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LOS ANGELES – Hollywood star Will Smith deals with football-related brain trauma in “Concussion,” a sports drama which has already drawn some controversy ahead of its release.
The film tells the story of Nigerian-born forensic pathologist Dr Bennet Omalu, who diagnosed Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease, in US football players. Joshua James Corbett, 39, was later found to have a stash of illegal weapons including two fully automatic rifles and a machine gun at his home.
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Jane Fonda will receive the American Film Institute’s 42nd Life Achievement Award, one of Hollywood’s most prestigious career honors. No prior film degree is necessary to be accepted into the program.The small program ensures that students collaborate, Gazzale said.

Graduating students often maintain those relationships and continue to work with the people they met in school, he added.a€?That intimacy is important,a€? Gazzale said. For the 2013-2014 school year, only 7% of students come from the alternate list, he said.a€?The impact it's made has been tremendous,a€? Mandel said. Fewer loans will also help students stay in Los Angeles after graduation, which is a key factor for their success. Students need to stay in the city to maintain contacts that they make while in school, Mandel said.Megan Chomskis, 27, received a full-ride scholarship to attend AFI starting this fall. She graduated with a degree in film studies from Towson University and decided to go back to school to work with other filmmakers and get the chance to delve into editing, she said in an email.

She applied to AFI because it offered an editing concentration."I never once considered that Ia€™d actually be accepted into AFIa€™s editing program," Chomskis said.

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