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El director y el productor de la pelicula de terror revelaron detalles inexplicables que ocurrieron durante el rodaje y que pusieron en riesgo la vida de personas.
Las cronicas mas espeluznantes de Hollywood aseguran que durante la filmacion de algunas recordadas y emblematicas peliculas de terror -como fue el caso de “El Exorcista” y “Poltergeist”- inexplicables sucesos ocurrieron en sus respectivos sets de filmacion, como caida de focos, incendios, cintas que se borraban solas y ruidos inexplicables. El segundo incidente, segun cuenta el productor Peter Safran, fue peor que el primero y ocurrio en una construccion cercana al sector de Koreatown. El chofer de una de los buses articulados del recorrido 210, que une Estacion central con la comuna de Puente Alto, fotografio la silueta de dos ninas vestidas de blanco al fondo de la maquina, cuando el bus se encontraba sin pasajeros.
La genial forma en la que tocaba el violin y un fisico rayano en la fealdad hicieron que creciese la leyenda en torno a su misteriosa y escualida figura, incluida la de un trato con el mismisimo demonio.
Un menor fue captado parandose en el borde de la cuna con un equilibrio perfecto, lo que para muchos fue obra de un fantasma o una fuerza sobrenatural que lo acompanaba. Un extrano reflejo en una ventana, presuntamente de origen paranormal, desato miles de comentarios en esa conocida red social. Tags: Annabelle, annabelle hechos reales, annabelle historia, annabelle terror grabacion, john R. Whole lotta trouble goin' on: Jerry Lee Lewis with child bride Myra To us, that first generation of rock fans, this guy was the real thing. Legendary: Their marraige portrayed in 1989 film Great Balls Of Fire, with Dennis Quaid as Jerry and Winona Ryder as MyraSo, when the music swept the world a couple of years earlier, teachers, preachers, parents and pundits alike had been quick to fulminate againstA  the youthful, on-stage gyrations of Elvis Presley, describing them as obscene, and to read into the lyrics of rock songs a lewd carnality which was probably accurate but being missed by most young fans. 2005: Jerry in Essen, Germany, while touring Europe with Little Richard and Chuck Berry Off stage, things were getting much, much worse.
Dwyane Johnson is one of Hollywood's more muscular figures, but his charm lies beyond his physique. The entertainer struggled in a fatherless family and poverty when he was young, and he turned to weight-lifting as a means to cope with the circumstance. He sunk into depression and rode when with his father back to Miami with just $7 to his name. Johnson's success landed him a couple of film roles, but he realized in 2010, when he filmed the critically lambasted "The Tooth Fairy," that he was moving away from his core audience.
Read more about his reaction and more about his struggles and triumphs at The Hollywood Reporter.

Beyonce 'Lemonade' Album Reportedly Calls Out Rachel Roy; Was Jay Z Unfaithful With Designer? Pues bien, ahora el extrano fenomeno parecio repetirse durante la filmacion de la taquillera cinta “Annabelle”, que trata sobre la famosa muneca diabolica del mismo nombre, que existe en la vida real y que permanece en la actualidad encerrada en una urna de cristal en el famoso “Warren Occult Museum”, fundado por la famosa pareja de demonologos compuesta por Ed y Lorraine Warren. Leonetti, director de “Annabelle”, juguete diabolico que el gran publico pudo ver por primera vez en la cinta “El Conjuro”, relato que el primer incidente de tintes paranormales sucedio en un salon donde se rodaban algunas secuencias de la pelicula. Leonetti, quien califico estos hechos como “sucesos espeluznantes”, explico que “como la historia diabolica de Annabelle es totalmente veridica, tal como relato en su momento el matrimonio Warren, la pareja que logro controlar y encerrar a la muneca, en parte no nos extrano para nada que sucedieran estos escalofriantes eventos. Jerry Lee Lewis, an American rock and roll singer with long blond hair who played a frenetic boogie woogie piano while standing up, and often with one foot on the keyboard, was on his way to Britain for a six-week tour.
He rose to prominence as The Rock in the WWE during the late '90s and early '00s because of of his natural charisma, and he's been able to transfer that into a successful film career. In it, he spoke about the path he took toward being a star in multi-blockbuster films like the ongoing 'Fast & Furious" series. Johnson then decided to follow in his father's footsteps into the wrestling business, where he became one of the most successful performers of all time. His strengths are fish frying and stamp collecting, and he thinks Magnum 45s are a type of ice cream.
Pero, cuando este ultimo se coloco cerca de una lampara de cristal gigante, esta se rompio por si sola y le cayo en la cabeza.
This may not seem like a big deal today, as rock musicians criss-cross the Atlantic all the time, but in May 1958 it was thrilling. Despite Lewisa€™s assertions that Myra was "a grown woman", as far as Britain was concerned, she was below the age of consent. Johnson earned a full scholarship to the University of Miami and was the only freshman to see field time, but unfortunately his career became marred by injuries. Army, anyway), there was a feeling that we were getting everything second-hand and missing all the fun. He didn't get drafted to the NFL and ended up withering in the Canadian Football League before he was eventually dropped from the practice squad after sharing an apartment with three other players, sleeping on an mattress he found by a motel. Lo inquietante es que en nuestra pelicula nuestro demonio tambien tiene tres dedos y tres garras”.

Well, I wonder how many Hollywood A-listers can you link if you delve deep enough into their family histories?For most of us, all we know about our family beyond our grandparents is contained in fuzzy black and white photograph collections of people with vaguely familiar facial features. But researchers at Ancestry show it's probably a lot easier than you'd think to trace common roots. Presumably linked to the release of the latest The Hunger Games movie, researchers investigated the family trees of co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, who both have strong ties to Kentucky (which evidently has a lot more going for it than fried chicken). They didn't uncover any relation between Lawrence and Hutcherson, but what they discovered was even more interesting - Jennifer Lawrence is in fact the 5th cousin of Jeremy Renner, her American Hustle co-star.A Shared AncestorAfter carrying out the original attempt to discover any link between the Hunger Games pair, they held on to the records they'd uncovered.
Once we realized Jennifer Lawrence had the same family in her tree, finding the relationship between the two was not only quick, it was really close."The relative in question, Robert Tague, was a farmer from Kentucky.
If youa€™re becoming confused, think how we must have felt back in 1958 as the hillbilly courting behaviour of some citizens of Americaa€™s Deep South unfolded in our newspapers. Using my uber-reliable and scientific means of calculating (see: guessing), five generations are roughly 100 - 115 years. Maybe.Michelle (who is an expert so I value her opinion) was surprised at how close the link was. But buttoned-up, respectable, repressed Fifties Britain had never come across the real thing before. Both are son's of Martin Sheen, although Charlie (birth name Carlos Estevez) was the only one to take on his fathers showbiz name.5. Another discovery by Ancestry, Bieber and Gosling are 11th cousins through a mutual ancestor who lived in the early 1600's. Although the affair had ruined the career of Jerry Lee Lewis, it had also made him very famous, infamous, actually. Some set their amplifiers on fire on stage while others drove cars or pushed grand pianos into swimming pools.

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