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Auto Focus, and check out Auto Focus on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Auto Focus is a 2002 American biographical film directed by Paul Schrader, starring Greg Kinnear and Willem Dafoe.
Auto Focus tells a dramatized story of actor Bob Crane, an affable radio show host and amateur drummer who found success on Hogan's Heroes, a popular television sitcom, and his dramatic descent into the underbelly of Hollywood after the series was cancelled, and after forming a friendship with John Henry Carpenter. Disc-jockey-turned-actor Bob Crane develops a secret personal life, focusing on his relationship with John Henry Carpenter, an electronics expert involved with the nascent home video market.
Encouraged by Carpenter and enabled by his expertise, Cranea€”a church-going, clean-cut family mana€”becomes a sex addict obsessed with women and with recording his encounters using video and photographic equipment, usually with Carpenter participating.
The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and was shown at the San SebastiA?n Film Festival, the Helsinki International Film Festival, the Chicago International Film Festival, the New Orleans Film Festival, and the Bergen International Film Festival before going into limited release on eleven screens in the US, earning $123,761 on its opening weekend. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone awarded it 3A? out of 4 stars and added, "Schrader, the writer of Taxi Driver and the director of American Gigolo, is a poet of male sexual pathology.
Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) promoted the capabilities of the 3.0 liter mu-X and D-Max through outdoor activity during the Isuzu 4x4 Action Playground. In the camera department, the Zest Plus features a 13-megapixel rear camera that features tri-focus auto-focus technology. Getting Straight, and check out Getting Straight on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Getting Straight is a 1970 American comedy-drama motion picture directed by Richard Rush, released by Columbia Pictures.
The story centered upon student politics at a university in the early 1970s, seen through the eyes of non-conformist graduate student Harry Bailey (Elliott Gould). Getting Straight was released in an era of change and unrest in the United States in the early 1970s, and was in a long line of films that dealt with these themes. Harry Bailey, a former student activist and post-graduate, comes back to university to complete an education course to become a teacher. Over time, student demonstrations bring police to the campus to quell the unrest, and the ensuing clashes lead to martial law. Other reviewers, such as Roger Greenspun from The New York Times, were a little more complimentary in tone about the film.
The film's protagonist shares a name with a character from It's a Wonderful Life, George Bailey's brother Harry, whose war service was a prominent subplot in the latter film. Oscar had just three short months to build a network last year before filing with state regulators for its California debut this year, and Pickett said getting straight to the point in contract negoiations was crucial.
LeBron James, who now has four free-throw attempts in the half, is getting straight mugged in the paint to no avail. Lonesome Jim, and check out Lonesome Jim on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Jim (Casey Affleck) is a perennially gloomy 27-year-old aspiring novelist from Goshen, Indiana who moved to New York City in hopes of finding success with his writing.
Jim's 32 year-old brother Tim (Kevin Corrigan) is a recently divorced father of two young girls whose business recently failed.
Jim meets Anika (Liv Tyler), a nurse, in a bar and they end up having sex in a hospital bed, though Jim finishes embarrassingly early.
After an argument between the two brothers on whose life has been more pathetic so far, Tim, having previously made repeated unsuccessful attempts to commit suicide, drives his car into a tree in hopes of ending his life; he is gravely injured and hospitalized. While visiting Tim is in the hospital, Jim runs into Anika, who works in another department.
At the ladder factory, Jim encounters his uncle Stacy (Mark Boone Junior), who prefers to be called "Evil." Jim seeks advice from Evil about premature ejaculation, and they become friends of a sort. Jim's mother, Sally, is arrested by DEA officers for allegedly shipping illegal drugs through the store's Fedex account.
Despite working a job he hates and feeling responsible for his mother's imprisonment, Jim slowly allows his monumental depression to be dismantled by Anika and finds himself believing that life is worth living.
The film was originally a part of a deal with Universal Studios and had a proposed budget of $3 million. The 40th annual Cleveland International Film Festival will take place March 30 - April 10 at Tower City Cinemas and venues around Cleveland. Sundance veteran James Strouse (Lonesome Jim, Grace is Gone, The Winning Season, People Places Things) has filled the screenplay subtle and clever moments that elevate it from the broad strokes of a typical Sundance dramedy.
Big Wednesday, and check out Big Wednesday on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Although initially a commercial failure, the film has found a cult audience in the years since its release. Their surfing lives are traced from the summer of 1962 to their attempts of dodging the Vietnam War draft in 1965 (including faking insanity, homosexuality, and all manner of medical ailments), and to the end of their innocence in 1968 when one of their friends is killed in Vietnam. The friends reunite years later, after Barlowe has served time in Vietnam, for the "Great Swell of '74." With this reunion, the transition in their lives becomes the end point of what the 1960s meant to so many as they see that the times have changed, and what was once a time of innocence is gone forever.
Raised in Southern California, Milius made Big Wednesday as an homage to the time he spent in Malibu during his youth. Milius and producer Feitshans had met at American International Pictures and formed their own company, The A Team. When I did Big Wednesday my first impressions were that I was going to do this coming-of-age story with Arthurian overtones about surfers that nobody took seriously, their troubled lives made larger than life by their experience with the sea.
The surfing scenes used in the finale to Big Wednesday were not filmed in California, where the film is set, but at Sunset Beach in Pupukea, Hawaii. Janet Maslin, film critic for The New York Times, did not like the performances of the actors and wrote, "The surprise is not that Mr.
Traders will be watching for fresh easing measures at the BoJ policy meeting this Thursday. If so, we have a Dream Big Wednesday story to give you some inspiration for the next time you look to fly through Toronto. Since 1987, when Lotto began, 754 instant millionaires have been created and more than 5400 first division Lotto, Powerball, Strike and Big Wednesday prizes have been won. Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton, the poster children for the Sharks' postseason ineptitude, came up big Wednesday. Wednesday, March 16, will see four sets of crucial data hitting Wall Street all at the same time. Haven (film), and check out Haven (film) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Haven is a 2004 feature film set in the Cayman Islands, a British offshore financial centre. Haven is an ensemble film in which unconnected lives intersect and result in a violent chain of events that turns tranquility into chaos. A corrupt and greedy businessman, Carl Ridley (Bill Paxton), is running from the government, with his 18-year-old daughter Pippa (Agnes Bruckner) in tow. Meanwhile, at the same party, Fritz gets pulled in to see Richie while Pippa talks to a few other white girls doing drugs. When Allen and Ridley go to the police station the next morning, Ridley soon realizes that he has been betrayed and is taken into custody by the FBI.

In the final scenes, Andrea prepares for Hammer's funeral with her father, Kimo comforts Shy's mother, and Shy sits on the dock where Andrea left him. Betsy Kalin, a native of Bloomfield who is now a filmmaker in Los Angeles, is coming home to present her new film at the New Haven International Film Festival. Robbie Little has acquired worldwide sales rights to Kerstin Karlhuber's directorial debut drama ahead of the market in Santa Monica next month.
FROM its industrial estates, rolling countryside, urban factories and historic buildings, Nottinghamshire has provided the backdrop for some iconic moments in film and television. There are lots of sleazy things going on in the world, some of them outside the Liberal party, but you can always rely on novelist Nicholas Sparks to bring you a comforting romance between good-looking people. Living with his wife, Caroline, and their three children, Alex, Kenny, and Megan, in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, during the early 1980s recession, Jack Butler and his two friends, Larry and Stan, lose their engineering jobs at the Ford Motor Company. Jack discovers that childcare and house maintenance is a complex juggling act and his initial struggles in daily errands gains the attention and company of other neighborhood housewives.
The next day dawns with repair people in the home to fix a broken television and spray for bugs. While working at Motown Productions, story editor and struggling producer Lauren Shuler read an article on National Lampoon written by John Hughes, and decided to keep in touch with him. As Jill tries to reboot her career, Andy takes time off to care for the kids, quickly learning that being Mr. An actor with forty years of experience in television and film, Keaton has brought to the screen a cast of sometimes quirky, often unforgettable characters in more than forty films, including Night Shift (1982), Mr. The well-being of children, the status of women, and the happiness of men will depend on whether more fathers are willing to take on primary parenting roles.
Desperate Lives, and check out Desperate Lives on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The Cameron family seems, on the surface, to be the perfect family, but things are not as they seem.
A caring guidance counselor, Eileen Phillips, sees the problem that is going on in the school and, after other tragic incidents involving two other students (one of which involves Scott and his girlfriend smoking drugs and crashing their car off a cliff) and when no one else on the staff is willing to do anything about it, takes the steps to deal with and confront the problem.
At a school assembly, Eileen Phillips storms in and confronts the students about the increasing drug use, sending a message to the crowd about the effects of what the drug problem is doing to the kids and the tragedies that resulted because of it.
He's right, of course, but to the extent that teenage motherhood predicts desperate lives for their offspring and for following generations, this problem is especially urgent and deserves commensurate attention.
They asked him questions in English about the supplies being airlifted in, and he decided to light up their desperate lives by dropping candy to them on his next flight. In an October 2002 piece he wrote on the movie, Scotty said that his father was not a regular church-goer and had only been to church three times in the last dozen years of his life, including his own funeral. Also featured in the cast were Candice Bergen as Bailey's girlfriend, Jeff Corey as Bailey's professor and Harrison Ford as his anti social friend. He tries to avoid the increasing student unrest that has surfaced, but finds this difficult as his girlfriend, Jan, is a leader in these protests. If the links are appropriate you may request whitelisting by following these instructions; otherwise consider removing or replacing them with more appropriate links. Filmed mostly in the city of Goshen, Indiana, the film stars Casey Affleck as a chronically depressed aspiring novelist who moves back into his parents' home after failing to make it in New York City. After two years of barely making a living as a dog walker, he defeatedly decides to move back home to his parents' house in Goshen. Tim has moved back into his parents' home and he works in the ladder factory that's owned and operated by their pessimistic father Don (Seymour Cassel) and overly cheerful mother Sally (Mary Kay Place). Jim now finally gives in to Don's pressure to work in the factory by taking over Tim's duties.
Evil offers Jim some recreational drugs and asks Jim to open a checking account for him so he can pay for things by mail. Jim invites Anika and her son to move to New Orleans with him, but after Jim vacillates, she is offended and this seems to be off the cards.
However, the deal with Universal was unexpectedly cancelled and Lonesome Jim then ended up being shot and produced on a meager budget of $500,000 with the original filming schedule being reduced from 30 down to 17 days.[3][4][5] As a cost-saving measure, screenplay writer James C. Co-written by Milius and Dennis Aaberg, it is loosely based on their own experiences at Malibu and a short story Aaberg had published in a 1974 Surfer Magazine entitled "No Pants Mance."[2] The picture stars Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt, and Gary Busey as California surfers facing life and the Vietnam War against the backdrop of their love of surfing. The three make the difficult transition to adulthood with parties, surf trips, marriage, and the war. Milius and his friends George Lucas and Steven Spielberg famously agreed to exchange a percentage point of Big Wednesday, Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind prior to the release of the three films throughout 1977-78.
A 1940s film star but best known as Della Street from the long-running Perry Mason television series, this has been Hale's last appearance to date in a feature film.
The New York Times, film review, "Big Wednesday Gets Caught in Some Rough Surf: Buddyhood of Surfing", July 28, 1978.
After being released in India a week before the worldwide release, the film's success is massive at the India box office.
Pippa is not happy to leave her friends and comfortable life in Miami for the Cayman Islands.
But he owes money to island gang leader Richie Ritch (Raz Adoti), and when he peeks in on Pippa's father unwrapping a massive amount of cash that he had taped around his torso, Fritz begins scheming.
After firing the gun to clear out the party, he corners Hammer and explains what a mess Hammer has made of his own sister's life. He is disgusted with her and kicks her out of his car, but tells her that Shy is at the docks. When Allen goes home to retrieve the money that he believes he tricked Ridley into leaving in his safe, he discovers that the bag contains only sand and a conch shell. He then gets into his boat, cuts the rope and motors away, throwing the gun into the water.
Mom is a 1983 American comedy film directed by Stan Dragoti and written by John Hughes about a stay-at-home dad.
Caroline, having been a housewife for years, utilizes her college education and prior experience working in advertising before she left it to raise children to re-enter the workforce, leaving Jack to deal with new and bewildering responsibilities of being a stay-at-home dad. Eventually, he hits his stride and although somewhat distracted by the flirtatious Joan (a neighbor and friend of Caroline's), as well as the banal, senseless plot-lines of daytime soap operas, he begins to feel confined by domestic life. However during a tense agency pitch to a hard-to-please key client, Caroline's insight as a budget-conscious housewife proves to be invaluable. Joan stops by, and while Jack is in the bathroom, she makes herself at home in their bedroom. One day Hughes told Shuler about a disastrous experience he had looking after his two children in the absence of his wife, which Shuler found hilarious. Choose an image and click the link which matches your screen resolution (Your current resolution is ).
For the images in your folders, you may use the desktop wallpaper function provided by the photo management softwares such as ACDSee or Picasa .
Their two teenage children, Scott and Sandy, fall in with the wrong crowds at their high school and eventually become involved with drug experimentation. The aftermath of this tragedy makes Scott and Sandy's parents realize that even their "perfect" kids can be affected by drugs, especially after Scott has a violent reaction and goes into the hospital.

FICTION: Three desperate lives collide in this gripping story of murder, vengeance and making ends meet. IN PHOTOS: Syrian women who fled the bloody war in their homelands describe their stories of survival.
Scott of the New York Times said the film "gets to you like a low-grade fever, a malaise with no known antidote.
Am Montag prA¤sentierte Kronprinz Mohammed bin Salman erste Details - und die haben es in sich. At the height of the rioting he concurs with Jan that "getting straight" is more important than unprotesting acceptance of the educational establishment.
Liv Tyler also stars as a good-hearted nurse who finds contentment through encouraging optimism in Jim's glum world. Jim has no interest in the family business and he resists pressure from Don to start working there. He also takes over Tim's job as the coach of a girls basketball team; the team, which has not scored a single point in the last 14 games, includes both of Tim's daughters. Evil points out that Jim will be implicated if he tries to report Evil, as he has opened an account with Evil's cash and will test positive for drug use.
Jim finally decides to leave town for New Orleans by himself, leaving a note for his parents promising not to take their love for granted again and revealing Evil as the drug dealer. Milius's attention to his actors focuses more closely on their pectorals than on their performances.
Meanwhile, Pippa finds native Caymanian Fritz (Victor Rasuk) sleeping off a late night in her bed.
Pippa is completely unaware that she's leading her father into even more trouble than he had in the United States. He says that he will spare Hammer's life so that he can watch the trouble that he has caused in Andrea's life. When she finds him, she expresses her desire to be with him, regardless of others' feelings. It stars Michael Keaton, Teri Garr, Jeffrey Tambor, Ann Jillian, Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull. Simultaneously, he feels threatened by Caroline's responsibilities and work-life as a fast climbing ad executive.
The client's president wants her to fly to Los Angeles to help shoot a commercial and in the meantime, Jack's former employer invites him to interview for his old job, but his former boss, Jinx Latham, betrayed his reputation. Realizing that she wants to sleep with him, he begins running reasons he should not have an affair with her.
After asking if that could make a good movie, she replied that "it sure sounds funny to me". Sandy, after ingesting angel dust made by her boyfriend in the school's chemistry lab, jumps through a glass window of the school (purposely cutting her arms with the cut glass in the process) and is subsequently paralyzed from the fall. Anika is sympathetic to Jim's problems, and she decides to stand by him in encouragement even when he tries to convince her that it's in her best interest to not be around him. Eternal optimist that she is, Sally finds happiness in her new surroundings and makes friends with her fellow prisoners. Anika shows up at the bus station to say good-bye, but seems to Jim miss the opportunity to reconcile with her. There was a lot of pressure to make it more like Animal House, but the movie has a huge following now because it did have loftier ambitions. He encourages such stiffness in his players that Barbara Hale, for instance, is quite unconvincing as Mr.
When he confesses to killing her brother, however, she leaves him in disgust, forgetting her shoes in her hurry.
Digplanet gathers together information and people from all over the Internet, all focused on Mr. Caroline arrives home unexpectedly, surprising Joan on the bed, and after a confrontation, she leaves. Jim departs on the bus, but as Anika drives home with her son, Jim is seen running after them, luggage in hand. She later finds Fritz on the beach to return his wallet and befriends him, in spite of his ridiculous come-on attempts.
To protect their secret affair, whenever Shy would visit Andrea at home his good friend Kimo would watch the house in case Andrea's father were to arrive.
Finding her in the bathroom having sex with a stranger, he runs into the front yard and vomits. As they sit down inside, they find that the alarm has been set off; the police arrive shortly and arrest both of them.
Mom, and makes it easy to learn, explore, and join the Digparty and talk to real people who are also interested in Mr.
The neighborhood housewives surprise him and he finds himself accompanying them to a strip club (with male strippers) where he is hit on by a gay dancer there. On Andrea's birthday Shy visits her house and has sex with her, but Kimo falls asleep and fails to warn Shy of Sterling's arrival. Pippa is taken to the police station, while Fritz is transported to a laundromat where a local cop who knows him delivers a lecture and a beating for acting disobediently throughout his life.
Then the studio executives at Universal Studios were upset that Hughes was working in Chicago instead of Los Angeles, fired him and brought a group of TV writers to remake his script. Caroline's boss, Ron Richardson, tries to convince her to leave Jack and marry him, while Joan continues to try and seduce Jack. They talk over the misunderstandings that occurred concerning Ron's and Joan's advances and reunite as a stronger couple. To argue that images can corrupt the flesh and hollow out the soul is, for a filmmaker, an obviously contradictory exercise, but not necessarily a hypocritical one.
Later on, to avenge his sister's lost womanhood, Hammer attacks Shy with acid which leaves a permanent scar on Shy's face. Shy finally breaks free and runs down the street as Hammer curses at him, telling him to stay away. Jennifer Garner)From the studio that brought you Heaven Is For Real, don't miss the incredible true story coming March 16, 2016. Ron stops by, begging Caroline to come back to his company, as the client thinks that only she can properly handle his account.
Shuler, who remained as a producer, declared that while she liked the final product she thought Hughes' original script was better.[1] While Shuler talked to her agent friend Laurie Perlman, Perlman told about "this guy who is really funny" who she represented, Michael Keaton. After meeting Keaton and seeing his screen debut, Night Shift (1982), Shuler decided to send the actor the script of Mr.
Alex says something to his father while Jinx is talking and Jinx yells at him, at which point Jack punches Jinx in the face.

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