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This study module introduces students to the principles of magnetism and electromagnetism through a wide range of practical activities. Please note that this resource requires access to an Experiment Platform (either a 300-01 or a 300-02). A member of our staff will be happy to advise you with your order and provide you with further options where appropriate. Clemson University's Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) is a flexible academic research space designed to serve a variety of high technology laboratories. The 111,000 SF building houses laboratories dedicated to nanotechnology, electronic instruments, lasers, and chemistry; as well as clean room space for educational activities and industry research. Design considerations included flexible laboratory space, extensive air distribution systems to serve 66 lab hoods, a draw tower for fiber optic research, and a crystal growth facility. The facility is intended to attract top researchers and advance Clemson's goal of becoming a top 20 public engineering school. Pulsed electromagnetic forming is based on high-voltage discharge of capacitors through a coil.
This article was presented at Materials Science & Technology 2006, Innovations in Metal Forming symposium held October 15-19, 2006 in Cincinnati, OH.
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Due to the nature of this testing, a test lab in a rigid shielded enclosure is usually required.
This marks the second time that successful completion of RF Immunity compliance testing was conducted on the manufacturers production floor; and the subsequent data was accepted by Intertek-ETL-SEMKO.
A recent study reveals radiation from solar events is unlikely to affect earth & the dose of radiation emitted during the events isn’t enough to harm people.
A Pyrometer, or radiation thermometer, is a non-contact instrument that detects an object's surface temperature by measuring the temperature of the electromagnetic radiation (infrared or visible) emitted from the object. Pyrometers are essentially photodetectors which are capable of absorbing energy, or measuring the EM wave intensity, at a particular wavelength or within a certain range of wavelengths. When the filament disappears, the current passing through the filament can be converted into a temperature reading.
Similar to the charge generated by stressed piezoelectric materials, a pyroelectric charge dissipates in time.

Because of the complexity of systems and precision of requirements of military products and more stringent on electromagnetic compatibility, all military products are mandatory through the EMC standards. Due to communications equipment industrya€™s own high-speed digital signal processing and wide microwave operating band, highly sensitive to electromagnetic interference, communications products have enacted mandatory electromagnetic compatibility standards and procedures for complex networks. With the continuous development of automotive industry, electronic equipment accounts for an increasing proportion of vehicle manufacturing equipment, vehicle electronics industry to achieve the requirements of EMC. Power system products are mandatory for an earlier international electromagnetic compatibility standards of the industry. With the popularity of the IT industry and development, computers and peripherals, printers, photocopiers, monitors and other daily-use equipment on human health may have certain impact, EMC is no longer solely based on the systems.
Safe and reliable performances of sophisticated medical devices are very critical when it is a matter of life or dead.
Demand of EMI shielded window will be continuously grown with further development of higher performance of raw materials. The project is the cornerstone of Clemson's critical initiative to promote advanced materials research grants and attract top researchers.
The support space includes research areas, faculty and student offices, meeting rooms, and a comfortable two-story central lobby.
The electron microscopy research area required stringent vibration, acoustics, and electromagnetic interference criteria; IDCA's design featured isolated floor slabs, acoustic dampening, and electronic shielding. In addition to the technical elements, the design emphasized aesthetic values, the use of quality construction materials, and sustainability. An intense transient magnetic field is generated in the coil and through interaction with the metal work-piece; pressure in the form of a magnetic pulse is built up to do the work. Benedyk, Superplastic Forming of Automotive Parts from Aluminum Sheet at Reduced Cycle Times.
The objective of METACHEM is to use the extreme versatility of nanochemistry to design and manufacture bulk metamaterials exhibiting nonconventional electromagnetic properties in the range of visible light. The NANOGOLD project aims at evaluating the potential of metallic nanoparticles (NPs) for the bottom-up fabrication of optical metamaterials, from design to fabrication.
The aim of NIM_NIL was the development of a production process for 3D Negative Index Materials (NIMs) in the visible regime combining UV based nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) on wafer scale using the new material graphene and innovative geometrical designs.
Diversified Technologies conducted the testing using one of V Technical Textiles advanced new 8000 Series portable shielded enclosure systems.

Using V Technical Textiles new features of the 8000 series portable shielded enclosure, the test lab was able to bring the testing to the customer. When the filament and the target have the same temperature, their thermal radiation intensity will match causing the filament to disappear as it blends into the targeted surface in the background.
Hence, a rotating shutter is required to interrupt the incoming radiation to obtain a stable output. Electromagnetic shielding windows are to achieve electromagnetic compatibility of the election will be the window shielding material, widely used in supporting land, sea and air military communications equipment, electronic module, cabinet shielding, satellite radar, military reinforcement of display terminals, LCD design and wide temperature range of military computer peripheral equipment on display window, wave shield series of high performance shielded products, high transmission rates, electric heating shield, anti-reflection by shielding and other portfolio performance to meet the electromagnetic compatibility of the window shielding material requests.
According to the applications and equipment work of the different environment, wave shield to provide communications equipment electromagnetic compatibility window shielding materials. Power products, protection products and electrical metering products are made of high electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
Working closely with lab planning and vibration consultants, IDCA provided architecture, engineering, and construction administration for the project. The lobby is designed as a gathering area to promote exchange of ideas between diverse disciplines. Data on formability of two aluminum alloys employed for exterior (6111-T4) and interior (5754) automotive body panels will be shown. In other words, the consortium aims to explore metamaterials that can be viewed as obtained by integration of magnetic materials into conventional metamaterial structures and by a full exploitation of scientific and technological opportunities resulting from the tailored magnonic band spectrum. Comparison of traditional Forming Limit Diagrams obtained by stretching of aluminum sheet with hemispherical punch to the results on formability, where hemispherical punch is replaced by a coil will be provided. It will be shown that material formability in high-rate forming conditions can significantly depend upon interaction with the forming die: electromagnetic forming into an open round window provides only slight improvement in formability, while forming in a V-shape die or into a conical die indicates a significant improvement. Krause Improvement of Formability of 6xxx Aluminum Alloys Using Incremental Forming Technology. Golovashchenko The effect of Tool-Sheet Interaction on Damage Evolution in Electromagnetic Forming of Aluminum Alloy Sheet, Transactions ASME.

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