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Barbara McLean, and check out Barbara McLean on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Barbara McLean (November 16, 1903 a€“ March 28, 1996) was an American film editor with 62 film credits.
She had a notable collaboration with the director Henry King that extended over twenty-nine films, including Twelve O'Clock High (1949).
McLean was born in Palisades Park, New Jersey; she was the daughter of Charles Pollut, who ran a film laboratory. In 1935, 20th Century Pictures merged with the Fox Film Corporation to form 20th Century Fox.
McLean began her long association with the director, Henry King, with the films The Country Doctor (1936) and Lloyd's of London (1936); she received her second nomination for an Academy Award for the latter film.
One of the participants is Barbara McLean, who was gang-raped by her boyfriend as a teenager, then experienced two abusive marriages. Connecting with the community has been the first order of business for 55 Division's new commander-in-chief Supt.
Every summer, all across America, families gather together to pay homage to the air combat successes of World War 2 at air shows. One challenge to this tradition, however, is the fact that maintaining and restoring these classic planes can be difficult. McLean received three further nominations for editing films directed by King: for Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938), The Song of Bernadette (1943), and Wilson (1944).
The other films she edited at 20th Century Fox involved many different directors, including many highly notable ones. North End families often used the Moffatt-Ladd garden a€” mostly by jumping the fence after hours, says Barbara McLean Ward, director and curator for the house museum and garden.

It offers students a unique opportunity to learn firts-hand from professional writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors.
Small airports hold events on the weekends showcasing dozens of replica and restored airplanes from the 1930s and 1940s. Parts must be custom manufactured and some models are so unique that only a couple original planes still exist. Zanuck was dominant at the 20th Century Fox Studio, from the 1930s through the 1960s, McLean was the Studio's most conspicuous editor and ultimately the head of its editing department.[1][2][3] She won the 1944 Academy Award for Film Editing for the film Wilson. Zanuck was the head of the merged studio and McLean became the chief editor under his sponsorship. She was nominated for an Academy Award for editing The Rains Came (1939), which was the only time she worked with director Clarence Brown. All types of World War 2 planes can be seen, paying tribute to the war that changed the world. These World War 2 airplanes still flying represent both a tribute to American innovation as well its tendency to preserve the past.
Additionally, the cost to fuel these planes is very expensive, costing hundreds of dollars for each flight. As Tom Stempel has described it, "she had to cut down the enormous amount of footage from the 1912 Democratic convention into a workable sequence, and she condensed several bill-signing sequences into montage sequences."[2] Wilson, which rarely is seen anymore,[12] was the only film for which McLean won an Academy Award for Film Editing. She edited one of John Ford's films, Tobacco Road (1941), and one of George Cukor's, Winged Victory (1944). In 1952, McLean edited one of Elia Kazan's films, Viva Zapata, and in 1954 she edited Michael Curtiz's The Egyptian. Organizations designed to demonstrate the capabilities of these classic models are in high demand.

Zanuck was himself a brilliant editor and maintained the best editorial department in Hollywood."[9] McLean retained this position until her retirement in 1969. The Academy's search engine will generate a list of all nominations and winners for a specific award category (such as "editing") by entering the necessary range of dates. Only a select few pilots are capable of flying these unique planes, making every time they fly a special occasion. McLean had more authority over the editing of the studio's films than is typical for contemporary film editors; as Lizzie Francke described it, "McLean worked during a period when the editor was often left to his or her own devices in the cutting room. Mankiewicz's films, including All About Eve, for which she received her final Academy Award nomination.
McLean's last editing credit was for Untamed (1955), which was her twenty-ninth collaboration with Henry King. Her nomination was among the fourteen nominations for the film, another Academy Award record that has never been surpassed. She was co-producer of Seven Cities of Gold( 1955).Her later work was primarily supervisorial and administrative. All About Eve was archived at the National Film Registry in 1990 and was thus among the first fifty films to be archived. McLean retired from 20th Century Fox in 1969, apparently because of her husband's poor health.[8] She received the inaugural American Cinema Editors Career Achievement Award in 1988. Stempel interviewed McLean in 1970 for the American Film Institute; a copy of the transcript is archived at the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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