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Crisys will help usher in the new breed of talented rap artists, and his first foray into the industry will definitely be something to look forward to for true fans of Hip Hop. Hope For Humanity A Vessel Of Hope As Humanity Continues To Spiral Out Of Control There Is Hope Says 'Award Winning Songwriter'Milliea Taylor McKinney In Her Soon To Be Released Book “A VESSEL OF HOPE”.
Enter your email address to subscribe our blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Much of the film's narrative revolves around a variety of survivors documenting the blackout, and their rapidly deteriorating situations, on their cell phones and flip cams.
American Blackout is unnerving and, at times, downright scary (and yes, there's at least one good jump scene). Panelist Robert Bristow, Medical Director of Emergency Management at New York Presbyterian Hospital, said most hospitals have a plan to sustain services for about 96 hours without needing external assistance, but then they'd require help.
Scott Aaronson, Senior Director of National Security Policy at Edison Electric Institute added that cyber is relatively new as a critical infrastructure -- which moderator Matthew L.
All of these ideas are reinforced in American Blackout through factoids occasionally flashed on screen. This all makes American Blackout especially effective even though, like many good scary movies, it escalates the threat level for maximum effect.

Reala and industry experts are already making praises about his aggressive style in music with the beats to match the best of them.
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Lute added that there is an old saying among first responders that the "first 72 is on you," and that many people don't have the capability to withstand 72 hours in case emergency services cannot reach them. Wald of The New York Times said made it the "glass jaw of American life" -- but that his industry is working hard on risk management.
They send a clear message: Many of the systems we rely on daily are out of date and vulnerable if the grid goes down. He is already kicking off his big entrance into the scene with some slick promotional materials being planned next year. He is certainly among the newest crop of rappers to keep the radar as his potential is limitless and the sky is certainly not the limit for him.
ET, Blackout utilizes a combination of user-generated content culled from online, actual news reports and scripted scenes to dramatize a frighteningly realistic disaster. Moreso than most apocalyptic movies or even a standard episode of The Walking Dead, this feels as if it could happen on any average day -- or even this afternoon.

As a result, Hayden added that security experts have a challenging time articulating the extent of a cyber-threat.
And by the end, it leaves the viewer wondering what it means to be powerless -- and makes you want to take inventory on how many batteries or gallons of water you have around. His style can be akin to that of some of the legends in rap and he wants to bring back the traditional style with his own brand of material.
Something as simple as clean water, or the lack thereof, might lead to escalating violence between neighbors.
If you are looking for a highly talented rap artists, then look out for the up and comer Crisys. Plus -- be it cause by Mother Nature or humans -- most Americans just aren't prepared to deal with even a small-scale interruption in services, much less a larger disaster that interrupts power. Once his EP, American BlackOut hits the market it will be only a matter of time for his name to be the buzz around the hip-hop industry.

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