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To the Wonder, and check out To the Wonder on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. To the Wonder is a 2012 experimental romantic drama written and directed by Terrence Malick and starring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, and Javier Bardem. The film premiered in competition at the 2012 Venice Film Festival,[3] where it was nominated for the Golden Lion Award. Continuing his work as an environmental inspector, Neil reconnects with Jane (Rachel McAdams), a childhood friend. The film's closing moments depict Father Quintana in his work tending the aged, the poor and the imprisoned with voice-over from the priest reciting a variation of the prayer of St.
Malick handed out works of literature to his editing team for inspiration, such as Flaubert's Madame Bovary and Walker Percy's The Moviegoer.[15] Also referenced to his editors was a phrase found in Margaret A. Typical of a Malick project, a lot of actors who worked on the film were eventually cut during post-production. The film opened with $130,000 in select screens and was in the top ten iTunes rentals the week of its opening. To the Wonder was the final film reviewed by Roger Ebert prior to his death on April 4, 2013. Wonder Woman will also tell a complete tale, so anyone new to the Wonder Woman story will not be lost in off screen references and story arcs. As with To The Wonder, Malick maps his slowly shifting circumstances in fragmentary scenes, with disconnected cut-aways flipping from the minutiae of his life to staggering Californian vistas and back again.
Isaac Shailor, 7, performsa passage from Shakespeare's a€?The Tempesta€? as retired Shakespeare scholar Andy McLean looks on. Each one offers praise and gratitude for the gifts God has given us from his death on the cross, to the wonder of his presence. Every year productions of his works including Othello, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet sell out thanks to the wonder of the language and universal themes of love, revenge, sorrow and comedy. Building shared moments adds to the wonder of the night, the only night in the Jewish calendar when we are all, young and old, told to dream, to imagine, to feel as if we, ourselves, experienced the miraculous redemption from slavery to freedom. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, and check out The Fitzgerald Family Christmas on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas is a 2012 comedy-drama film starring Edward Burns and Connie Britton.[2] The film, written, directed, and produced by Burns was premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.
And how: a€?The Fitzgerald Family Christmas,a€? available via on demand now and out in select theaters on Dec.
And today, his latest movie, a€?The Fitzgerald Family Christmas,a€? was released on ITunes, Amazon and cable video-on-demand.
Growing up in nearby Valley Stream, Edward Burns' love of the movies brought him to the Malverne Cinema 4.
Celeste and Jesse Forever, and check out Celeste and Jesse Forever on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
Celeste and Jesse Forever is a 2012 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Lee Toland Krieger. Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Andy Samberg) are best friends who start dating in high school and eventually marry young. On a karaoke date, Celeste informs Paul of her need to take some time to recover from the divorce, which he says he understands. His other credits include Pearl Harbor, the 2011 remake of The Thing, and Celeste and Jesse Forever.
In 2012, she starred in her first screenplay, a€?Celeste and Jesse Forever,a€? alongside Andy Samberg, who spoke at Class Day in 2012. There have been indie films making strides in these areas, including Celeste and Jesse Forever and What If. The quirky romantic comedy starring Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg is about two best friends falling out of love with each other and getting divorced, while still trying to remain good friends. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah a€” Celeste and Jesse Forever is a modern movie about letting go that can be funny, cute and awesomely sad all at the same time. LOL (2012 film), and check out LOL (2012 film) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
LOL is a 2012 American coming of age romance film directed by Lisa Azuelos, written by Azuelos and Kamir AA?nouz.
Lola (Miley Cyrus) leads an ordinary life, with her boyfriend Chad (George Finn), and best friends Emily (Ashley Hinshaw), Janice (Lina Esco) and Kyle (Douglas Booth). After a drug presentation at school by James, Lola looks for Kyle in the bathroom, and overhears two people having sex in the stall.
While on the phone, Emily finally admits to Lola it was actually her and her secret boyfriend Wen (Adam Sevani) in the bathroom, not Ashley and Kyle. LOL was originally set to have a wide domestic release, but instead, it was rushed into a limited release with no significant marketing from the theatrical team. On February 10, 2012, the film was released for the first time in India, and on March 1, 2012, in Singapore. The ABCs of Death, and check out The ABCs of Death on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The ABCs of Death is a 2012 independent anthology horror film produced by international producers and directed by filmmakers from around the world.
The film is divided into twenty-six individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet.
A is for Apocalypse (directed and written by Nacho Vigalondo): A woman's long-running attempt to commit murder grows more desperate and brutal as time runs out. B is for Bigfoot (directed and written by Adrian Garcia Bogliano): A babysitter tells his young charge that if she doesn't go to sleep, Bigfoot will get hera€”not knowing that a real monster lurks outside. C is for Cycle (directed and written by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza): A man investigates a mysterious noise, only to find himself trapped in a nightmarish cycle of murder.
D is for Dogfight (directed and written by Marcel Sarmiento): A man is forced into a boxing ring to battle a vicious dog.
E is for Exterminate (directed and written by Angela Bettis): A spider takes revenge on the man who tried to kill it.
F is for Fart (directed and written by Noboru Iguchi): A darkly humorous short in which a schoolgirl dies by breathing her teacher's fart rather than poison gas during a deadly gas attack. G is for Gravity (directed and written by Andrew Traucki): A POV story of a man committing suicide by drowning. H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion (directed and written by Thomas Malling): A surreal short in which a humanoid dog is first seduced, then tortured, by a seductive fox-woman.
I is for Ingrown (directed and written by Jorge Michel Grau): The interior monologue of a woman in the process of being murdered. J is for Jidai-geki (Samurai Movie) (directed and written by YA»dai Yamaguchi): A man committing seppuku is forced to wait in agony for his assistant to decapitate him.
K is for Klutz (directed and written by Anders Morgenthaler): A cartoon short about a woman in a public toilet being stalked and killed by her own stool, which refuses to be flushed.
L is for Libido (Directed and written by Timo Tjahjanto): A bizarre sexual contest where the loser in each round is killed. M is for Miscarriage (directed and written by Ti West): A woman has a miscarriage in a toilet. N is for Nuptials (directed and written by Banjong Pisanthanakun): A talking bird ruins a marriage proposal by driving the would-be bride into a murderous jealous rage.

P is for Pressure (directed and written by Simon Rumley): A desperate prostitute with three children to feed agrees to star in a crush film. Q is for Quack (directed and written by Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett): The actual filmmakers, playing themselves, decide to make their section a real snuff film by killing a live animal.
R is for Removed (directed and written by SrA‘an SpasojeviA‡): A man's skin is used to make 35mm film.
S is for Speed (directed and written by Jake West): A kidnapper and her victim outrun a mysterious man trying to murder them both. T is for Toilet (directed and written by Lee Hardcastle): A little boy is afraid of the bathroom toilet. U is for Unearthed (directed and written by Ben Wheatley): The point-of-view of a vampire as he is chased down and staked by an angry mob. V is for Vagitus (The Cry of a Newborn Baby) (directed and written by Kaare Andrews): In a futuristic Vancouver, women must petition the government for permission to bear children. X is for XXL (directed and written by Xavier Gens): An overweight woman falls into despair at her size and attempts to remove her fat with a knife. Y is for Youngbuck (directed and written by Jason Eisener): A pedophile teaches a young boy to hunt deer. Z is for Zetsumetsu (Extinction) (directed and written by Yoshihiro Nishimura): An abstract series of events dealing with revisionist views of Japanese relations with the West. Dave Canfield writing for film magazine Magill's Cinema Annual said of the film: "The ABCs of Death is for anyone who loves horror since it is easy to skip through segments that are not to taste.
After showing the film to a group of high school Spanish students, former Columbus Ohio substitute teacher Sheila Kearns was found guilty of four counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.
Similar to The ABCs of Death, Holidays comes with the understanding that the film will move from one holiday to the next and that gets the job done in terms of segment-to-segment transitions. A sequel to The ABCs of Death, ABCs of Death 2 like its predecessor is a collection of short films all by different directors and all centering around the concept of death. The Vow (2012 film), and check out The Vow (2012 film) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Paige Collins (Rachel McAdams) and her husband Leo (Channing Tatum) come out of a movie theater. When Paige regains consciousness, she thinks Leo is her doctor, having lost all memories of the past few years. The next day Paige ventures out to her regular cafe, but does not remember having been there and loses her way back. As seasons change, Leo discusses his philosophy about "Moments of impact." "A moment of impact whose potential for change has ripple effects far beyond what we can predict. The Vow is based on the actual relationship of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, who wrote a book about their marriage, also known as The Vow.[3] Ten weeks after their wedding on 18 September 1993, the couple was involved in a serious car accident. Emma Dibdin from Total Film gave the film a three stars rating out of five, commenting, "therea€™s an essential sweetness at work here, thanks partly to McAdams and partly to an unusually chaste love story that ultimately keeps melodrama at bay."[12] Empire critic Helen O'Hara gave the film a three stars rating out of five, also. Filmed in Oklahoma and Paris, France, the film chronicles a couple who, after falling in love in Paris, struggle to keep their relationship from falling apart after moving to the United States. Jane tells Neil that her farm is going bankrupt because her former husband encumbered it with his huge gambling debt. Marina appears to have borne a child since her encounter with Charlie but there is ambiguity about the identity of its father.
With this EP, the couple offers songs that point listeners to the glory of God and show listeners where they can be found.
7, focuses on the seven siblings in the Fitzgerald family and the complicated relationship they all have with their estranged father. It stars Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, and was written by Jones and Will McCormack, who also has a role in the film. Their relationship is shown in a photo montage; the montage ends with Celeste walking away from Jesse during a party.
Celeste is a successful trend analyzer and runs her own media company with her partner, Scott (Elijah Wood). The encounter becomes awkward for Celeste but not for Max who finds Jesse to be a cool guy.
Celeste believes that Riley is angry over the logo she designed for her that unintentionally resembles a penis with balls going into a butt.
She tells the newlyweds to appreciate each other, to be patient, and to try harder, like she should have.
We then see Celeste and Jesse finally signing their divorce papers and laughing at each other's inside jokes.
Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a "Certified Fresh" rating of 70% based on 130 reviews with an average score of 6.3 out of 10.
When they return to school, Lola discovers that Chad has cheated on her over the summer, so the two of them break up. Anne also begins to realize that she and Lola are growing further apart once Lola throws a party and is caught by Anne, who threatens to not allow Lola to go on her class trip to Paris. Lola assumes it is Kyle and Ashley after seeing a purse similar to Ashley's peeking out from under the stall.
The film contains 26 different shorts, each by different directors spanning fifteen countries. The directors were then given free rein in choosing a word to create a story involving death. As of Thursday, January 16, 2015, Kearns has been convicted of four felony counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. When her wealthy parents, Bill and Rita Thornton, learn about this and visit her, it is the first time that Leo meets them, and they are not happy about Leo taking their daughter, and not telling them about it.
At a store, she meets her old friend Diane (Sarah Carter) who, unaware of her amnesia, apologizes for having had a relationship with Paige's dad, thus alerting Paige as to why she had left her family. She found McAdams "excellent" and Tatum "surprisingly heartbreaking" and concluded "The few weaknesses in the plot can be overlooked as The Vow makes for a wonderful a€“ if a bit teary a€“ romance that is brilliantly acted."[13] The Washington Post's Stephanie Merry wrote "It's a shame things are so black and white, because the movie has more promise a€“ and more laughs a€“ than trailers suggest".
To care more, to cry more, to love more."[17] ReelViews' James Berardinelli was very negative about the film. After going to the doctor to discuss removing an intrauterine device in order to be able to conceive, Marina begins to feel isolated again. Neil accompanies the priest as he ministers to the poor, learning forgiveness and humility.
He awarded it three and a half out of four stars, stating a "more conventional film would have assigned a plot to these characters and made their motivations more clear. Celeste's media company has just signed Riley Banks (Emma Roberts), a teen pop-star whom Celeste does not respect and had openly bashed during a previous television interview. Having gone through his own divorce, Max then confronts her that she's not ready to be dating again and to take her time.
Lola and Kyle begin to realize that they have feelings for each other and pursue a relationship, but this is complicated due to the fact that Chad and Kyle are friends, and Lola's "enemy" Ashley (Ashley Greene) wants to date Kyle.
Things finally start to change when Anne meets police officer James (Jay Hernandez) and they begin to date.
The movie was initially supposed to be a television drama, but such plans were changed when the series ran into legal issues connected to the French film of the same name. At that very moment, a truck rams their car from behind and Paige crashes through the windshield.

When she confronts her mother about this, Rita tells her that she decided to stay with Bill for all the things he had done right instead of leaving him for one wrong act. She added "Tatum, while a bit deficient in the dramatic acting department, delivers some memorable quips. He wrote, "with its would-be crowd-pleasing contrivances and rote adherence to formula, [this film] offers almost no redeeming characteristics. Neil makes a commitment to Marina, inviting her to relocate with Tatiana to his native Oklahoma.
Back in France, after giving Tatiana back to her father (Marina's former husband), Marina finds she misses Oklahoma and is unable to find a job. Although they also had a religious wedding ceremony, the couple's relationship begins to deteriorate. With The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, Burns returns to the working-class, Irish-American roots of The Brothers McMullen. After a few more awkward dates with other men, Celeste meets Paul (Chris Messina) in yoga class and dresses him down for trying to hit on her but eventually warms up to him after meeting him again at a party. It was filmed in 2010 but released by Lionsgate two years later, in the United States on May 4, 2012, as a limited release in 105 theaters without promotion. Kyle and his band want to compete in the battle of the bands, but Kyle's dad doesn't support Kyle's passion for music and feels that it is getting in the way of his schoolwork. A huge fight breaks out between Kyle and Lola, where Lola accuses Kyle of cheating on her, and the two break up. Many scenes from the movie were originally supposed to be a part of longer episodes, which would have expanded upon the concepts involved (Lola's trip to Paris was originally supposed to be a special scheduled to come after the episode that included the scene in which Anne reads her diary).
Both of them are rushed to the emergency room, and as Leo, in a voice-over talks about how "moments of impact help in finding who we are" the movie cuts to how Paige and Leo first met.
Her parents insist on taking her home with them and Paige agrees, assuming she might have married Leo for some mutual benefit and seeks evidence of the marriage. Paige then asks Leo why he never told her, and he replies he wanted to earn her love instead of driving her away from her parents. The movie ends with Paige finding Leo at their regular Cafe Mnemonic and going with him to try a new place instead of their old haunts. Neil takes a job as an environmental inspector, and Marina settles into her life in the United States.
Neil and Marina appear to divorce, and they are last seen together as he leaves her at an airport. But this is one of the most incredible monologues I've ever heard, and it needs to be on here.
In the meantime, Jesse takes on more responsibility for Veronica and their child and matures along the way. Riley reveals that she has had a secret boyfriend, who she discovered has been cheating on her. After the break up, Lola is determined to make Kyle jealous, and tries to do so by making out with her childhood friend Jeremy (Jean-Luc Bilodeau). The scenes of how they courted, proposed and married at the Art Institute of Chicago and share a kiss under the Cloud Gate are interwoven with the present. Just as she's about to leave, Leo comes running to play her a voice message in which she sounds very happy and romantic. He persists in his attempts to help her regain her lost memory, but Paige is more driven to learning why she left law school and broke her engagement to Jeremy. One day, Marina approaches Charlie (Charles Baker), a carpenter who had given her a wind harp. Celeste realizes that her decision to divorce Jesse was impulsive and selfish, and wants to reunite with him. Marina finds solace with the Catholic priest Father Quintana (Javier Bardem), who is undergoing his own crisis of faith. In a state of ecstatic discovery, she turns to see a brilliant, golden light pass over her face.
Celeste and Jesse's continuing closeness after their separation and in the process of divorcing becomes increasingly annoying to their mutual engaged best friends, Beth (Ari Graynor) and Tucker (Eric Christian Olsen). They then fight about her controlling nature and his slacker ways and go their separate ways on bad terms. At a nightclub with Riley, Celeste realizes the logo appeals to Riley's gay fan base, and they could use this to make her the next Lady Gaga.
The film received negative reviews from film critics and it earned $18,279,948 on a $11 million budget. Paige is welcomed home with a surprise party by her friends, but as she is not able to remember any of them, she finds it overwhelming and is extremely confused. Though Jeremy confesses he broke up with his present girlfriend, hoping to be back with her, she turns him down stating she needs to know what life would be like without him.
Tatiana begins to feel homesick due to not having made friends at her school, and complains that Neil is not her real father. While in a drive-through at a fast food restaurant, Marina confesses the event to Neil and asks his forgiveness. Beth tries to reason with the divorcing couple of the weirdness, but Celeste rationalizes that it is better for her and Jesse to maintain their friendship. While walking with Riley, Celeste runs into Rupert (Rafi Gavron) a young, hot model she had rejected after an awkward date, and introduces him to Riley. Meanwhile, Anne accidentally finds Lola's diary and discovers that Lola has slept with Kyle, made out with Jeremy and done drugs.
With her sister Gwen's wedding approaching, Paige decides to stay with her parents until the wedding.
Sometime later, Marina tells Neil that her visa has expired, and she and her daughter return to France. Even their other mutual friend Skillz (Will McCormack) agrees that it is time for the two to move on with their lives. She confronts Lola, and the two of them have a huge falling-out, causing Lola to move in with her dad. Though Leo asks her out on a date and spends a night with her, the relationship is further strained when Paige's dad tries to persuade Leo to divorce his daughter, and by Leo punching Jeremy for talking about chances to bed his wife. Celeste is at first content with her current situation until they spend one night together.
Realizing that a reconciliation is not possible, Jesse finally decides to move out while ignoring Celeste's apologies. One day Jesse announces that his new girlfriend Veronica is pregnant, which does not sit well with Celeste. She expresses her concern to Beth who questions her about having second thoughts with the divorce.

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