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I agree with your analysis but would like to add that I found the miraculous restoration of power after ten days absurd. Texas is known for a lot of things – delicious BBQ, horse-back riding, but one of the most unfortunate things the Lone Star State is also known for is flash floods. After entering in your email, you’ll become a free member of the APN community and will receive ebooks, event listings and webinars in our weekly newsletter. Might this be the ultimate youth hunting rifle?  Ruger introduces the Ruger American Rife Ranch in a 300 Blackout with a youth stock and 16″ threaded barrel.
We will be getting one in and I hope to have my son David get the first video kill with it..
While  I am not  a diehard  300 Blackout fanboy it makes a lot of sense for a youth hunting cartridge.
I will be testing with our favorite 300 Blackout hunting ammo, the Barnes Vortex with 110g TTSX.
TGR Junior staff member David with the brand new Ruger American youth model in 300 Blackout with a 16″ threaded barrel.
Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ Trigger offers a crisp release with a pull weight that is adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds, allowing shooters to make that perfect shot. Ergonomic, lightweight flat dark earth composite stock (designed for quick, easy handling) blends a classic look with modern forend contouring and grip serrations. Power Bedding® is an integral bedding block system that positively locates the receiver and free-floats the barrel for outstanding accuracy. The threaded barrel is cold hammer-forged, resulting in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning.
Features an easy-to-actuate tang safety that provides instant security, visibility and accessibility. Rotary magazine fits flush with the stock and offers the smooth feed that has become the hallmark of Ruger® rotary magazines. I am in the market for a quiet long time and has used many buy-sell signals software, but they were never up to the mark. Although I’m typically not one that’s interested in the lightest, smallest, or most generic offering out there, the Ruger American Ranch Rifle appealed to me.
The 300 Blackout cartridge has always appealed to me, though I’ve never ran out and bought one. While I was moving the rifle around the range, I noticed there was a bit of discoloration on the left side of the barrel that was previously obscured by interior lighting. The ergonomics of the rifle are overall well designed and the stock has the appropriate amount of texture.
After bore sighting the rifle and using a few rounds to adjust my zero, I started shooting for groups.
The low comb is kind of odd, especially since they ship a bolt action .22LR with both a high and low comb. 300BLK’s general benefits as a bolt gun round are short action = less weight, trim case = good mag capacity in a relatively slim stock. The short stock arrived first and I opted to press for the longer version before spending my money.
The fit was better on the short one, but they both suffered mould flash around the wrist and trigger guard areas. My only real complaint is that the barrel doesn’t show center in the inletted groove on the muzzle end.
I’m waiting for the low height Leupold QRW rings I ordered to mount and zero my Burris E1 with the 33mm objective , I hope it all goes smoothly when my parts arrive. Overall the American series looks to be a swell value, I would be nicer if the bolt tail cap wasn’t a flimsy piece of hollow plastic though. After the stamp is generated I will be twisting on a Saker 7.62 to try out the subsonic properties of the Blackout rounds. I have grown to love the 300blk, mainly because it does nothing that can’t be done better with most any other center fire round to be had. Both rifles are a good attempt by both manufactures in catering to the purposes both are geared toward. I commend Ruger in bringing us a capable rifle at a price point the common working person can purchase while receiving above average performance. Their sophomore album, Oh July, will be out soon, but their fantastic debut LP, Devil’s Winter, has been out for some time now. Lisa Gerrard, Australian by way of Ireland, conceived of her band Dead Can Dance with English songwriter Brendan Perry back in 1981. The winterland creatures are abuzz as an elusive ice skater cuts triple axels upon their enchanted pond. We found her in a box, in our bedroom, about three seconds away from entire residential destruction by way of the Little Lamb Enchantment.
Similar to his Found Songs LP from 2009, Olafur Arnalds has released Living Room Songs, a project recorded over the course of one week from the bedroom of his Reykjavik apartment, and released for free as each song was finished. In keeping with my farm animal theme yet again, here is a cool thesis animation from Nikolas Ilic, who recently graduated from Sheridan College in Canada. Keeping my pig theme going, here’s a radical stop-motion short film set to Willie Nelson covering Coldplay. I was intrigued with the concept on a number of levels, so decided to give a listen to the meaning behind the project. One one hand, he has an easy out as an artist to say he is simply observing and presenting his emotional reaction to a realism he has no control over. To the delight of many a fan, Game of Thrones returns to HBO in the Spring of 2012 for its second season (where winter will still be coming to Westeros).
I will keep a running tally on the current state of casting here for all to enjoy, updating as frequently as the news comes in (or as close as I can get).
While they are occasional informative their scenarios and actions tend to range from the peculiar to the ridiculous. Jones is the president of Live Free USA, a not-for-profit organization devoted to advocating and supporting emergency preparedness and family self-reliance. I liked the way the scenarios portrayed normal daily activity that most people can relate to. First the politics, then the required amount of supplies then the logistics to distribute not to mention security problems. The only way to really dig into the more truly serious issues would require the show be an ongoing series.
Flash floods are rising waters that occur during heavy rainfall and can happen at any moment.

It is very light, it has a good feeling stock with some raised ridges in the palm and forend to help increase grip on the gun. The little Leupold absolutely held it’s own, even in twilight before official sunrise this morning.
The bolt also utilizes a full diameter bolt body and dual cocking cams for smooth, easy cycling from the shoulder. My son is currently 10 and would love to get him this rifle but need an idea how it would fit him. It has been done in Ruthenium, which is a Platinum derivative and accented onBOTHSides in 24k Gold.
With a 16” threaded barrel and a weight of just under 6lbs, it seemed like a handy little rifle to have – either for a fun day on the range or for deer hunting. Compact, good ballistics, the availability of brass, and other attributes make it a great cartridge. I mounted a Nikon P-300 2-7×32 scope which uses Nikon’s proprietary SuperSub BDC reticle that ranges the drop out to 600 yards.
The stock incorporates a unique bedding system that allows improved accuracy while reducing costs and lightening the weight.
Looking at the pictures of the mount, the scope should be further back to allow the ocular lens to clear the rail and drop the scope closer to the barrel.
Handy, lightweight, about as short as non-NFA gets, and a 5″ Thunderbeast suppressor makes for pleasant plinking. The muzzle pressure is so low compared to other calibers in a short action, that even supersonic loads are hearing safe with a suppressor. A common-ish caliber, short overall length without compromising ballistics, lightweight action, and hearing safe even with a short suppressor. Looking forward to firing the best choice from among the available bolt guns in this caliber.
In all honesty, as expected, the Ruger will outshoot my HR, but in field conditions, not enough to matter. I’m realy thinking about buying one for my wife she needs something lighter and less bulky.
They write sincere songs about John Wilkes Booth, cotton gins, sons of sharecroppers, Stonewall Jackson, and Confederate clarions, all with a passionate immediacy that conjures Colin Meloy at his best. While there is great sadness inside of me as they cover these songs, there is also a deep sense of pride and joy that something so simple as making sounds with your throat can sound so angelic. I do recommend sticking with each song all the way through, as they go through many movements of varying intensity and splendor. I discovered you in 2000, and shortly after listening to Ghost Tropic, I knew I had found a kindred, damaged soul from the cold shores of the Great Lakes. I do not pretend to know the struggles you had suffered in life, but in many ways, you channeled that grief directly through your music, and it resonates in that black pit which lives inside each of us.
But her raspy range can soar, especially when accompanied by the seductive arrangements of her backing band.
After a life break, she is back with a new album and proof that the greatest gifts age well with time. But upon the icy shores of Lake Superior was borne the chilling falsetto of Mimi Parker, one half of the two-headed mastermind that is known as Low.
She has amassed an outstanding catalog of solo and collaborative work as well, and chances are that you’ve heard her music in some of your favorite films (Heat, Black Hawk Down, The Insider, The Passion of the Christ, Man on Fire, to name a few). Her falsetto is unique unto itself and brimming with a magical trill that sends shivers up your spine. Editorially he gets to present the life cycle of a food product typically very distant from its consumers. Even if his money is going to charity (not sure whether it is), having an EP of Micachu remixes crop up as a PR strategy suddenly turns an austere, introspective set of field recordings into a flavor of the month musical romp through the inevitable pipeline of hipsterdom.
We have some returning cast members, some dearly departed characters who sadly will not, and more importantly we get to meet some all new characters (and the actors they will play). American Blackout a two-hour National Geographic Special promised to be the exception so I watched it. The damage from a cyber attack would probably last months or longer and if it occurred in cold weather the death toll would be much higher. Live Free USA publishes the American Survivor newsletter, conducts seminars and supports chapters. This portrayal IMHO is the best way to grab the attention of a non-prepper or an oblivious sheeple type. I like the short bolt throw as well as you can work the bolt with the safety on and you can lift the bolt and it will catch and stay open and not slide backwards with the gun sitting upright causing the shell to eject. The power range is great for close in game and the magnification at 7 is enough to identify a buck as a shooter or not out to 300 yards or further.
When both were set at 7x and looking at tree branches 250 yards away the VXR was as bright and damned close in sharpness with the Swaro having a bit better edge to edge clarity. All My COA's are very lowNOTE: SOME ARE SELLING WITH ONLY ONE SIDE ACCENTED IN GOLD!!Magnificent to Look at and Hold. This rifle is equipped with a somewhat-standard 13 ?” length of pull; although there is a compact version that is just over one inch less. I am a bit upset that manufacturers still insist on using low combs for a rifle that requires the use of a scope. I shot my first two rounds of  the Barnes 110gr – which were touching – followed by another around ?” away. You call it tacticool but it doesn’t look the least bit tactical other than being desert tan or sand or whatever that pale color is supposed to be. Hell, I might have gone with this instead of my Mossberg MVP if not for the proprietary mags and lack of iron sights.
In this price range that’s appropriate or at least entirely acceptable and is a welcome compromise to achieve that accuracy at that price.
Its pointless is a gun like this when there are already so many other good calibers for these kinds of guns. I have watched you play tiny venues in Chicago, exchanged head nods with you near the side exit, and listened in awe to your words on stage, in my car, in my bedroom, on my computer, in the shower, and in my head. Over and again. In a world where we objectify and make a mockery of artists like Amy Winehouse, it is easy to forget the dangers of substance abuse in our fast times. Legrand continues to put out albums and songs that showcase her beautiful, hoarse, angelic voice, and we continue to enjoy them.
Check out this clip if you would like to hear what it sounds like to actually freeze the sun.

Her work with Cocteau Twins has produced some of the most mesmerizing and distinctive music ever made. The scenario of a ten-day, nation-wide blackout caused by cyber attack was refreshingly logical. Most suburban and rural homes have ten days or more excess food in the pantry without even going to the survival stocks. Totally believable that some people’s initial response would be to throw a party but then the party ends and cold hungry reality sets in.
The glass is outstanding even in very low light and even at max power where one might think the smaller objective could limit the amount of light due to the smaller exit pupil. In addition, the American series of rifles incorporate a rotary magazine design that, in the case of small case rifle rounds, holds five .
However, I’m not much of an AR shooter myself (gasp) and I’ve been waiting for a well priced bolt gun.
Honestly, I’m not too concerned about this as long as the rifle shoots – but I know that many of you must maintain a pristine gun at all times, so this is of note.
It prevents one from getting and maintaining a solid weld to the rifle when your head must nearly float around to see through the optic. In addition, there are many reports – written by experts, of course – floating around the all-knowing interwebs instructing you how to cut coils off of the trigger spring to lighten the pull. I took it down a star for having a low comb in addition to the finish on the barrel being sub-par. These guns come with SQUARE receivers from the factory and good barrels screwed on straight.
This scope was specifically  designed for the BLK chambering, and the uneventful ballistics it offers.
There is not a more prolific musician of quality writing who has performed over the past fifteen years. The high-density populations and urban poor of the cities seldom have more than a few days food on hand. The trigger is nice and adjustable and felt about 3lbs and is nice and crisp  There is a tad bit of creep but the break is clean. All those casting lines and casting flash and drill hole flashing is hideous and shows no finish work is being done, just rapid manufacture.
The program traced the situations of a variety of people caught in the effects of the blackout at various locations.
There is no way that enough water; food, fuel and supplies could be transported into these populations under the chaos that would result from an extended national blackout. It can be set very, very dim with just a small center dot to put the bullet right where you want it.
Considering the price and how light it is and is an American scope I would have to say it is a steal. I procured a variety of ammunition which included Barnes 110gr Tac-TX bullet, Nosler’s 125gr Ballistic Tip, and Remington’s 220gr sub ammo.
If I decide the rifle requires a new trigger, Timney already has an excellent replacement on the market.
All items are in airtite case , shipped wrapped in air bubbles and in bubble mailer within 24 hours of payment, most of the time much sooner and shipped usps first class with tracking. The Ruger American has made a great impact to the mass-produced rifle world and, with a street price of less than $400, I couldn’t pass on this one.
Occasional data and statistics were flashed on screen to highlight the developing problems.
I must attribute this to the barrel temperature as, after I let the gun cool down a bit, the group sizes diminished.
This one looks like a freebie hand-job for Ruger if you skip the text and go directly to the assessment. There were statistics on food shipments, fuel consumption; per person water consumption and (interestingly) that there are 6-million “Preppers in the United States.
Few folks actually have the resources to maintain a home and a fully stocked remote retreat and without advanced warning you are unlikely to be able to travel 10-miles, much less a few hundred. Buy with confidence, and be sure to check my store for the best in silver today!Silver Tips to keep you relatively safe:1. The review text basically tells us everything about the gun that we could give 2 shits about and discusses the glaring quality control and performance issues that were actually found but the ratings include nothing about those shortcomings and assess this seemingly pedestrian, cheaply made and inconsistent rifle as being goddamned near perfect. You press the button and it will cycle up to the highest setting and flash when it maxes out.
After realizing that help was not coming they managed to climb up the cable to the roof only to be trapped there. The suppressor tames the recoil, is obviously much quieter and it reduces drastically the muzzle blast. Press it again and you start going down to the lowest setting where it will flash again and then cycle back up. We observed a semi-prepared suburban family doing okay until a candle mishap burned their house down.
All of these things make shooting more pleasant but it also means they are much less likely to develop a flinch and it makes them a better shooter.
On the extreme ends we were shown a totally oblivious couple in a New York High-Rise who do everything wrong and die and a supper prepared family that evacuates to their woodland retreat and underground bunker and faces issues with unprepared neighbors.
David commented on how he was seeing the hits on steel which means he is keeping his eyes open.
Get a strong magnet, small and circular in size, (can be found at any electronics store or even hear on ) Hold your silver piece at 90 degree angle with magnet at the top, let the magnet slide down the surface, if it falls off or slides rapidly, its probably fake. This might engender multiple “resistance” movements and an end to the “United” States, as we know it. I bore sighted it by removing the bolt, looking down the barrel at a target at 100 yards and then dialing the crosshairs to center.
If it sticks, its probably fake, it should just glide down the piece all most purposely (sort of slow and controlled, but not to slow) practice a bit you will get the hang of it.3. I had the gun in a lead sled and took center aim again and then adjusted the crosshair to be 1″ below the bullet hole.

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