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Maintainer teams channel their inner Hercules, pull #C130 down runway to claim Spirit Award. All of the Airmen graduating from the Civil Engineer Readiness Apprentice Course recently were first in their class.
The Air Force Emergency Management's Be Ready Awareness Campaign features a new website and products designed to raise awareness and promote readiness on military installations and within local communities.
Emergency Management planners said they hope the messages will educate both military members and civilians about common home or workplace hazards and encourage them to begin their emergency planning to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of disaster. The Air Force Emergency Preparedness Guide is a 64-page handbook that includes removable sheets for key resources, phone numbers and helpful sites.
Emergency management planners have also created a series of awareness posters to reinforce basic messages about individual preparedness. The Air Force's newest 3E931s were the first graduates to receive the civil engineer readiness occupational badge. It also includes tear-away sheets for important key resources, an emergency supply checklist and a family emergency plan form. It also contains an emergency supply kit checklist and a template to help families develop an emergency plan. It includes several activity sheets educating two groups, ages 4 to 7 and 8  to 11, about a variety of emergency and disaster situations. Del Eulberg, the Air Force civil engineer, pins the first civil engineer readiness occupational badge on Chief Master Sgt. The guide is available through local base emergency management offices or the Be Ready website.

The sheets use easily understood disaster terms and present safety messages and preparedness practices using crossword and word search puzzles, matching games, decoder puzzles, mazes and more. He worked in conflict zones include countries like Angola, Mozambique, Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Haiti, North Africa (Libya & Tunisia), Nigeria, DRC Congo and Iraq.
Mike Connors during a ceremony at the Emergency Services Symposium in Dallas, while Airman 1st Class Adam Hills waits for his badge. Chief Connors is the senior-ranking enlisted member in the Air Force civil engineer readiness career field and Airman Hills is the most recent graduate of the civil engineer readiness course. Raath founded Tactical Executives, specializing in high-risk security training and high threat risk management consultation.  As trained Security Manager, Paramedic and a Health and Safety expert, Mr. His paramedic skills have seen him assist in mass casualty scenarios involving suicide bomb attacks in Iraq and medical assistance in conflict zones in Africa. Mr. Raath has excellent threat and risk assessment, security planning, special weapons and advanced security training skills.
Mike Connors, the career field manager for CE readiness at the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency here. Appointed to the security team of the Janet Jackson concert tour ofSouth Africa (November 2011). Del Eulberg, The Air Force civil engineer, during a ceremony at the 2006 Air Force Emergency Services Symposium in Dallas, Texas.
Airman 1st Class Adam Hills from Altus Air Force Base, Okla., the most recent technical school graduate, received his at the same ceremony.
Raath presented various Combat Tactical Firearm Training Courses to a large South African National carrier of high valuable goods.

After the Gulf War in 1991, there was an acknowledged need to recognize Air Force specialists within the CBRN community. The need to uniquely identify Air Force CE readiness personnel again became apparent during operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, especially with the increased joint service and allied force operations. Raath also worked with a Private Security Company in Baghdad as the Assistant Country Security Manager, overseeing all Private Security Detail (PSD) missions on a national basis. In 2013 Mr. Those wearing it provide a valuable resource for commanders to sense, shape, shield and sustain the battlefield while supporting Air Force personnel in a CBRN environment," said Master Sgt.
Raath was appointed as Project Manager for the China Petroleum and Pipeline Bureau (CPPB) Camp 1. This mission included the setting up of regional offices, liaison with the Ministry of Interior, Border Police, Navy and Governmental Departments e.g. Army Chemical Service in 1917: two crossed retorts -- glass laboratory vessels used for hundreds of years -- placed behind a benzene ring, the molecular building block of many organic chemicals. There are three levels of the badge -- basic, senior and master -- that represent increasing levels of time and expertise in the career field. Due to the nature of the high risk security business this database is confidential and only vetted and physically able operators are deployed on our missions.     Copyright 2009 Tactical Executives Security Ltd.

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