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New episodes of Air Crash Investigation are coming to National Geographic Channel, Mondays from March 11 at 7.30pm. When SilkAir Flight 185 crashed into the remote jungles of Indonesia, investigators first suspected mechanical failure – but the full story is more disturbing than anyone could have imagined.
The investigation into the deadly crash of TANS Peru Flight 204 is made exponentially harder when looters make off with the black box recorder.
Seconds after Flight 191 lifts off from Chicago, the left engine suddenly falls off and the plane crashes moments later. After United Airlines Flight 173 loses all four engines and crash-lands in Portland, Oregon, it’s up to investigators to figure out how a landing gear problem could have brought down a plane. A plane carrying one of Russia’s most popular hockey teams runs off the end of the tarmac and crashes into the Volga River, leaving investigators struggle to determine what went wrong. Revealing the dark truth that aviation safety improves one crash at a time, 'Air Crash Investigation 13' investigates legendary aviation disasters to find out what went wrong and why. BREAKTHROUGH explores the remarkable scientific discoveries in brain science, longevity, water, energy, pandemics and cyborg technology.
Meet master mechanic Fuzz Townshend and radio and TV presenter Tim Shaw, a petrol-head pair who undertake dramatic automobile interventions across the UK, hoping to return some much-loved motors to their former glory. Ultimate Airport Dubai 3 has unprecedented access to the world's busiest airport for international passengers, the home of Emirates, one of the world's largest airlines.
New England's best Bluefin tuna fishermen venture south to North Carolina's treacherous fishing grounds The Outer Banks, where they will battle the local fleet for the ocean's most lucrative prize.
Yukon Gold Season 3 featured the return of miners Ken Foy and Guillaume Brodeur on Moose Creek, Karl Knutson and his dad Marty on Sulphur Creek, Big Al McGregor on Indian River, and introduced us to farmer turned miner Cam Johnson, and his family, working two claims at 10 Mile Creek. Open up a world of possibilities by exploring popular science, technology, natural history, wildlife and more with season premieres of National Geographic HD's shows and TV specials.

Learn exactly what happened on Flight 1549 when an Airbus A320 landed in the Hudson River following a bird strike. The story made headlines around the world and the flight crew were hailed as heroes for delivering over 155 passengers safely back to the ground on 15th January 2009.
An insightful documentary detailing the importance of teamwork, procedure and training in averting major disasters.
Armed only with the rudimentary tools of the time, investigators must determine what caused the crash.
At first it seems like pilot error is to blame, but investigators soon learn that there’s a lot more to this accident. Lifesaving, mind-boggling innovation is a part of everyday life, so we sometimes take it for granted.
With a tight deadline to turn each job around without the owners knowing, find out how these neglected classics fell in need of a little loving care – and what Fuzz and Tim can do to get them back on the road.
As it spots a tiny wild rabbit, it swoops down at 300 kilometers per hour to grasp the hapless creature with its mighty claws. Viral sees funny man Tim draw on his engineering knowledge to manufacture challenges for Buddy based on web clips that have been watched hundreds of thousands of times. He meanders through the heartland, guided by the country’s 2 longest rivers, the Yangzi and the Huang He or Yellow River. The series will go behind the scenes to follow some of the 90,000 staff responsible for over 70 million passengers on 350,000 flights a year, 24 hours a day. A single giant Bluefin can be worth more than $20,000, but the dangerous winter waters, small quaota and explosive rivalries make The Outer Banks, nicknamed "The Graveyard of the Atlantic", the most challenging place in the world to catch these elusive fish. The stakes will continue to rise in Season 3, which promises more adventures, mishaps and crises, as well as some exciting changes.

The pilot, Mr Sullenberger, retired shortly after the incident, but not before being honoured by President Bush, the United States Senate, attending the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama and being presented with the keys to the City of New York. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It happens in the blink of an eye – on battlefields and playgrounds, in supercolliders and the International Space Station, in smart homes and smart cars. From waterskiing behind a high-speed ferry to playing tennis on an airplane wing during flight, this odd couple breaks down vital scientific principles to explain how amateur stuntmen from all over the world became viral sensations. He's been trying to push past it, but he feels as if a horrible weight is on his shoulders, and life seems so empty, so meaningless. For over 1,500 years, the ethnic Kyrgyz have hunted like this on the vast land of Xinjiang along the ancient silk road. The therapist listens sympathetically, and diagnoses the cause: Bill is suffering from grief. Leading his return trip is the Yellow river which takes him through Qinghai province to Inner Mongolia and finally, the cradle of Chinese civilisation in Shandong. As one of the last eagle trainers amongst his people, Macan teaches his son in an attempt to uphold the ancient way of life. Schwarzenegger, Bill Nye will walk through the five stages of climate change grief - from denial to acceptance - and along the way, he'll explore what's gone wrong with our planet and how we can start to turn things around.

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