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Whether your hair is natural, pressed, relaxed, or somewhere in the middle, finding a person you trust, who really understands your hair, is essential. Check out these tips straight from the stylists, as well as the scoop on all their fave must-have products.
If you have pressed or straightened hair: "With heat-styled hair, you're getting it done every two or three weeks, so you won't be able to go as long between trims.
Moroccanoil Oil Treatment, $15: Smooth this argan oil through the hair to condition and boost shine.
Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray, $25: Mist this moisturizing spray over the top of the hair to add shine. Their mane objective: This styling duo concentrates on moisturizing and protecting all hair textures, especially when hair is color-treated or dry. If you have natural hair: "You definitely want to moisturize a lot, because natural hair is always a lot drier than other types of hair. If you have pressed or straightened hair: "The humidity and the weather means that pressed hair is hard here. If you have relaxed hair: "You need to get a trim every time you get a touch up, but at the very least, get one every six weeks.
Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade, $19: "It's a small jar, but it packs a lot of usage.
Her mane objective: Massetti nurtures hair that has been dried out and damaged by relaxers and heat styling with intensive conditioning masques and sprays. If you have pressed or straightened hair: "Hair that is exposed to a lot of heat from pressing or straightening falls in the same category of dry hair. If you have relaxed hair: "Usually, 99 percent of my clients who use relaxer in their hair have dry hair.
Kerastase Resistance Fibre Architecte, $42: "This line is perfect for damaged hair that has been exposed to harsh chemicals, like relaxers. Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique, $39: "If your hair is coarse or relaxed, use this product after a deep conditioning treatment. African American History Month, also called Black History Month, has been observed since the Nation's bicentennial in 1976 as a way to recall and commemorate the achievements and history of Americans of African descent. Historically the unemployment rate for African Americans age 16 years and over has been higher than that of the total labor force.
In 1992, eighteen percent of the African Americans in the labor force had not graduated from high school. There is more to life than work; the American Time Use Survey measures the amount of time devoted each day to various activities.
Note: Data in text, charts and tables are the latest available at the time of publication. If you’re looking for an ideal hairstyles for prom season, there are many options you can play round with. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Famous celebrities like Rihanna, Naomi Campbell have been trend setters in making the short hairstyles popular. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Halle Berry Hairstyles, Hairstyles For Black Girls, Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women and Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Women.
Youthful and funky, this short haircut with spiky layers looks edgy and makes a superb sassy style statement.
Soft and smooth, jet black hair styled in even length bob cut manner and worn with side parting looks super elegant and stylish.
The singer looks cool in her short and straight dark haircut styled with long bangs that has inspired many to go for it. Straight, short hair having dense layers on the crown coupled with cropped sides and back creates a cool and funky look for the African American girl. The African woman has got natural, dark, curly and one length hairstyle, worn with side parting for an elegant look. Cool hairstyles, sitting on the head of the African American women, look very unique in their twisted and straight form. Sexy black beauty with dark curly hairstyle that has got brown extensions on the top to create a trendy and catchy look. The neat and intricate natural curls that refuse to grow fast have their own distinct beauty and are also low-fuss. Lovely hairstyle that has got slight wavy layers, flowing back, around the face with a side parting, to create a captivating look. Glistening dark hair reaching up to the ear lobes, styled with long side-swept bangs, provides a chic look to the girl.

Short haircut created on dark and straight tresses which has a neat and well-trimmed look makes for a low-fuss and comfortable hairstyle. Unique, natural, dark and curly hairstyle that has got short, curled ringlets spread on the head in a neat fashion. The dreadlocks resembling curly hairstyle with locks flying upwards, creates a super catchy look for the girl. Sexy hairstyle, that creates a nice frame around the face, is full of life and creates a full on bubbly look for the girl.
The sexy model flaunts a fuller looking, dark and trendy hairstyle that has long, eyebrow kissing bangs, covering the forehead. Center parted, short and dark hair, displaying wavy curls that looks very cute on the oval-shaped face of this girl. Slight shaved sides, teamed up with neat curly hair, worn in a swept back manner, creates an eye-catching look for the girl.
African American woman, sporting a layered, short bob hairstyle with well-trimmed sides and back, looks very youthful and smart.
Dark and dense curly hair, styled with pink highlights, makes for a gorgeous looking hairstyle that sits fine on the head of the African American girl. This African American girl with wide smile, has got a vibrant and voluminous brown curly hairstyle, that looks very catchy.
The charm of curls never goes out of fashion and when you have an African American beauty flaunting the same, the effect is really magnetic.
Straight, dark hair given a short layered look, in the pixie style, to create a fashionable and easy-going look. Bouncy and asymmetric curls, hanging around the face, in a messy manner, create a sweet look for the African woman.
The African American girl looks very pretty in her short, neck length hair, worn in a back swept manner and secured with a hair band. Jet black, short tresses given a colorful look with red and yellow highlights that enhance the appeal of the cool hairstyle.
Inadequate dental care among African Americans in Harlem may be due to unsatisfactory dental coverage, according to a new study by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the College of Dental Medicine. About 75% of participants claimed to have some type of dental insurance, but at least 50% of that number is just Medicaid coverage, which is very limited at best.
Researchers concluded that providing better access to preventive and basic dental care would use less public funding than the current situation, where people wait until expensive dental emergencies to see a dentist or visit a clinic. Nice to know article, I think with all the expensive prices in the market, insurances also have offers which are not affordable.
Without that foundation for your hair, you're using only styling products to get nutrients into your hair, which is just crazy. Get the hair trimmed every two to three months; some people could even get a trim every month and a half.
No parabens, no artificial fragrances, no artificial preservatives — nothing in that bottle is artificial. You want to look for products with jojoba oil; a sulfate-free shampoo is great for any type of ethnic hair, because it's less drying, especially for colored or relaxed hair.
You’re almost training your hair, so you want to use a serum to smooth it out, wrap it at night, and put it in Velcro rollers in the morning if you’ve lost some of the bounce. With all types of African-American hair, you want to keep it moisturized, and you want to alternate hair styles.
My advice is to use a masque or moisturizer once a week and leave it on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes. For coarse textures or relaxed hair, use a leave-in conditioner with heat-styling properties.
Its origins are found in what was originally known as Negro History Week, established in the 1920s through the efforts of Dr. The African American labor force is younger than the total labor force; 63 percent of African American labor force participants are under the age of 45, compared with 58 percent of all labor force participants.
More worked in the education and health services sector than in any other industry sector. African Americans graduating with a bachelor’s degree and higher degree earn more than twice as much as those with less than a high school diploma. The chart below shows how employed African Americans and employed persons in the total U.S. This year is all about big hair, whether you’re natural, or you just want a hairstyle with tons of volume big hair is a great hair choice. The short curls, as well know, look best on the black beauties and they can be styled in different forms with colors and cool cuts.

When it comes to 2012 hair trends, almost anything goes, from bold hair hues, to frizzy big curls, going natural, to short and stunning cropped cuts. 2012 is still the year of big hair, whether your tresses are relaxed or natural, curly looks are making a huge statement. Researchers already saw a disparity between dental care for African Americans and white Americans, but this study indicates a possible explanation for part of the problem. The study was conducted on the streets of Central Harlem by questioning 118 men and women who had recently dealt with oral health problems.
One study participant indicated that even though he had dental coverage, out-of-pocket costs were still so expensive that he only went to the dentist for emergencies. In nearly all of these cases, lack of oral care was almost entirely due to the high cost of dental care. They didn’t comment on whether people would actually make use of it and visit the dentist more frequently than they currently do under the proposed circumstances.
Make sure you sign up your business in our directory and create a profile in the community to display more of your work for people to see. You should deep condition the hair regularly — but not all the time, because you don't want to overprocess the hair with too much conditioner.
Use tourmaline and titanium flat irons and dryers — those are my heat protectants — instead of using more products to style your hair.
This has always been my thing: Technology has come so far that you can straighten your hair without chemicals, just with a flatiron or a curling iron. Nanotechnology means that the product penetrates the hair immediately, so you get all the benefits as soon as put it on your hair — you can immediately see the difference. So, if you get it blown dry and straightened one time, then get a roller set the next time, to prevent overworking the hair. Play around with rod sets, straw curls, twist-outs or bantu knots to create heat-free hairstyles that are sure to last all night long. If big hair is not your style, frame your gorgeous face in the form of chin length bobs, and short cropped cuts. In other cases, participants felt that even though they had insurance, the quality of care was much lower than if they had better coverage. This could be an excellent solution for families and individuals limited by the high cost of dental treatment. Our first-ever pros' guide to styling, protecting, and maintaining your gorgeous tresses, no matter how you wear them. And get seasonal trims — I recommend getting a trim when you're going out of a season, but it needs to be trimmed at least every four to five months.
Let your hair air-dry a bit to get some of the water out, so you’re not using a blowdryer on your hair so much.
Woodson and other African American scholars and observed during the second week of February to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Among all employed persons in the United States, 23 percent were employed in education and health services. In the latter case, straightening can solve the problem in minutes and make you look hot and happening. The half shaved hair trend is still very hot and it can create a very fashion forward and edgy feel to any wardrobe choice. Presented here are BLS data that provide an economic snapshot of African Americans in the United States today. You can also create stylish updos, and put your own spin on them by creating a french braid, or twist going around your hairline much like Keke Palmer’s hairstyle below.
The dark and brown hair, in their straight and curly form, are low-fuss and very comfortable to wear.
If you are curious to know about these hairstyles, then take a look at this post that we have created below. Since your hair can easily became your most powerful accessory always be sure to have fun with your look and keep your style updated. Be creative with your prom hair and style a look at home, or go to the salon for a more professional feel.
The girls and women can have them styled in different forms to bring out variety and innovation in their hairstyles.

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