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If the first movie is Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the second movie resembles Spring Break. American Pie 2 covers some familiar ground like the guys' feeble attempts to get laid and the usually humiliating results of their efforts. In my opinion Morgan Freeman was the best black president, but the Fifth Element was the best movie out of this short list. In this movie the Earth is threatened by a huge comet that could wipe out the whole civilization. I find it interesting that nearly every movie featuring a Black President is a disaster movie. Maybe not worth a heading but certainly worth a mention: Morgan Freeman is Vice-President in London Has Fallen. I’ve done it with horror movies so I figured it was as good a time as any to rattle off my top 30 favorite comedy movies from the last 10 years.
Black Dynamite, Borat, Zombieland, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Little Miss Sunshine, and Kung Fu Hustle all deserve spots on the list. I agreed with both in a way (ryan and human), This list has terrible choices starting with the #1, and borat in #3? Thanks Scoot… I tried to get that across in the beginning of the post, this is obviously just my opinion and some people will have a different idea of what is funny to them. Like I said in the post, I could care less if you think the list sucks, I actually like when people tell me the list sucks, but only if they give me examples of things that should be on the list because then I can go out and watch those movies as well (if I haven’t seen them). The boys rent a beach house for the summer where they plan to score with girls and throw a major end-of-the summer party. Stifler keeps trying to talk Oz into fooling around with other girls, but he refuses to cheat on Heather, not even when Stifler crudely suggests that she's sleeping around with countless European guys.
Mena Suvari literally phones in her performance and Natasha Lyonne only gets a few scenes in the movie. If there are new movies out there with a black president just leave a comment here and I’ll update this page. Before you continue on to the list just remember that this list is based on my opinion so if you don’t agree, good for you.
Let me guess you thought The Hang Over was good because speaking of horrible movies that is one of them.
They also were all 1)pretty tightly scripted before going in front of a camera 2)not completely reliant on sex, fart, shock humour 3)mostly featured smart people acting stupid instead of stupid people acting stupid. Maybe that shows how hard it is to do comedy, that you only once or twice a year get real gems like Superbad or 40-Year-Old Virgin.

There are just so many comedy movies pushed out each year (let alone 10 years) that it’s hard to narrow them down to truly good ones, plus you only get a Dumb and Dumber, The Hangover or Old School every few years. Someone who says the list sucks, but actually gives some examples of comedies they feel should have been on here.
It's not really a bad movie, some of it is quite funny, but it's basically a rehash of the 1999 original. They're all back- Jim (Biggs), Oz (Klein), Kevin (Nicholas), Finch (Thomas) and Stifler (Scott).
Ever the wise young sage, she explains "the rule of three" to a confused Vicky when she wonders how many girls her ex-boyfriend has been with since their break-up. His character, Thomas Wilson, helps coordinate the efforts to save human kind from a giant flood by loading 400,000 people into arks. I already know a lot of people will think I’m crazy for leaving movies like Zoolander off the list, but honestly that movie was just unfunny and dumb. Now i think an honorable mention if not a great movie this past couple of years was Pirate Radio. The problem I have with most comedies is they start with some horrible joke (like most of these do) and I’m expected to find funny or get over it. It precisely follows the exactly same formula as its predecessor, entire sequences appear to have been rewritten for the sequel. They've just completed their first year of college and they want to spend the next 12 weeks partying and having sex. On the other hand, Michelle gets a bigger role in American Pie 2 and I couldn't be happier about that, she's definitely the most interesting female character in the movie. He does an OK job for saving the planet from the Great Evil which awakens every 5000 years. I don’t get over it, I just keep remembering how they thought they were funny five minutes ago.
The movie opens with Jim's parents walking in on him while he's in a compromising position (again!), this time they barge into his dorm room at college while he's engaged in sex with a female student. Jim hasn't had sex since the night of the prom when he hooked up with Michelle (Hannigan), the band geek who turned out to be a real freak in the bedroom. She comes right out and tells him that he sucks at intercourse, he wants to learn how to improve his sexual skills and she's the right one to ask, she knows more about sex than her innocent outward appearance suggests.
Scott does a great job as the still very obnoxious Stifler, he's as rude and crude as ever, he makes Glenn Quagmire (Family Guy) look like Mr. Enjoy and feel free to leave your opinions on the list or let me know if I forgot a pretty obvious one.

He can't stop thinking about her, even though his old high school crush Nadia (Elizabeth) will be visiting him at the end of the summer, it seems as though she wants to finish what they started (and restarted) in the first movie.
He wants to be ready for Nadia's visit, but a strange thing happens along the way, he starts to have feelings for Michelle.
Oz and Heather (Suvari) are still going strong, even though she's studying in Europe for the summer.
Overall, American Pie 2 is a reasonably entertaining movie with its fair share of gross-out humor and crude sexual gags.
Levy turns in another hilarious and sweet performance as Jim's super-understanding father, his good intentions still end up embarrassing the hell out of his son. Kevin and Vicky (Reid) broke up shortly after the prom, but they decide to try and be friends.
It's great to see some of the peripheral characters return for the sequels, like the two boys (John Cho and Justin Isfeld) who introduced the term MILF to the moviegoing public in the first movie. Finch and Stifler hate each other's guts even more, he resents Finch for having sex with his mother and the end of the first movie.
Jim watches a pornographic video in his room and accidentally grabs a tube of superglue instead of lubricant, he ends up gluing his hand to his penis. Chris Owen (October Sky) plays a character named Chuck Sherman who refers to himself as "The Sherminator", a sex robot sent back in time to please some lucky girl (or something like that). Finch still carries a torch for the older woman, so he starts practicing Tantra and meditation so he can hold out until he sees her again. I won't even begin to describe the scene involving the guys and a couple of girls they mistake for lesbians.
A clearly annoyed Jessica helpfully points out that his references are hopelessly out of date as the movie came out ten years earlier. Stifler's little brother Matt (Marienthal, Slums of Beverly Hills) shows up for a visit and he's just like his older brother. American Pie 2 is a reasonably entertaining and sporadically amusing horny teenager flick, it's not a terrible sequel, but you'll still wish that it had been better.

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