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Chidiogo Maxwell enjoyed the smell of the rain as she and other attendees huddled together under shelter.
Organizers were expecting 15,000 attendees but the on-again, off-again rain created a smaller crowd. Jewelry designer Zoe Lee said she continues to sell her work at the cultural festival because there is always something different to see and she appreciates people supporting small black-owned businesses. Support the Record!Man cannot live on sponsorships alone; donate today to help keep The Record alive!

5, the 6th annual African American Cultural Festival of Raleigh and Wake County was disrupted by the rain, but the excitement and joy continued to linger throughout the streets.
The Labor Day weekend festival celebrated African American culture through music, community engagement, art and food.
News’s top-ranked HBCU’s, North Carolina A&T University, attended the festival with her boyfriend. The aroma of barbecue and spices were still rich in the air while the jazzy notes of Al Strong’s trumpet came to an end as the streets cleared.

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