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Summer has long been synonymous with action blockbusters as far as Hollywood is concerned, for better (Predator) and for worse (the new Michael Bay Transformers film).
Celebrity News: Jowly straight-to-video action star Steven Seagal has vowed to be back on top in the international fame stakes within 5 years. The slick-haired slothario insists that a lack of upcoming acting jobs is not going to hamper his plan: ‘By 2015, all will know the name of Steven Seagal. As a male in my early 20s, I think I know where the American action heroes are going: into extinction.

Mick Joest — EditorMick started out as a loyal reader of Geektyrant before emailing Joey one day about the potential of writing for Geektyrant. How have action movies evolved based on the changing social and political climates of each era?
Life got easier and we got soft, so we stuck to using phrases like 'creme de la creme' and started groups like Bronies to find outlets for our odd repressed male thoughts. How do we survive in this brave new world where women have to deal with a less than Adonis kind of man?

I'd like to say that this might shame some of us into changing for the better to usher in an ultra badass new generation of action film stars, but I'm not even convincing myself right now!

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