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Not everyone finds the same movies funny, but hopefully the descriptions below will give you a sense of which comedies streaming on Netflix are right for you. Spanning decades and sub-genres, here are the 50 Best Comedy Movies Streaming on Netflix Instant. Even fans of writer-directors Jay and Mark Duplass may not be aware of The Do-Deca-Pentathlon, a cutting satire of brotherly love that didn’t receive the attention that other recent outings like Cyrus and Jeff, Who Lives at Home enjoyed.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes an assured debut as a writer-director with Don Jon, a cultural critique of the expectations placed on relationships in an environment saturated with media misrepresentations of both women and men. Adapted from the widely acclaimed play The Front Page, His Girl Friday is a classic whose sharp, witty dialogue matches that of old newsrooms. At the last few Sundance Film Festivals, a running joke has developed about the ubiquity of Mark Duplass. Although a film about women’s baseball during WWII, the real star of the feature is not one of the girls; it’s Tom Hanks. When you’ve got two giants of cinema exploring love later in life, you can expect great chemistry. While hung up with the intricate plotting of Miller’s Crossing, The Coen Brothers took a break to write a script about a blocked screenwriter (Jon Turturro). The comedy that launched filmmaking brothers Jay and Mark Duplass, The Puffy Chair is a deceptively simple story about a couple (Mark Duplass and real-life wife Katie Aselton) hitting the road with his brother (Rhett Wilkins) to buy the exact replica of the chair their father used to own.
Charlie Chaplin once said, “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.” Mike Birbiglia takes the pain of a struggling comic, an unsure boyfriend and a scared sleep-disorder patient, and plays with these mounting problems for our amusement. A biting take on the The Prince and the Pauper story as filtered through the prism of the Decade of Greed, Trading Places stars Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy as, respectively, high class broker Louis Winthorpe III and homeless street vagrant Billy Ray Valentine. Kevin Smith used the experiences of making his first film (Clerks) at night in the convenience store where he worked, and injected it into Zack and Miri Make a Porno, where cash-challenged roommates shoot their first adult film at night in the coffee shop where they work.
A gem of a movie if there ever was one, this 2002 indie comedy stars Campbell Scott as the titular Roger, a suave New York City ladies man who suddenly finds his well-manicured world complicated by an abrupt visit from his dorky teenage nephew, Nick (Jesse Eisenberg in his film debut). Tags: 12 Years a Slave, Action, After Earth, All Is Lost, American Hustle, Anniversary, Blue Caprice, Blue Is The Warmest Color, Captain Phillips, Comedy, Dallas Buyers Club, Don Jon, Elysium, Frozen, Gravity, Grown Ups 2, Her, horror, Identity Thief, Inappropriate Comedy, Inside Llewyn Davis, Iron Man 3, Jason Bateman, Joss Whedon, Lehew, Man of Steel, Melissa McCarthy, Movie 43, Movie Spoilers, New Years, Paranormal Whacktivity, Rush, Saving Mr.
Wow these were some great lists, I have only seen the big films this year but after hearing this I wanna see all these films especially Her. Damn, P1, you manage to see The Starving Games and some other shit movies that no one else heard of it. Well P1 after listening to THE DARKNESS I think your worst of list might of even thrown Martin off.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Smashed (film), and check out Smashed (film) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Smashed is a 2012 American drama film directed by James Ponsoldt, written by Ponsoldt and Susan Burke, and starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul.
The script was partly based on Burke's own experience of giving up alcohol at a young age, since she felt that her narrative had not yet been told on film. Kate Hannah (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), an elementary school teacher, arrives at work hungover and vomits in front of her class.

Attending a party with her husband Charlie (Aaron Paul) and his brother Owen (Kyle Gallner), Kate drinks heavily. After some time, Kate speaks at an AA meeting, celebrating one year of sobriety, while Charlie gets in trouble for riding a bicycle while drunk. Casting negotiations for the film's main rolesa€”played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aaron Paul, Octavia Spencer and Nick Offermana€”took place in September 2011.[7] To prepare for her role, Winstead talked with Burke about her recovery and attended a variety of AA meetings, where she spoke with other young women who had gotten sober. Sony Pictures Classics bought the film's distribution rights after its premiere at Sundance and gave it a limited release on October 12, 2012.[2] On its opening weekend, the film grossed $26,943 from four theaters, averaging $6,736 per theater and ranking number 53 at the box office.
A soundtrack to accompany the film was released digitally by Lakeshore Records on October 9, 2012.
A film school seminar on Smashed would probably examine the implications of the harsh natural lighting and deliberate lens flare in a stylised sequence with its two protagonists. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has revealed researching to play a recovering alcoholic in new film Smashed helped her confront some of her own problems.
So while Netflix lists some wonderful movies that incorporate humor as comedies (Trainspotting, Fargo, Lost in Translation, Broken Flowers, Say Anything and Pirates of the Caribbean—all of which we recommend), you won’t find them on this particular list. Mark Kelly and Steve Zissis play adult siblings who decide to revisit an epic competition they invented as kids; since there was a dispute back then about who won, they’re going to restage it now, the champion getting the bragging rights as the superior brother. Chan stars as Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hung who utilizes his Zui Quan (Drunken Boxing) skills to stop the corrupt British consul who is illegally exporting Chinese artifacts out of the country. His portrayal of a fallen baseball great trying to regain respect (and kick the bottle) is one of the actor’s finer moments. That’s what happens with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton when the former breaks his streak of dating women in their twenties and falls for the mother of one of his girlfriends (Amanda Peet).
Brooks plays an unhappy writer whose second divorce prompts him to reassess his history of unsuccessful romantic relationships. Reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch at their most darkly satiric, Barton Fink depicts a self-important New York playwright who struggles to write a Hollywood wrestling picture while residing in a rotting hotel. But naturally, the journey isn’t so simple, as questions of family, commitment and maturity begin to crop up. Set mostly over the course of a single day, Roger attempts to give the hapless Nick a crash course in the ways of woman and seduction. She and Ponsoldt wrote the script over six months, and the main roles were cast in September 2011.
Asked by a student if she is pregnant, she pretends she is, then continues the lie to the school principal, Mrs.
At work, Dave, a recovering alcoholic, invites her to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. The film earned $376,597 domestically from 13 weeks in release, with a widest release of 50 theaters. While I ultimately like the movie more than the trailer, I think it begins showing the quality of Mile Teller and Shailene Woodley's acting. But all of these films tickled us one way or another and all are just a Netflix account and a few clicks away. While nearly all the action sequences are impressive and memorable, the final fight is a real show-stopper.—K.

Who can ever get tired of that famous quip, “There’s no crying in baseball!” a staple that baseball commentators throw out like it’s their fastball? This self-absorbed soul-searching leads to him moving back in with his mom (Debbie Reynolds), a seemingly sweet older lady whom he blames for destroying his confidence in childhood. A jaundiced metaphor for the compromised creative process of show business, Barton Fink delivers the deadpan comedy and quirky performances of the Coen’s trademark, including Oscar nominee Michael Lerner as a bombastic studio chief, John Mahoney as a boozing, Faulkner-esque novel, and John Goodman as a cheerful salesman with a dark secret. Showcasing the easy, empathetic demeanor that would soon make him an indie-film staple, Mark Duplass is well-paired with Aselton, resulting in one of mumblecore’s most believable, nuanced twentysomething relationships.
When Miri learns Bobby’s “partner” is a gay porn star (Justin Long in a memorable performance) Miri is shattered but Zack is inspired, and the two begin to shoot their homemade porn film to help pay the rent.
I’m glad I never heard and saw those movies, although if I did saw Starving Games, it would been #1 easily. After a series of embarrassing incidents caused by her drinking habit, Kate decides to get sober with the help of a coworker and a sponsor from Alcoholics Anonymous. The film's US$500,000 budget was financed by independent investors including Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf.
There, she befriends Jenny (Octavia Spencer), who has chosen a passion for food and cooking over alcohol. At home, Kate is angry when it becomes clear Charlie told Owen and his friend about Kate smoking crack.
Charlie discourages her, warning that she will lose her job, and they begin to fight over financial issues. Bittersweet and insightful, The Puffy Chair is funny because its observations are so true: We laugh because we recognize ourselves in these characters. The Dukes frame Louis for drug dealing, resulting in him losing both his job and his girlfriend, and then bail Billy out of jail and provide him with Louis’ old job and high-class apartment. Her co-worker Dave (Nick Offerman) reveals that he knows she has been drinking and she makes him swear not to tell anyone. Kate lashes back that she would never depend on Charlie's parents' money and that she has struggled her whole life. It premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2012 and was released by Sony Pictures Classics on October 12, 2012. Featuring both Murphy and Aykroyd at the top of their game, Trading Places represents a prime example of the kind of smart, yet decidedly un-PC comedies that could only exist at a certain point in the ‘80s (Aykroyd’s blackface-heavy disguise in one scene, for example, would never fly in today’s market). When Kate and Charlie visit her estranged alcoholic mother, Rochelle (Mary Kay Place), Kate mentions the AA meetings but Rochelle is skeptical; Kate's father left them after getting sober and now lives in another state with his "shiny new family". She subsequently feigns a miscarriage and her students accuse her of killing her baby, for which she reprimands them. Numerous critics, including Roger Ebert, Peter Travers and Mick LaSalle, praised Winstead's acting in the film. She urinates on the floor because the bathroom door is locked, then steals a bottle of wine.

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