpack or anywhere you like, without damaging the fabric. The electronic control system and power electronics allow the real-time adjustment of parameter sets according to the machine's operating requirements.
The hardware is composed of mechanical components combined with electronic elements such as sensors and power amplifiers, and an information processing part, usually in the form of a microprocessor.

The magnetic light is water resistant with three lighting modes, ideal for biking, running or walking.
The range of products and services from a single source is completed by specific service modules for everything from initial operation through to electronic and mechanical monitoring. In addition, an increasingly important part is software, which specifies coordination of bearing forces to sensed rotor motion, and consequently dictating the dynamic properties of the complete system. The inherent ability for sensing, information processing and actuation give the magnetic bearing the potential to become a key element in smart and intelligent machines.

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