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Saturday morning, October 31st, Flight 9268 a Metrojet Airbus A321 with 224 largely Russian tourists, and crew aboard were bound on a course for St. Grief was overwhelming at funerals held in Russia this week with the arrival of the remains of the victims.
A lot is at stake, as the Sinai had become a veritable Islamic terrorist venue with Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS echelons attacking Egyptian security forces. Several theories were developed as to what caused the aircraft to go through  violent maneuvers. The Israeli resort of Eilat at the head of the Red Seas also is a major European and international tourist destination. The downing of the Metrojet with its innocent Russian victims  has more than just Russian, Egyptian and Israeli concerns. The Somali Muslim emigre population has been the source of both Al Shabaab and increasingly ISIS recruitment in the U.S. This revelation following the death of Somali emigre ISIS fighter Muhumed, should raise the concerns of both the TSA and Homeland Security regarding screening of airport and aircraft maintenance personnel at U.S. A Kathmandu bound Nepal Airlines flight was grounded minutes before take-off at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, India, on Thursday. Nepal Airlines flight RA206 was preparing for its flight to Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM). The aircraft was grounded at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL), following a bomb scare after airport authorities were warned of a bomb in the plane through a telephone call. After evacuation of the aircraft, the security officials checked the plane with the Bomb Threat Assessment Committee (BTAC) bomb disposal unit along with sniffer dogs and fire extinguishers stand ready, and nothing was found. The officials told the threat was triggered after the airport control room received a call from a person identifying himself as Abhishek Singh, a “CBI officer” and said that while there is a “time bomb” in the Nepal bound flight. Officials said the agencies are trying to track the number and location from where the call was made to the airport call centre. Talking about the hoax calls, Central Industrial Security Force chief Surender Singh said while 44 such calls were received last year at various airports, 16 calls have been made till early March this year.
The Nepal Airlines flight was cleared for departure after no explosive was detected in the aircraft. You can find on Airline ee the latest news covering all major and regional airlines, the most significant developments in the airline industry, operational insight and analysis of major and low-cost airlines for the global commercial air transport industry.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Secretary of the Homeland Security Department said Thursday that a warning to airlines that terrorists could try to hide explosives in shoes was a routine advisory issued in response to the latest intelligence. Secretary Jeh Johnson made limited comments on the threat during a news conference at Los Angeles International Airport. Johnson also commented on his decision Wednesday to withdraw a contract proposal asking a private company to give the government access to a nationwide database of license plate tracking information. The proposal said Immigration and Customs Enforcement was planning to use the license plate data in pursuit of criminal immigrants and others sought by authorities.
Johnson spoke to a crowd of reporters beyond the screening checkpoint area while flanked by six Transportation Security Administration officers.
Pop superstar Prince, who died at 57 on April 21, 2016, influenced generations of musicians and fans alike. ABC NewsFull-body imaging scanners are raising concerns about the protection of personal privacy. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said today the country "can't be static" when it comes to protecting travelers from attacks such as the attempted bombing of a Christmas Day flight, but some new security measures are raising questions about the delicate balance between safety and personal privacy. Napolitano's comments came days after a Nigerian man was arrested for igniting a small explosion on a Northwest Airline flight bound for Detroit Friday.

The incident prompted the Transportation Security Administration to announce heightened security guidelines for passengers Sunday that included more full-body pat downs, secondary screenings and additional rules onboard the plane.
While the new measures could be a headache for the millions of expected travelers this holiday season, new body-imaging scanners that are already in some airports continue to draw criticism from those who believe the detailed scans are an invasion of privacy.
Napolitano said officials are working "at lightning speed" to integrate new technology in the battle for airport security. While the Constitution protects the people from "unreasonable searches," some experts are debating where to draw the line. The TSA's Web site says the devices "screen passengers for a wide range of threats while maintaining passenger privacy" but some critics say the "naked scanners" go too far. The machine blurs certain parts of the traveler's body but not enough so that someone could hide an object in the area, Rapiscan's Jonathan Fleming said.
Critics are also weary of what happens to the images until the government clarifies what would be done with them after passengers are screened.
Congress has banned the mandatory use of these machines until the Department of Homeland Security addresses the privacy concerns. The devices are already in place in some airports and there are some in Amsterdam where Abdulmutallab allegedly sneaked the explosives through security, but it is unclear whether Abdulmutallab went through them. Two days after the alleged Christmas Day bombing attack, a second flight bound for Detroit was the center of another bomb scare when a man from Nigeria refused to leave the lavatory and then became verbally abusive to the crew.
After investigators detained the man and executed a thorough search of the plane and all the luggage on board, they determined the man had been suffering from food poisoning. Also, two Middle Eastern men were removed from a flight in Phoenix Saturday and were questioned by the FBI for talking "suspiciously" in a foreign language, ABC News' Phoenix affiliate ABC15 reported.
The two men were reportedly watching "The Kingdom" on a portable DVD player while talking and a female passenger, who thought this suspicious, reported the men to the flight crew. Following that incident, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations expressed concerns about racial profiling. DAILY NEWS New York News Politics Sports Entertainment Opinion Living Autos Search U.S.
A 14-year-old Dutch girl arrested for tweeting a terror threat to American Airlines was released Tuesday, but Rotterdam cops say they will continue to investigate.
The airline was not amused by the apparent prank, tweeting back, "Sarah, we take these threats very seriously. The authorities were not laughing, either, and the teen was arrested in Rotterdam on Monday. The crash occurred less than 300 miles from the resort area at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula at the mouth of the Red Sea.
Sharm el-Sheik is  a major European tourist destination attracting millions of visitors annually from the EU, Russia and other countries.
The aircraft may have been hit by a shoulder held air defense heat seeker missile or MANPAD, it might have suffered a high altitude structural failure which caused it to break apart or the aircraft could have suffered an internal bomb explosion. From investigations by the Wall Street Journal,  CNN and others, security clearances for baggage handlers, catering, and cleaning personnel with access to the tarmac and aircraft here in the U.S. However, it was rescheduled for 5 pm later,” a Tribhuvan International Airport official said.
We provide news updates about new airline routes and airline route network changes, aircraft orders, airline partnerships and alliances. 10, 2007, file photo, a belt and shoes sit in a trays with advertising that is being used in the safety screening of travelers done by the Transportation Security Administration, at the Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles. Johnson had toured the airport’s security operations and planned to meet later with law enforcement at a regional intelligence center.

He said he agreed with TSA Administrator John Pistole’s decision to reject arming officers in response to the attack.
The man, 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, allegedly sneaked the explosives through security in his underwear.
As part of that initiative, the TSA previously ordered 150 new full-body scanners that, unlike metal detectors, scan for a range of substances and produce a detailed scan of the passenger's body. The devices are designed to pick up illicit and potentially dangerous materials but they also show private details of a traveler's body such as breast implants or prosthetic devices. The aircraft reached an altitude of 31,000 feet at 430 knots, when something catastrophic occurred at 23 minutes into the flight. For the El-Sisi government, terrorist involvement in the aviation disaster in the Sinai would have a chilling effect on billions in income from tourism.
Both the MANPAD and structural failure explanations were dismissed in view of the altitude at which the incident occurred, 31,000 feet , exceeding the maximum  altitude of MANPADs, 15,000 feet. The possible ISIS terror bombing of the Metrojet  could have rippling effects there to assure the usual tight security arrangements of Israel international carrier, El Al, and  domestic ones like Arkia.  El Al aircraft are already equipped with electronic counter measures like the Elbit C-Music anti- missile system to foil possible MANPAD attacks.
Communications with the pilot abruptly ended, the plane struggled to gain altitude and just as suddenly plummeted earthward with the tail section broken off and the rest of fuselage sent crashing into the desert and mountains were a flash was seen via satellite. All of this was recorded in real time on satellite flight status internet reports and satellite imagery. For Russia it could be an un-reckoned threat arising from its entry in the Syrian conflict.
Moreover the high altitude structure failure possibility was obviated by the service record of the Metrojet aircraft indicating that it had undergone structural repairs after a 2001 incident that occurred on a rough landing.  The bombing possibility, while initially dismissed, became a palpably plausible on Wednesday, November 4th.
Doubtless, the Israelis may also have better security clearances for aircraft maintenance, catering and cleaning employees, as well as barriers and surveillance of the Egyptian border to thwart infiltration of MB and ISIS terrorists.
ISS Worldwide employs over a half million through their outsourced network of airport and commercial facilities maintenance contracts. Paul International Airport.  Muhumed left behind 9 children in the Twin Cities to become an ISIS jihadi, before his death in Syria.
Forensic teams from Egyptian, Russian and Airbus air safety organizations were dispatched to retrieve the flight data recorders.
ISS specializes in a broad range of facility management services including janitorial services, especially for airport authorities and major manufacturing  companies. Muhumed had unfettered access to jetliners at the airport, which handles 90,000 passengers a day. It's the second time in less than three weeks that the government has issued a warning about possible attempts to smuggle explosives on a commercial jetliner. Egyptian military and Red Crescent teams were engaged in recovery of the remains, personal effects and luggage of those killed in the crash. He also had access to the tarmac and special security clearance to other parts of the airport. Perhaps they were posing as local catering and cleaning contractors with access to the aircraft. Muhumed had no criminal record in the United States that would have prevented him from getting a job at the airport.
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood  or ISIS operatives could have secreted a bomb in the rear lavatories or rear luggage holds on the Metrojet A321.

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