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The American-born son of former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor has been ordered to pay more than ?14m in compensation to five people tortured during the West African country’s civil war.
A judge in the US made the order a year after the same Miami court sentenced Charles McArthur Emmanuel Taylor, known as Chuckie, to 97 years in prison for his role in one of Africa’s bloodiest chapters; he was the first person to be convicted by a federal court of committing offences outside the US. The 32-year-old led the notorious Anti-Terrorist Unit, a band of pro-government paramilitaries nicknamed the Demon Forces who carried out murder and torture during his father’s presidency from 1997 to 2003.
Omigawd, watch out; the psychobabblers were "helping" this guy into the grave by invalidating his perceptions of his situation without any evidence. Tell that bit about 911 being a hoax to the NYFD and the 300,000 poisoned by the dust, idiot nazis in lala land. Below is Classic Native American Films On Dvd: Navajo And Eskimo Culture, History, Traditions, Daily Activities And More Plus White Fawn's Devotion First Native American Indian Produced Movie Movie Poster.
You are currently viewing the Classic Native American Films on DVD: Navajo and Eskimo Culture, History, Traditions, Daily Activities and More Plus White Fawn's Devotion - The First Native American Indian Produced Movie Movie Poster.

Shonali Bose’s acclaimed drama “Margarita, with a Straw,” nominated for an award for best narrative feature, was chosen as the festival’s closing night film. Presented by Visual Communications, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is now in its 31st year. Raping children in front of their parents is another ethical approach to the questioning of suspected Middle-Eastern terrorists, who only understand violence because they do not have the wisdom to embrace Christianity, like Judge Roy Moore, Liz Cheney or Son-of-Sam. Psychology has been used to oppress and persecute people for decades even in the US, Britain, and Canada. But since 2002 government contractors have no funding from Congress for civil nor criminal over sight.
The SEC has only been able to investigate part of a cabal of shell companies that have near total control of the government at all levels now that ARE NOT GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR.
Their intent was to redirect the left's emphasis towards introspective navel gazing and away from immediate revolt.

A prisoner in the same cell as Leary in Lexington, KY reported that Leary at one point returned to the cell with his head shaved and blue locational lines drawn across his skull. This was used to precisely interface two radiation beams that intersected at the desired point of brain destruction.
After that, Leary spoke only about such nonsense like us all relocating to orbiting cylinders in outer space.
This was because he brewed up his own batch at his villa in the country and gave it to his students, explaining that there was no mystery, it was a drug.

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