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UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television давно соперничает со своим более богатым и более тесно связанным с индустрией соперником, USC, но атмосфера UCLA заметно отличаются от всех остальных киношкол.
CalArts представляет собой намного большее, чем его основатель, Уолт Дисней, мог себе представить.
The Department of Transmedia, часть Syracuse University College of Visual and Performing Arts – симбиоз кинопроизводства, компьютерного искусства (анимация и спецэффекты) и видео искусства. Although some of the finest legendary actors and directors have never attended a film school, nevertheless, the important role a film school plays in nurturing talents cannot be ignored. The courses offered by these reputed institutions help in enhancing the skills that without proper training may take years to master.
University Of Southern California School Of Cinematic Arts The film school of USC is the largest and oldest in USA. American Film Institute The American Film Institute, a prestigious film school in Los Angeles, offers Master of Fine Arts programs in six disciplines of film making including directing, cinematography, screenwriting, production design and producing. Top CollegesApr 02, 201403 Most Affordable Universities In VancouverVancouver is one of the top places to study in Canada.
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DAC built the Award Winning, first LEED Platinum lab in a historic building: Caltech Linde+Robinson Lab.
Manny The Movie Guy - American Film Institute Reveals Top Ten Movies and TV Programs of the Year! The American Film Institute (AFI) has unveiled their Top 10 lists in both movies and TV categories.

So here's the current threat in Hollywood -- fewer moviegoers have been going to the movies!
My Fun Gary Oldman Interview for “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy," He Gave Me the Best Quote Ever! Chicago Film Critics Climb "The Tree of Life!" Check Out Complete List of Winners!
Cтуденты UT Austin Radio-Television-Film работают в двух профессиональных киностудиях, студиях звукозаписи, цифровых студиях, а также в студиях монтажа и постпродакшн. In a reputed film school students get to learn acting and film making from popular personalities in the field. Given below is a list of the world’s top film schools that attract serious students of cinema from around the world. This school is a joint venture of the University of Southern California and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Mayer Library, Sony Digital Arts Center, Manor House, and General Campus.15 separate projects. Wesleyan привлекает студентов благодаря великолепной репутации основателя факультета кино Жанин Бейсингер (Jeanine Basinger), которая лично учит каждого из 80-ти студентов как писать сценарии, руководить съемками и делать монтаж (причем не только цифровой, но и как делать монтаж вручную). It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in film and television production, animation and digital arts, critical studies, interactive entertainment and writing for screen and television. Includes HVAC, electrical, fire system, outdoor lighting, installation of campus wide WiFi and security cameras, replace phone system, student info system records conversion, bathroom renovations, historical building renovations, installation of elevator, and exterior building renovation.
USC – лучшая школа для тех, кто стремится в Голливуд, но, наверно, не для тех, кого тянет в независимый кинематограф.

The film school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in acting, directing, playwriting, production management, documentary, animation and critical studies. MA in Feature Filmmaking is one of the most sought after programs offered by the University’s School of Humanities and Cultural Industries.
The intensive one-year curriculum offered by the film school prepares students for careers in acting in film and television, film production, entertainment business management, screenwriting, makeup design and other disciplines.
The three-year masters program in film directing covers the technical areas of film making including acting and screenwriting. The faculty of the school comprises of both veterans as well as new members of the Hollywood film industry. Every year about 200 aspiring filmmakers are admitted to the various programs offered by the film school. The one year full-time programs in screen and media cover all the essential areas of filmmaking. The undergraduate program offered by the university is one of the best media programs at the bachelor’s level. During the two-year MFA program each student produces over 20 short films of different styles including fiction, documentary, animation and experimental. Programs offered by the film school include MFA in cinema directing and creative producing and undergraduate programs with concentrations in directing, editing, cinematography and screenwriting.

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