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Tap into the awesome world of electronics with this advanced system of snap-together electric building blocks.
This kit uses the same unique electric building blocks as our other electronics kits, with the addition of many new advanced components, allowing you to build more complex circuits. Covers a wide range of topics, including electricity basics, sounds, currents, computers, and more! Rest assured-- when you buy this quality Thames and Kosmos product, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. This unit uses up-to-date technology combined with Windows-based programming to integrate our experiment platform with a full set of virtual instruments into one self-contained unit. A complete set of virtual instruments runs on the PC, providing students with virtual multimeters, an oscilloscope with spectrum-analyzer mode, and a function-generator.

Advanced Electronic Systems is a company that specialises in Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic control. The Primary objectives of the company are to maintain, develop, Evaluate, build and design Automated industrial equipment to improve product quality or increase productivity. This study module introduces students to electrical networks and the associated theorems such as Thevenin’s and Norton’s. Please note that this resource requires access to an Experiment Platform (either a 300-01 or a 300-02). Start out by experimenting with colorful light-up circuits as you dive into the basics of electricity. The more than 140 electronic components include capacitors, resistors, transistors, LEDs (light emitting diodes), phototransistor, switches, speaker, integrated circuit, infrared LED, diodes, FM tuner, 555 timer, operation amplifier, two potentiometers, electrodes, voltage and current meter, microphone, and 9-volt battery pack.

A virtual data logger that can capture any combination of oscilloscope and multimeter inputs is provided, together with a grapher application.
All replacement pieces and refills for chemicals are available directly from Thames and Kosmos anytime! Use what you have learned to assemble some functional circuits including a countdown clock, a Morse code transmitter, an adjustable sound generator, a metronome, and a light-controlled musical organ.

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